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Community Council Agenda for 11th December 2017

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Agenda for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 11th December  2017  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.



  • Welcome and Apologies.
  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.
  • Questions from the Public.
  • New Members.
  • Planning Report.
  • Fife councillors report.
  • Ongoing projects:
  • Cycle Route
  • Banners.
  • Telescope
  • Website.




  • Financial  Report.
  • Harbour issues
  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.
  • AOCB.




Community Council minutes November 2017

The royal Burgh  of, kilrenny  Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Minute for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 13th November  2017  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley, Gail Sorley ,  Alex Hay ,  Cllr Linda Holt, Cllr John Docherty,  Cllr Linda Holt and Cllr Bill Porteous from 8.12.

Richard  Wemyss, John Brown, Susan Gay, Mr Anderson


  • Welcome and Apologies. Apologies Cllr Porteous, Ann Banks.
  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising. Proposed by  Gail , seconded by Don
  • Cellardyke Sea Queen.  John Brown . 70th anniversary of the sea queen.  14th July. starting in Anstruther Harbour, procession to Cellardyke Harbour. Sea queen going via the reaper and other vessels  .  historical aspects of Cellardyke .  Historical characters including  Five principal historic characters. Exploring the history of Cellardyke.


Discussion took place concerning finances and responsibilities. The organisers have no need to use the CC bank facilities but ask to use the CC public liability insurance. Martin commented that whoever has the permission to use the harbour has to be the person on the insurance policy.

Jim asked why the event involves Anstruther. Richard explained that this was a good way to get as many people as possible involved.


  • Questions from the Public.  Whats happening with the flats? . Why are they not being allocated to people on the waiting list?  Cllr Docherty aid he was shown round the flats today. Apparently it has a bad reputation. Information for residents? Open meeting for residents?  A full discussion took place on community consultation. Susan needs answers for her and other people who live in the flats.
  • Christmas.   Gail reported on the christmas party. Volunteers found and costs have been paired back. Total cost £352 . Income at £2 per head leaves shortfall of £172. Lorna said £350 left from last years event. Tree: Jim reported that a local business, the waterfront,  will donate a tree.  Agreed to put up our own tree and put on lights and ask FC to wire them in.  
  • New Members. ongoing
  • Planning Report. Circulated, no comments . enforcement issues
  • Fife councillors report.


      1. Linda concerned about Fibre broadband. You have to tell your provider about fibre , contact digital Scotland.
      2. Bill. Working doc on road on footways, roads 2018-2019.  Burial Brae cat 2. Review Scottish Fire service, look at the retained Fire stations in the area next year.
      3. John. winter manager, night shift officer for winter road works etc. contact on Facebook or Fife Council direct etc.  St Andrews Tourist Association meeting, hoping to promote the East Neuk alongside St Andrews and Dundee.


  • Ongoing projects:


Cycle Route. The Cycling sub-group is continuing to work with Fife Council to deliver the shared use path to link Pittenweem through to Kilrenny. Sections are already constructed on land owned by Fife Council such as through Bankie Park and Dreelside Park.

There are ongoing discussions with landowners about other areas. Site tests have been conducted along some of these areas.

White markings, solar studs and signs have yet to be put in place.

Discussions are ongoing over Safer Routes to School, Travel plans for Waid and for the primary school and Bikeability training too.

Investigations are being made over a possible Safer Route to School along the Co-op/Industrial Estate Road

A feasibility study is being worked on for the link from Kilrenny to Crail which will involve more public consultation

Work is ongoing in Pittenweem to develop a route going west.

The Community Council of Earlsferry and Elie are thinking what to try to develop from its community.

The Cycling sub-group is keen to hold another Bike in the Park event in Bankie Park in April and would ask for support from the Community Council for this event.



  • Banners.  ongoing
  • Telescope. Lifeboat shed  being extended. Will wait until we know more before apply planning permission. Liaison committee cannot hold onto the funding for ever. Is there an alternative site? Action Andy. another project is a money bollard. Andy to investigate
  • Website.  Gail now administrator. Meeting with Alan ( midget squid )  this week to get for information.




