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Community council elections.

Please note that a full list of community councils in Fife is available on / search Community Councils 

  1. An election is to be held for the return of Community Councillors in each of the Community Council Areas in Fife. 
  1. Nomination papers may be obtained from Fife Council (address below) where they should also be returned, completed and subscribed in accordance with the guidance provided in the nomination pack between 9 am. on Friday 17th August 2018 and no later than 4.00pm on Thursday 6th September 2018. 

Notice of Withdrawals of nominations must be submitted to the same address not later than 4.00 p.m. on Friday 14th September 2018. 

Gillian Prestage

Lead Officer – Electoral Services

3rd Floor, Fife House


Fife KY7 5LT


Telephone – 03451 555555 ext: 442230 email –


  1. If any Community Council area election is contested, ballot papers will be sent by post and will be required to be returned to the above address no later than 4.00 p.m. on Thursday 4th October 2018.


Steve Grimmond Returning Officer Fife House

North Street Glenrothes Fife KY7 5LT


16th August 2018


Nomination papers can also be collected from Anstruther community council secretary during shop hours at 56 High street Anstruther.   Voter registration numbers can be obtained from Fife Council office at the Waid or From the Community council secretary.


Community council Minutes July 2018

Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.


Minutes  for the special Community Council    Meeting on Monday 9th July 2018 at 7.30 in the Downstairs Hall , Anstruther Town Hall to discuss the replacement care home in Anstruther


Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones,  Martin Dibley, Ann Banks, Gail Sorley , Alex Hay , Cllr Linda Holt, Cllr John Docherty, Cllr Bill Porteous.


David Heaney, Vivienne McBride   ( Fife Healthcare Partnership ), Cllr David Graham and  approximately 60 members of the public,.



  • Welcome .  Andy welcome everyone to the meeting and stated  that we will move directly to the item on Ladywalk House Replacement . He then handed over to David Heaney
  • Ladywalk House replacement.  David  Heaney introduced himself , Vivienne and Cllr David Graham . He then went onto give  a powerpoint presentation which was updated on the one given to Community council at the June meeting. He commented on the option appraisal group and the site scoring procedure which showed the Bankie Park site scored best.  It was also announced that the public consultation period is to be extended to the 31st August. All comments will then be collated and a report will be presented to the policy and Coordination Committee Fife Council in November.


          Following the presentation Andy opened up the meeting to questions and asked one person to speak at a time and for whoever answered to be listened to.  All the questions related to the Site ( Bankie Park) and were directed to, and answered by David Heaney.


Note: these are not reported verbatim and are only  indicative of the Questions and Answers and comments made.


  1. Q)  Bankie park is a protected open Site and what does this mean?
  1.  That the parkland is protected from development and can only be used for other purposes if replaced on a like for like basis.
  1. Q) What is the cost of Demolition?
  1. Currently in the region of £70,000 including landscaping.
  1.  Q) Comment:  If that’s the case why not demolish the flats and build there .
  1. The future of the flats is not clear and its on Housing budget so there would be a cost to acquire

the site .

  1. Q) Bankie Park is a safe route to school and what guarantee is there the current site will be returned to parkland.?
  1. If the build goes ahead in Bankie park there will be a written guarantee that the existing site will be returned to parkland.

Q)What is the build time? And where exactly is the site boundary?

  1.       A) one year build time. The current drawings are indicative only so the actual plan would need input from the architect.
  2. Q) Could Ladywalk be rebuilt on its present site ?  possibly decant residents to Methill for the build time?
  1. This could be quite problematic on a number of issues but it will be investigated.
  1. Q) If the home is in Bankie Park the residents will complain about the noise from other park users.
  2. Q) This proposal does not consider the greenspace quality and the shape of the park. A lack of environmental concerns.
  1. A good comment and we will take this up with Parks department.
  1. Q)  In future there is no room to expand except to take more of the park away.
  1. Expansion is anticipated from the private sector and there are no plans to expand Council provision.
  1. Q) Why can’t you put a care home next to a nursing home ( Ie on the Skeith Site ) ?
  1. It is not good practice and does not comply with National guidance.
  1. Q) What is wrong with the Skeith Site or the Pittenweem road Site?
  1. It may need to be three storeys to fit on the sites.
  1. Q) Could you not consider the old Waid academy site?
  1. This is too small
  1. Q) Why are you ignoring the 10 year development of Bankie Park including the wildlife meadow with was part funded by Fife Council ?
  2. Q) why are you talking away the only green space in the Town?
  1. This is a straight swap so no green space will be lost.
  1. Q) With the Ladywalk site returned to greenspace the Bowling club will lose its car park and heavy machinery access.
  1. This has only just been highlighted today  so we will be looking into this.
  1. Q) as the park is a protected open space why was it considered?
  1. This was just one of several sites suggested by property services.
  1. Q) have you considered the Waid Hockey pitch as a site?
  2. Q)  If a different site was chosen would Ladywalk be demolished and returned to parkland?
  1. No, in this scenario it would be offered to other Council services or sold off.


