Bikeability Scotland: What it is….Get Involved!!



It’s a cycle training programme that teaches children to cycle safely,  learn how to deal with traffic,  and above all,  gets children excited about cycling.

Level 1 training teaches pupils the basic skills of riding a bike, such as  balance,  control, and making turns.    It is usually delivered in P5 and takes place in the playground or another traffic-free environment.   Learning about cycling can form a useful part of the Curriculum for Excellence, and helps to contribute to Eco-Schools Awards.


We are looking for — we NEED —  Volunteers, who are essential to this project.

A Volunteer can be a parent, a member of schools staff and/or a member of the local community (16 and over) with an interest in cycling.

The Volunteers will be given the opportunity to attend training locally to become a Cycle Training Assistant (CTA).  This will give them the skills and confidence to roll out Bikeability cycle training in schools, and they will then be supported by a Cycle Trainer when implementing cycle training in schools.

If you are interested in Volunteering, or want to find out more about Bikeability, there will be an opportunity at Bike in the Park 2, on Sunday 8th April, to put your name forward, obtain leaflets and to get answers to your questions.