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Community Kist Book Sale

St Ayles Rowing Club were lending a strong hand to transfer books from the shop to Anster Town Hall yesterday. Thanks to all who worked so hard on the hottest day of the year! The Community Kist’s sale for the Anstruther and Cellardyke in Bloom starts at 11am (19th)and is open Monday to Saturday for the next three weeks in the lower Anstruther Town Hall (formerly the Library).
We have second hand books, CDs, vinyl ( mainly classical), games, jigsaws etc.
Remember Anstruther is a great place to come anyway. We already have a bookshop, museum, gift shops, charity shop and shops for ice cream and fish and chips. So come along and have a great day out!
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Community Council minutes may 2017

Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Minutes  for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 8th May    2017  at 19.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie,  Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster,   Gail Sorley ,  Blane McKnight,  Cllr Linda Holt  ( from 20.30 Cllr Bill Porteous )



  • Welcome and Apologies.  Apologies Lorna Jones,  Ann Banks, Cllr John Docherty
  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.  Approved by  Jim  and  seconded by Don
  • Questions from the Public.  No public present
  • New Members.  Jim expressed concern about lack of members , how do we attract new members. Leaflets/ Notices etc. need proactive people. Linda commented on attracting 17 year olds. Action Andy.   Blane suggested “ recommend a friend” .  Action everyone
  • Planning Report.  No report.
  • Ongoing projects:
  • Cycle Route,. £10,000 from Nora weber Trust.  Speeding cyclists in Bankie Park? Kevin to engage with concerned residents.
  • Banners.  Ongoing.
  • Telescope. Silverdyke approved application. Down to Fife Council ( £6,000 )
  • Website.  5,500 looked at Citizen of the year award on web site .  Renewals monies coming in slowly
  • Floral . meeting next monday
  • Financial  Report.


        balance as of 28th april £46,654.21

  1. Income from Floral tins ( corner shop ) £55.21
  2. Income floral grant £150
  3. Income Fife council grant 2016/17 £868.36
  4. Last years  grant £850 not yet paid.
  5. Expenses Kevin £93.85
  6. 2016/17 accounts completed for next meeting.



  Harbour issues.  Mike Thorpe says CCTV too expensive to purchase and maintain for Anstruther.  Fife Council expressed concern about Don getting schoolchildren to clean up the harbour. Martin to talk to Alex Gardner.



  • Secretary’s report .


  1.   Christmas tree/ lights. For the last few years the bill from Fife Council has been between £1500 and £2000 and in good faith this is what Fiona Mitchell and I worked on for last Christmas. However the invoice is for £2660. I have queried this and will continue to do so.
  1. RBS.  Not having a lot of luck talking to RBS but I have contacted TSB and I understand they are looking at the possibility of an ATM at the Bank.
  2. Dance Festival. We have been awarded £1600 towards the costs of the international dance festival . Others have pledged funding and a full financial report will be made to members in the near future.  A parades license has been applied for and I am starting to talk to Harbours about the relevant permissions.  




  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees. Elizabeth Riches, Donald McGregor and Alasdair Busby are all retiring. Bill Porteous and Linda Hold will be new trustees as they are the new Councillors. There will be a vacancy for a member of the public to become a trustee.
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.


           Community Proposals for use of Section 75 Funds

  • DS confirmed that Muir Homes have submitted payment of the second £150,000 sum due under   the Section 75 agreement to Fife Council.
  • Green Spaces at Mayview Avenue – adjacent neighbours do not support the proposal for a community garden, therefore the project will not be progressed.
  • East Braes, Cellardyke access – Fife Council have confirmed that the adoption of the access road extends up to the bollards.  Notice Board proposal to be further progressed for committee consideration.  Informal discussions have confirmed that adjacent neighbours are against the provision of a picnic table in the area.
  • Telescope proposal – Committee to confirm support of project to Fife Council.
  • Bankie Park Portaloos – Fife Council have advised that as project is of a temporary nature, it does not qualify for contribution from the Section 75 funds. (The Norah Webber Trust Fund will pay £1100 for the hire of toilets.)
  • Billowness Play Park – no update received from Fife Council.
  • St Andrews Road Landscape Areas – the committee considered the project proposal submitted, project score 3.1 assessed – a decision was concluded to recommend to Fife Council that a grant of £2500 be contributed to the project.


Issues Relating to Work on Silverdykes Development

  • Sales Status

Private Housing Reserved 3

Missived 1

Settled 144

FC Housing Settled 57

KHA Settled 44


  • Play Area – DS confirmed that play equipment has been ordered, it is anticipated that the installation will be completed within the next twelve weeks.
  • Road adoptions – DS advised it was likely to be 2 years before the Phase 1 area is adopted.