At this point Andy asked the Three Councillors to make a brief comment;


Cllr Bill Porteous .

  • The Consultation period has been extended to 31st August to allow people on Holiday to put forward their views.
  • He is in favour of the Bankie park Site.This is a win win project as there will be a community cafe and public toilets accessible to park users.
  • The Current building cannot be brought up to 2018 standards.
  • There are however red lines that cannot be crossed , for example any land used for the new build has to be replaced like for like.

Cllr Linda Holt.

  • Fully understands how people feel but we need to find a way to resolve the issues.
  • Do not believe that decanting the residents would be appropriate.
  • I am challenging the officers to come back with details :
    • on Environmental impact on Bankie Site ,
    • is it possible to rebuild on the current site?
    • Exactly what are the Skeith site issues?
    • Could the Pittenweem road site be expanded into the Field?

Cllr John Docherty:

  • First elected in 2012 coming from a healthcare background.
  • Many good points raised tonight
  • This is the first stage of a consultation exercise


Cllr David Graham ( health and social care spokesperson )  then spoke about the way forward . All views will be assessed after  the end of the consultation period and that a report will go to The policy Co ordination committee of Fife Council in November with recommendations.  This is made up of 21 Councillors from across Fife. They will then make a decision on the way forward .

( Note: this committee is made up of councillors from right across Fife, only one from the East Neuk and landward Ward )


Andy then wrapped up the meeting by  asking for appreciation for our guests of the evening and closed the meeting at 9.10



Raffle Tickets on Sale for FABULOUS Prizes–Try Your Luck!!

The Anstruther Harbour Festival has released the list of raffle prizes, and a terrific list it is.  Proof that Anstruther and the East Neuk offers a wealth of opportunities for good eating and even better drinking, the prizes are populated with dining out experiences at numerous area restaurants and cafes.  Raffle tickets, £5 a book, help defray the expenses of producing the Anstruther Harbour Festival and are on sale at local shops or at the AHF this weekend, July 28-29. The lucky winners are announced on Sunday evening at 7:30 as tickets are drawn and prizes doled out to their happy recipients.

The grand prize is offered by Ken and Christine Lawson, owners of the multi-award winning Spindrift Guest House in Anstruther — a voucher for two guests with one night dinner B & B, valued to £150.

  • Wee Couper of Fife – whiskey and Vodka gift set
  • Halycon Gallery – candles
  • Gibbles – stir sticks
  • East Pier Smokehouse – £20 voucher
  • Haven Restaurant – £40 voucher
  • Peat Inn – mid week three course lunch
  • Balgove Larder – Cream tea for two
  • Kings Barns Distillery – Gin tour for two, whiskey tour for two
  • Craig Miller St Monans – Four course lunch for two
  • Cocoa Tree café Pittenweem – £12 voucher
  • Cambo Gardens – Annual Supporters pass for 2
  • Dos Mundos – £20 voucher
  • Stuart Barton – £75 gym membership for 3 months
  • Body Kindness – body, neck and shoulder massage
  • Pet Pantry – £15 voucher
  • Munchies of Anstruther – 2 x £10 vouchers
  • Natures Way – £10 voucher
  • Flower House – £25 voucher
  • Waterfront Restaurant – £25 voucher
  • Boathouse – £20 voucher
  • Minicks Butcher – steak Pie
  • Cellar Restaurant – Lunch for two people
  • Dreel Tavern – £30 voucher
  • John Dory Restaurant – £30 voucher
  • Ardross Farm – vegetable box
  • Coop – bottle of prosecco
  • Royal Hotel – Two Bottles of Wine
  • Ship Tavern Anstruther – wine

Submariner Disaster Remembered at AHF, Sat., July 28

On Saturday, July 28 at noon-time, the Scottish Submariners Association commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the Battle of May Isle,  in which 104 men lost their lives as two submarines sank and five ships were seriously damaged on the night of January 31, 1918.  The service takes place along the harbourfront — which has a clear view  of the Forth to the Isle of May — across from the Stuart Barton Physiotherapy building.

The ‘Battle of May Island’ is notable for two things; firstly, it wasn’t a battle, no shots were fired and secondly it was never acknowledged at the time. The Admiralty subsequently denied the disaster because the K-class submarines were still on the top secret list, so the bodies of 104 men still lie on the bottom of the Forth, and it is them, and others who have perished on the seas in service to their country, who are being remembered and honoured.

The carnage began on the night of Jan 31, 1918, during a top secret manoeuvre when a flotilla of nine submarines and a convoy of battleships steamed at full speed from Rosyth naval base.  The vessels were ordered not to use navigation lights and maintain radio silence as they ploughed through the dark and mist. Disaster struck when the rudder of submarine K22 jammed, sending it round in circles at high speed.  The out-of-control craft rammed another submarine, K14, slicing its bow and killing two crew members instantly. K14’s lieutenant saved the lives of his crew when he single-handedly shut the watertight door against a torrent of sea water flooding the forward compartments. 

