Isle of May Boat Trips

Visit the Isle of May on Osprey

Landing trips run from the beginning of April through to the end of September, sailing on the Isle of May Rib “Osprey” from Anstruther will give you 2 to 3 hours to wander around this wonderful island, which has stunning views and wildlife round every corner.

The Isle of May is only 5 miles from Anstruther and that’s just a short hop for the Isle of May Rib “Osprey”, Generally less than 25 minutes undertaken at a nice cruising speed which includes stops to view the various wildlife which may be encountered on the way across, The Isle of May rib trip is very adaptable and time out to watch Puffins, seals or even Porpoises and whales if we come across them is built in. Viewing the seals swimming and lying about on the rocks and also going along the sea cliffs and around the island will also be a great feature of your Isle of May trip.

May island as the Island is locally known is owned by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and is open for visitors from start of April till end of September. SNH have rangers stationed on the isle of May during this time to make your visit more enjoyable and informative, they will greet you on the pier when you arrive, give a short talk on the latest goings on with the wildlife, they will also patrol the island during your visit. Isle of May is home to an incredible array of wildlife, up to 250,000 seabirds can nest on the May, which can include 120,000 Puffins, there is also big colonies of Guillemots, Razorbills and Shags (best time for Puffins is from April to mid-August ) also about 150 seals live all year round on Isle of May. Porpoise and Dolphin and the odd whale can be seen, you just have to be lucky.

The Isle of May also has the remains of a 6th & 12 century monastery and the oldest lighthouse in Scotland.

An Isle of May trip is great for viewing/photographing the wildlife or just walking about and having a picnic although it should be noted that the May is a rugged island and some of the paths are steep and a good set of walking shoes is recommended.

The Isle of May Rib “Osprey”, as well as landing trips which give 2 to 3 hours ashore also does shorter out and around the island trips which last 2 hours giving plenty of time to view the wildlife and scenery from the sea. The shorter trips can go at different times and at any time of year.

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