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Anstruther and Cellardyke in Bloom

Representatives from the groups which keep Anster and Cellardyke beautiful with flowers met last week to discuss their plan for the coming year. These groups include Anstruther Allotments, the AIA, the Cellardyke Resident’s Association, the Community Council, the East Neuk Centre, the Scottish Fisheries Museum, the Town Centre Working Group and Waid Academy.
Together they work hard on planting and maintaining the floral displays at the three town entrances, the tubs and boats around the town, beds in Anster and at the War Memorial and Shore at Cellardyke and three tiered tubs down Anster Shore. It is a massive job and can involve voluntary work every day. Fife Council plant the beds at Milton Crescent, the Chalmers Garden, Celllardyke Harbour and High Street East and the Bankie Park Group plant wild flowers there. It is a massive task. Financially, help is given through Council Grants – this year approximately £2000 – and fundraising from the groups themselves, the Community Kist and Coffee Mornings in Cellardyke.
Last year the group received praise for their involvement in the theme Food and Drink with a herb boat and a free food path. Money was also saved by raising plants from seed and keeping corms from last year. The Group will need support in the form of help with planting, maintaining, storing and financial  so, if you feel you can help contact the Community Council.
We are entering Beautiful Fife again this year so help would be welcomed.
Elizabeth Gordon, Member of Anstruther and Cellardyke in Bloom.


Anstruther and Cellardyke in Bloom

Present. F.Mitchell, Clr.E.Riches, G.Walker, K.Lawson, J.Braid, M. Dibley, E.Gordon, K.Lancaster

Apologises. C van der Lee, A.McLelland

1. The following floral  responsibilites was discussed and agreed. K.L. will seek a cost  for watering of the items in marked with an * and write to the Community Kist for funding

Spindrift and Allotments Association

Pittenweem Road, Floral Boat, 4 x Hanging Baskets, 12 Floral Tubs

Primary School Floral Boat.

Waid School

Waid Floral Boat

Anstruther Improvements Association

Pittenweem Road and High Street Floral Tubs *

Floral Ground Display

6 x Floral Tubs

Floral Tub at top of Rodger St, Anstruther

RNLI Floral Boat *

East Neuk Centre

Shore St, 3 Tier Plant and 6 Floral Tubs *

Cellardyke Residents Association

Windmill Road / Crail Road, Floral Boat, Floral Ground Display, 4 x Floral Tubs *

Windmill Road 3x Floral Tubs

Windmill Road, 2 x Floral Box, 3 x Floral Tubs *

Pickford Crescent, Floral Boat, 5 x Floral Tubs

March Crescent / Police Station, 4 x Floral Tubs

Three Burghs Community Development Trust

St Andrews Road, Floral Boat *

Town Centre Working Group

Shore St, 20 x Hanging Baskets *

2. It was suggested to approach the Community Council, to see if they were prepared to take on the following  floral responsibilities. M.D to add this to next months CC agenda.

Public Liability Insurance for the 20 x hanging baskets on the folly

Fowler St, Floral Boat

Shore Street, Cellardyke, Floral Boat ( Opposite Cooperage )

3 x  March Crescent Floral Tubs

6 x Floral Tubs, RNLI Shed

2 x Floral Tubs, HMO

3. K.L to advise E.G when boat at  St Andrews Road has been moved to the RNLI Shed

4. K.L. to arrange ordering of hanging baskets fot TCWG from Pathhead

5. M.D. to arrange Bunting on the folly

6. K.L. Offered to make one trip to pick up compost etc

7. K.L. To collate  suggestions for a location in the village for a community bulb planting project

Thank you to you all, for your time.


PS. Anstruther and Cellardyke in Bloom 2015

This was not discussed at the meeting but prehaps you can indicate if everybody is happy for entries into Floral Competitions to be submitted under the above heading