As surface ironclads bore down upon them, the Inflexible hit K22 at 30 knots, sheering off her ballast tank and bending her bows round to an angle of 90 degrees. Despite this, K22 was able to limp off westwards to Rosyth and safety.  Then Fearless struck K17 just forward of her conning tower. The crew managed to evacuate but were run down as they swam to the surface. Only nine survived.  Worse was to come when another submarine, K6, taking evasive action, ploughed into K4, sending it to the bottom upside down, with any escape impossible.


(With thanks to The Telegraph, which carried a detailed news story which this piece is based on)




Anstruther Mini-Bus Goes Round…and Round…and Round….

Anstruther’s Harbour Festival is thrilled to get the word out that a handicapped-accessible mini-bus will be making the rounds this weekend from the St.Andrews Road parking area near the Waid Academy down to the harbour front.

A welcomed addition to the AHF’s arrangements, the free mini-bus will  be available from 10am to 4pm on each day of the Festival, this weekend July 28/29. It will enable visitors to access the harbourfront without walking the short distance from the parking area, and will run continuously throughout both days.


Photographic Exhibit of Old Anstruther on Display this Weekend

The East Neuk has a long and colourful history as a seafaring area, and has been a vital part of the Scottish fishing industry.  Now, a new display of photographs drawn from the Burgh Collection and the Scottish Fisheries Museum archives illustrates what life in the East Neuk — and the harbour villages of Anstruther and Cellardyke — was like between the 1880’s and 1930’s.   This display of over 100 photos (some prints are for sale), both print and digital, is on exhibit this weekend, Sat./Sun., July 28/29, as part of the Anstruther Harbour Festival.

Visit the Old Library, lower level of Anstruther Town Hall, between 10 am and 4pm this weekend to view the exhibit, and learn more about the fisherfolk who played such an important role in the growth of both the fishing industry, and the harbourfront villages of the East Neuk.



Anstruther Harbour Festival: Lots of NEW Things!

Anstruther’s Harbour Festival, this weekend July 28/29,  has made many new changes/additions to it,  all to appeal and interest visitors of all ages…

New this year:  a handicapped-friendly mini-bus,  making round-trip transfers from the Waid Academy parking area to the harbourfront.   New this year:  Gaelic-related entertainment in musical performances,  storytelling sessions and dance demonstrations.   New this year:  The Medieval Methil Living History Group making its’ first visit to Anstruther as it re-enacts aspects of Viking life, crafts, and everyday skills. Demonstrations will include leatherworking, chain making, weaponry, spinning, dyeing, apothecary, alchemy and cooking.   Medieval Methil’s  range of colourful historical characters include gentry, peasants, merchants craftsmen, clergy and warriors, and their mission is to offer a living picture of Scotland’s history.  New this year:  The Fizzgig TheatreCompany drop anchor for shows from 1:30 to 2:30 each day. Help young Jim Hawkins find the hidden treasure, fire cannon balls at Long John Silver as this totally interactive show is the old classic “Treasure Island”  performed like you have never seen before. Visits with the performers before/after the show let you meet the cast and learn what it takes to be a fearsome if funny pirate.  New this year:  a junior ceilidh Saturday afternoon, and a kids’ disco on Sunday afternoon.  New this year:  storytellers weaving their magic both afternoons with stories of fisher lads and lasses.   New this year:  a photographic exhibit of over 100 photos dating from the 1880’s to about the 1930’s, showing the fishing and seafaring life in Anstruther and the East Neuk.  The exhibit is in the Old Library, lower level of Anstruther Town Hall,  and is on display Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 4pm daily.

Event schedule for these above entertainments and more is posted on, and Facebook.



FOR RESTAURANTS, PUBS, ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERS, AND BUSINESSES IN EAST NEUK AREA: if you have a website or a mailing list to stay in touch with customers, please post information about the ANSTRUTHER HARBOUR FESTIVAL on July 28-29 and encourage people to make a visit.  The event is very family-friendly, and will be fun for all ages.  

NEW THIS YEAR:   free mini-bus from Waid parking to harbour front; Pirate Show; Viking re-enactment; kid’s junior ceilidh; disco for kids; Gaelic music/dance/story-telling; and lots more!   



Cellardyke Sea Queen Weekend a HUGE Success…

This post will be short and sweet as there have been other posts about this event previously, and there are zillions of posts, photos and videos on Facebook under the Cellardyke, Anstruther.Info,  Anstruther Harbour Festival, and other pages,  too many to make reference here.

Just jump into Facebook and start looking around — you’ll see Jim Braid’s video of the procession of hundreds of people through Cellardyke,  photos of the Sea Queen and her court, Kathryn Shearer and other ladies dressed as fisher women, and much, much more.  The weather was glorious, Katie’s seabourn entrance into Cellardyke Harbour breathtaking, and in short, a wonderful event re-invigorated after a too-long absence from Cellardyke.

Congratulations to everybody who had a hand in pulling this whole event together — it was worth all your time,  energy, and efforts as this event-in-planning became a successful reality!