Next meeting 3rd July 2017




  • AOCB.


    1. Gail: Bus Stop in Burnside Terrace. People parking right up to the Bus stop. Bus cannot pull in. needs looking at . Action Cllr Linda . Action Gail.
    2. Mary: wall at Cellardyke Harbour East End of the wall on Shore Street big stones falling out.
    3. Don : Holes in Cellardyke Harbour Still. Action Cllr Linda.
    4. Kevin. Working with Tim Fitzpatrick working on replacing flagpole with virtual Christmas Tree during December.   
    5.  Kevin :Another bike in the park?  Funding available .
    6. Andy  and Kevin  met with Stuart Goodfellow concerning signage around the Town. Kevin raised issues about car parking around the Town. How many busses come to Anstruther. How will the ferry affect the Town?
    7. Andy. Citizen of the year went very well. 40 people attended ,
    8. Members introduced themselves to the new Councillors.

Anstruther walkabout – Various issues, Wednesday 19th April 2017


Andrew Peddie, Community Council Chair

Kevin Lancaster, Community Council representative

Stuart Goodfellow, Fife Council Traffic Management


The meeting was arranged by Cllr Riches, who was not able to attend.   The main point of the meeting was to address the issue of signing to car parks in Anstruther from the shore area.   

The meeting point at East Basin raised the question of coach parking being used by cars and should this be ‘formalised’ by the removal of the bus spaces and re allocating the spaces for cars. (This topic was also raised at Station Road car park.)

Starting at the East Basin car park there is a sign upon exit which shows alternative parking to the left.    This takes drivers to the next car park on the front which is the Folly car park.   If that were full there is a sign at its exit directing people to ‘free parking’ to the left.   

Questions were raised with regards to the operation/use of the barriers at the Folly car park.   I am advised by Harbours & Coast section, who are the account holders for the ground,  that these are used to secure the area for both operational and environmental purposes.

Once you get to the end of Shore Street at the foot of Rodger Street there is a sign which direct traffic up Rodger Street to free parking.   It was felt that this sign could be bigger and this shall be investigated.   

At the top of Rodger Street, on the approach to the main A917 road, there is a sign on the right which directs traffic to the two free car parks, Station Road and Bankie Park, with distances. Ideally this should be on the left hand side of the road, however due to the size of the sign and width of the available footpath this is not possible.   

A request was made that we investigate the possibility of a confirmatory sign on St Andrews Road, beyond the roundabout, on the back of existing brown tourist signage currently mounted on a lamp post.   

It was stated that the signage to the Station Road car park could be better located, as it is beyond the point where drivers may notice it.   This signage is mounted back to back with similar signage for traffic from the other direction and also pedestrian signage for the town centre.   The design for this assembly will be investigated and any changes will be reported to the Community Council prior to any changes being carried out.

Other points were raised as we progressed further up St Andrews Road to have a look at the speeding concerns at the new relocated speed limit as listed below:-


  • ‘Double bend ahead’ warning triangle on west side of St Andrews Road adjacent to Co-operative store not facing correct direction,
  • Misleading ‘Pedestrians prohibited’ signs on east side of new vehicular access road to primary school, (possibly incorrect location?)
  • Signage for Waid Campus within visibility splay on north side of vehicular access road to primary school, especially for left turning traffic exiting Campus,


    • Also no indication to southbound traffic of access to Waid Campus, other than warning triangle,
    • Height of vehicle activated sign to the south of the vehicular access road to Waid Campus seems excessive,
    • Numerous signs for builders/contractors/sub-contractors of new school.
    • Existing signage for Anstruther Primary School still in place after new signage erected which states no access,


  • Conflicting signage at boundary of school estate with regards to speed limits and vehicular traffic prohibition,
  • Redundant tourist signage on east side of St Andrews Road for Craws Nest Hotel & Restaurant.  There may be other signs for this establishment which no longer exists,
  • Redundant ‘Changed priorities on High Street’ sign on Rodger Street (and other locations?) for High Street changes, carried out around 2001(Prohibition of driving Order).


Points shown above in bold are the responsibility of Traffic Management to deal with.   The points shown bold and italicised are the responsibility of other departments within Fife Council to deal with, however Traffic Management will coordinate with them on appropriate action.


With no other business the meeting was closed at 21.03


Anstruther Town Hall

Now the public library has relocated to the New school the area in the Town Hall it occupied will revert back to its old name LOWER TOWN HALL. It will be available for hire for community use through the EAST NEUK CENTRE TRUST.  

