Traders association for Anstruther

Sometimes it’s the things right in front of our noses which escape us.  amazing shops in the High Street and Rodger Street in Anstruther. we all know they were there, but how often do we use them.

A traditional pet shop which breeds rare rabbits and guinea pigs people travel the length and breadth of Scotland to purchase; the kind of hardware shop I remember from my childhood where the proprietor can miraculously lay his hands on whatever you need.  genuinely independent book shop; a sweetie and ice-cream shop; a pharmacy; a bespoke barber’s shop; a charity shop concealing the treasures of a jumble sale. But also bang up-to-date businesses such as a family-friendly ceramic café and shops selling organic cotton and herbal supplements.

All these shops and more, old and new, are independent and unique.


So yesterday a community project was born: to shine a light on these extraordinary streets.

To this end, a public meeting has been called at the Anstruther Ceramic Café on Thursday 10th August at 5.30 pm. The aim of this meeting is to form a new organisation to promote  traders in Anstruther and to give a voice to the business community in our wonderful Town