  • Financial  Report.  End of October ballance £57,395.97.  Last years Tree paid £2376.07 ( £500 had to be taken from our own money) . Remembrance sunday,  wreath £32 church £50. Floral tins £104.20 from 5 tins!! Don reported he was contacting the COOP about tins.  
  • Harbour issues.  Don :Cellardyke harbour still not repaired. Jim can we look again at CCTV in the harbour.  Andy to contact  Alex Gardner.  Computerised ticket machine in East Basin Car Park, is it facing the wrong way.  
  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees. Grant for a stained glass window for the Waid Parent Council. Equality and diversity training for trustees.




  • AOCB.


    1. Lorna: gabions damaged in the beach area Cellardyke, Motorbikes? Raised by the CRA.
    2. Paper uplift erratic in Cellardyke
    3. Flag on the flagpole a bit tatty. Action Jim
    4. No lights on the footpath by the church in cellardyke.
    5. Golf club signage? Cars driving past the exit


With no other business the Chair closed the meeting at 9.30


Kids Christmas Party Sat., Dec. 9@Erskine Hall

For the third year running, the Anstruther Community Council is sponsoring a Christmas party for kids aged 2-9 at Erskine Hall.  The party is on Saturday, Dec. 9 from 1:30-4:30, and entry is £2pp.

A bouncy castle, disco music for dancing, sparkly lights, “snow”, face painting, and a visit from Santa handing out small gift bags will keep wee ones busy and happy. Snacks and hot/cold refreshments will  keep everybody energized for this afternoon of activity.

The party has become a popular part of Anstruther’s Christmas celebration calendar, and previous co-sponsors and benefactors have been the Community Kist, Rotary Club, The Boathouse, and Barnett’s Bakers.  For any questions or more information, email


Spindrift Guest House Staff Raises £330.50 for Children in Need

Ken and Christine Lawson, proprietors of the Spindrift Guest House, and their staff of young workers who also go to school at the Waid, raised £330.50 at the coffee afternoon they hosted on Saturday, Nov. 18.  Proceeds will benefit the Children in Need charity, and over £2500 has now been raised by these coffee get-togethers.

Staff waitresses — dressed in the bright yellow t-shirts and wearing the kitten ears of Children in Need — provided warm welcomes and enthusiastic service as they handled the afternoons’ ever-changing rotation of visitors eager to contribute to the charity and enjoy a cuppa and a blether.

The Guesthouse, gaily decorated with balloons, opened their doors at 2pm to begin hosting visitors, and the dining room and lounge were immediately at capacity with supportive — and hungry — visitors.  An extensive variety of sandwiches, sausage rolls, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, fairy cakes, layer cakes and more were all on display, ready for the choosing (and eating!).  Everything served was home-baked, and baked by staff members.

Thanks are given to visitors who came to support Children in Need, and especially the hard-working efforts of all the staff at The Spindrift Guest House.


The Harbour Festival IS Taking Place!

The Anstruther Harbour Festival has now been confirmed for the weekend of July 28-29, 2018.

New members – local residents all! – have joined the committee, and they bring new energy, fresh ideas, and the event help/support that the Committee had sought.  Happily, there is now a better range of ages, interests and abilities of members on the Committee, and anybody wishing to join the Committee or help in any way in the months ahead is welcomed to do so.

Ideas for changes to the Festival are already being explored for a wider-ranging weekend of events and activities, appealing to a greater variety of Festival visitors.  More local entertainers, food producers and craftspeople will be sought to make the AHF a truly East Neuk event celebrating the fishing, sea-faring way of life and history of the area. The Anstruther Muster is yet another traditional part of the event as visiting boats and the Classic Boat Rally showing themselves off to their sea-worthy best.

The Festival will still have two marquees  in use during the weekend along the shore front. One marquee will be devoted to music, entertainment, kid’s activities and the Sunday morning worship service which has become a large and popular part of the Festival.

The other marquee will house tables for food vendors to sell fresh, locally-made food products and have cooking demonstrations.   Nearby, artisans and craftspeople will have their goods–  jewellery, artwork, knitted goods, beachcraft, photowork, ceramics, decorative home pieces and more – for sale.  is the email address to use for volunteers interested in helping the Festival at any step along the way;  for musical performers,  dance groups,  kids’ activities/crafts leaders, magicians, and other entertainers;  and for artisans/craftspeople to all express interest in participating in the Festival, receive more information, or request stall booking forms for the food/crafts marquee.