For the first three weeks, the Anstruther Community Kist will be using the hall to sell books and CD’s to raise money for local causes.


Community Kist Book Sale

Just a reminder that the Kist’s Big Sale will start next Monday at Anster Town Hall in the former library. This will run for 3 weeks and to raise money for Anstruther and Cellardyke in Bloom.
The room is being rented from the East Neuk Centre Trust who have taken over the Library space. Members of the St Ayles Rowing Club are helping with the move and other volunteers will be running the Sale so Elizabeth can stay in the Kist. There will be thousands of books as well as records, CDs, DVDs, games, jigsaws, cards. Please remember to bring carrier bags along with you. The sale will be open from 11-5 pm Monday to Saturday.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Anstruther Community Kist

The Community Kist has given £600towards the Anstruther Harbour Festival Committee who put on a great show for us last week with music, dance, entertainment and stalls. Another £700 will be donated shortly. The Kist sponsors the Window Dressing Competition and thanks go to all the participating shops. Congratulations are due to The Flower Shop, Gobbles and Ingrid’s for the beautiful windows.
From the 19th June, for three weeks the Kist, with kind permission of the East Neuk Centre Trust will be renting the former library in Anstruther’s lower Town Hall. There we will have a massive selection of books with additional DVDs, vinyl, CDs, games and cards. We have old annuals, children’s, fiction, non- fiction and a few old and rare books.
This will be in aid of The Community Council’s Anstruther and Cellardyke in Bloom so please support us by coming along to buy and offering help.
Phone 01333 310674 or come into the shop.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Anster Harbour Festival THIS Weekend! Come & have fun!

Anstruther’s Harbour Festival is all set to go, with two marquees out on the harbour front, entertainment and activities all set throughout the weekend, and an “order” for a weekend of sunshine hopefully being fulfilled.

TONIGHT,  the  City of St. Andrews Pipe Band marches from the Waid Academy to the harbour front, where they’ll do a brief performance before marching back to the Waid. The Dunedin Scottish Dancers then “step in” and “kick off”  the evening with their fancy footwork in the middle pier marquee, followed by a ceilidh with music by Nackytoosh.  A  bar on the spot will recharge dancers who work up a thirst before returning to the dance floor.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY are both full days of music, food, arts & crafts, Classic boats, model boats, kayaking in the harbour, the Scottish Fisheries Museum Open Day, a kids junior disco, Jamie the Jester, facepainting, nightly dances, and more.  There  will be plenty of activities and entertainment to attract all ages and interests.  For a detailed day-by-day schedule and event list, visit, and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.


Faroese Choir Performance on Friday 2nd June

The Scottish Fisheries Museum is very much looking forward to greeting “The church choir Ljómur” from the Faroe Islands to Anstruther on Friday 2nd June and hopes the community will turn out to extend that warm welcome to our visitors with whom of course we have links via the Fishing Industry across the North Atlantic.

They will perform a Choral Concert and Faroese Folk Dancing on the Folly by the Reaper, Anstruther Harbour between 6 and 7pm. The Choir will then join local performers to support the Bernicia Suite by Richard Wemyss in Cellardyke Church at 7.30 pm

The choir originates from the village Vágur on Suðuroy, the southernmost of the 18 islands that make up Faroe, and is connected to the church of Vágur. Ljómur was founded in 1939, and made its first tour abroad in 1954, with concerts in Denmark and Norway. Later concerts were held in Poland, the Soviet Union, Iceland, Sweden, Spain and Germany.

The choir sings a comprehensive repertoire from old psalms to classic Faroese and Nordic hymns and songs.


We need help

  1. Anstruther and cellardyke in bloom.  Last year Anstruther and Cellardyke received a Gold for the Town. We want to achieve this again in 2017.  However we need your help. The various groups involved can only do so much and we all have limited resources. We need all businesses to do just that little bit more to brighten up their premises for the season if they can. Maybe a hanging basket or two, flower tubs outside . Anything to brighten up the environment.
  2. The Community Council is looking for new members. Our Community Council is very active and forward looking , working on a number of projects for the benefit of the Community. However we need two or three more members.  If you feel you can make a positive contribution then please feel free to attend any meeting on the second monday of the month in Anstruther Town Hall at 7.30. If you like what you see then please consider becoming a member.
  3. Anstruther Harbour Festival, takes place on the last weekend of May . Three days of family entertainment including food, Dancing and music. Again this year we are running a best dressed shop window competition on the theme of the sea. Free to enter and will be judged by our citizen of the year.


Further information and details can be found on  and