The Anstruther Harbour Festival Trust is a registered Scottish charity incorporated organisation (‘SCIO’) whose number is SC046562.  More detailed information about the Festival will be released as time goes on, and information can be found on the Anstruther Harbour Festival website, Facebook page, or town’s webpage at Anstruther.Info.


Anstruther Rotary Collecting £££ for ShelterBox @ Co-Op

The Anstruther Rotary Club and the Co-Op are partnering this Saturday, Nov. 18, to help collect money for the charity, ShelterBox.  Volunteers will be on hand at the Co-Op to collect donations, and demonstrate exactly what a ShelterBox is and how it works.

ShelterBox assists people throughout the world who have lost their housing due to devastating circumstances, such as a flood, hurricane or earthquake.  Each box contains the tools of very basic living for 10 people, items such as tents, pots/pans, a water purification unit, etc.  ShelterBox is able to help people with immediate, if not permanent housing, so they can regroup, work through the shock of what has happened to them, and begin the process of rebuilding what they have lost.



Santa is Making Several Anstruther Visits!!

  • Rose Davidson at the Sweetie Shop on Rodger Street has arranged for Santa to make Anstruther his first Christmas visit to wee ones for the holiday.  The Sweetie Shop will have Santa at the shop on Friday, Dec. 8 at 6:30 to visit with kids and give them each a little gift. Tickets are £5 each and are best purchased in advance at the Sweetie Shop. 
  • Friday, Dec. 8, is also be THE night for late night shopping in Anstruther as stores stay open later for browsing and choosing gifts for family and friends (and don’t forget yourself!!). Shopkeepers are readying their new holiday season stock, and a variety of gifts for all ages, interests, and budgets are easily found at shops such as East Neuk Books, Gibbles, Ladies Fayre, Sew ‘n’ Sew, The Flower Shop, Harbour Interiors, and Halcyon Galleries.  Can’t decide?  Then gift certificates for lunches/ dinners, haircuts/beauty treatments, coffees/teas, even ceramic painting sessions, can easily be given to happy recipients.  And don’t overlook The Community Kist (especially for beautiful stemware, vintage pieces, even puzzles/books/games/DVDs to keep everyone entertained) and the Chest, Heart, Stroke shop for Christmas cards as well as table-settings, jewellery/accessories, and winter-wear to stay warm in as you’re out and about enjoying holiday festivities and visits to others.
  • Of special fun on the same night is The Bank’s popular Christmas market, held outdoors in their beer garden. A variety of stalls will sell crafts, toys, bric-a-brac and other gift-giving appropriate items.  After shopping the stalls and working up an appetite, knock back a tasty, outdoor-barbecued hamburger along with a cold drink (beer? cider? ).  If you’re lucky, a man with a white beard and a red suit may just be chomping on a burger next to you…
  • Saturday, Dec. 9, Santa makes his third annual visit to the Community Council Kids Christmas Party at Erskine Hall.  Doors open at 1:30, entry is £2pp with dancing, bouncy castle, face painting, snacks/refreshments, and visit with Santa and gift.  An afternoon in which the kids can let loose, adults/caregivers can visit and catch up with each other, and a great time is had by all.
  • Santa will also be coming along to The Bank for breakfasts with kids, seating is limited and pre-purchased tickets/reservations are needed.   More details about breakfast dates, pricing, timing, etc. will be coming along, so watch this space!





Reminder: Coffee morning Wed., Nov. 15 starting at 10am….

Coffee morning at Pittenweem Church Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 15, between 10-11:30am to benefit East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal….a £2.50 entry fee gets you hot coffee, home-baked goodies, good company,  and even more home baking/cooking to buy and take home for later enjoyment.  Raffle prizes, warm welcome, good food….perfect way to start the day….come along and enjoy!


The Spindrift Guesthouse Staff Hosts Charity Coffee Event

With an entry fee of £3pp on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2-4pm, home-baking by staff at The Spindrift Guesthouse will raise money for Children in Need as they host a coffee afternoon.  To date, staff at The Spindrift Guesthouse have raised more than £2000 for this charity which helps children living in a variety of dire situations who need help and support.   Guests will enjoy a warm welcome, a chance to meet The Spindrift staff — hard workers all !!! — and catch up with friends over a cuppa and some cakes.

Please support this tasty endeavour as it raises funds for a very worthwhile cause.