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minutes febuary 2017

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Agenda for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 13th February 2017  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.


Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair),  Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster,  Ann Banks,   Blane McKnight,   Cllr Elizabeth Riches,


Mr Anderson, Alan Nairn



  • Welcome and Apologies.  Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting . Apologies Mary Thomson , Cllr  John Docherty , Jim Braid, Gail Sorley, Cllr Donald Mcgregor.




  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising. Approved after small changes by Don , seconded by lorna.




  • Questions from the Public.  Alan stated that the pedestrian crossing is an accident waiting to happen. Car etc parks right on the crossing obscures views. Very dangerous. What can be done? Taking two spaces away would solve the problem. Bollards? Cannot leave things as they are. Action Cllr Riches. Alan also commented he would consider applying to become a member of the CC.




  • Citizen of the year nominations. A number of names were put forward . It was agreed to form a sub group under  the Chair. Similar ceremony to last year.




  • Fife Councillors Report.


              Anti Skid surfacing.  On Sunday 26th February there will be a road closure along part of Shore Street  from 8.00 am til 4.00 pm to allow the anti-skid surface to be laid at each pedestrian crossing.  This is both a noisy and dusty process.  The bus stop will temporarily be in the East Basin car park and access to and from the Folly car park will be via the same entrance.  Traffic lights will be used at the pedestrian crossing opposite the Ship.  Residents and shopkeepers have had a letter explaining all of this.



  • Pass Plus. This is a scheme available for young drivers who have just passed their driving test.  It enables them to quickly gain experience with driving on motorways, and in difficult conditions etc. with an instructor. Promoted by Fife Council at £30 it overs a saving of over £100 and equally important many insurers give specially discounted rates to young drivers who have successfully completed this course.  Details from



  1. Grey bins at the Harbour Toilets.  The current use of these bins has been monitored and as they are not being used to their capacity they will be removed.  This will improve the area around the toilets.


  1. Possible toilet for Bankie Park.  Discussions are underway for a possible solution to the lack of toilets in Bankie Park. It may be possible to hire a portable toilet for the summer months with a view to having a permanent solution later on.  Details of responsibilities for cleaning and supervision still need to be sorted out.


  1. St Andrews Road planting.  There is a plan for suggested planting, and BAM have agreed that they will contribute and spread top soil to help with the landscaping.  An application needs to be made for monies for the cost of the planting.  Martin agreed to look at this.


  1. Fife Council budget. Both the Revenue and Capital budgets will be set on Thursday 16th February.  Decisions on raising Council Tax will be made; on how much monies will be available for roads maintenance and a bid has been made to dredge Anstruther Harbour amongst many other issues.


  1. Chat and Brew events.  These have been set up to take place with support from various agencies such as Energi, DAPL and needle exchange organisations being present if anyone wants a chat or to ask how to access help.



  • Planning Report.



16/00059/NMV 2 Union Place Anstruther, Rear Extension
16/04174 LBC 20 Roger Street Replacement windows
16/04190/FULL Fife Council, Waid Academy Erection of three enterprise units



  • Ongoing projects:
  • Cycle Route. Bankie and dreelside parks ongoing.
  • Banners.  Ongoing.
  • Telescope. funding application now in
  • Website. Still quite a lot to come in , ongoing. Blane offered to help. Also Gail.
  • Floral . martin reported on the recent meeting. Further meetings are to be held. Insurance cover to be clarified




  • Financial  Report.  Lorna updated on the accounts and explained that some details still need ironing out. £448  raised  for coffee morning. £163.92 from collecting tins. Thank you letters. Blane spoke about a sponsored event? Blane to investigate




  • Harbour issues. Don reported on a meeting with Tom Mckenzie. Pittenweem is getting CCTV and not a joint venture with Anstruther. Harbours liaison committee , not over impressed but will continue going.




  • Secretary’s report .


    1. Common Good fund application.   Application from Harbour festival Trust. Martin declared an interest and took no part in the comments. After discussion members agreed to support
    2. Closure of British Legion. would the CC take on buying  legion wreaths for various town groups ?  Members declined   



  • Representatives on other Groups.


Murray Library Trustees. The trustees held their first annual public meeting on Thursday 9/02/17. On the agenda for the members of the public who attended were :-

a power point presentation showing slides of the ML building before and after the restoration

an update on the trustee’s’ business plan for the future

an update on the grants awarded to local organisations – Anstruther Philharmonic, Redfield Arts and Waid Academy Drama Department.

Yann Sypniewski then conducted a tour of the hostel



  • AOCB.


    1. Blane: fundraising and community engagement. Year long fundraising plan? How do we contact the right people to do things in the community. Will come up with some ideas. Lorna: lack of people getting involved, same people over and over again.  Blane to investigate
    2. Ann: small sign for 1hour parking only.

With no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.10


minutes January 2017

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Agenda for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 9th January  2016  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones,  Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster,     Cllr Elizabeth Riches,



  • Welcome and Apologies.  Andy welcomed everyone to the meeting . Apologies from Cllr John Docherty, Blane McKnight, Gail Sorley, Ann Banks, Cllr Donald McGregor




  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.  With small changes  minutes approved by lorna, seconded by Jim.
  • Community Council Vacancies.  Advertise on etc, make it possitive . action martin.
  • Drop in facilities for drug issues. Jim with increasing drug related issues is there a need to develop something on the lines of DAPL?  Cllr Riches reported on a meeting taking place tomorrow on this issue. Elizabeth to update.




  • Questions from the Public.  No questions




  • Fife Councillors Report.


1)Bins by the Harbour toilets. The grey containers are there for the flats above the shops. These properties are on a sack collection as they have nowhere to store bins. Five years ago it was decided to,provide these bins to prevent the seagulls from destroying the sacks on collection day.The usage is being monitored and then a decision will be taken to retain,reduce in number or to remove the containers.

2)      Harbour Toilets were closed over the six public holidays for several days over the holidays, with a notice on the door to this effect.

3)      The area to the east of the Fire Station was initially purchased in 1964 and is currently held as Economy, Planning and Employability land byFife Council.

4)      The Local Development Plan is likely to be approved by Fife Council in April 2017. It is for the period 2016 – 20 26.

5)      Possible CCTV for the Harbour. This is being investigated to see if a joint

bid could be made for this harbour and for Pittenweem Harbour.

6)      Approaches to Anstruther from the north. The 30 mph signing has already been moved north to cover the entrance to the new road to the primary school. There are no plans to provide a flashing 20 mph sign at this position as there will be no pedestrian movements. If attempts are made to use the new road as access to the new Waid this might need to be reviewed or (managed’ through the school.

7)      Devolved grants. Changes are to be made to the manner in which some grants are decided upon: Floral Enhancement Grant, Community Capital Grant, Community Events Grant and Community Organisations Grant.The decisions will be taken at an area level but the exact details have still to be confirmed. Applications already made for the Floral Enhancement Grants are still valid and notification will be sent out by midFebruary.



  • Planning Report. No report




  • Ongoing projects:
  • Cycle Route. Proposal for 20MPH on Crail Road at Bankie Park . Starting in Dreelside soon, Bankie park nearly finished.
  • Banners.  East Neuk dook had banners up. now back up. Booking form for potential users. Action Kevin.
  • Telescope. ongoing
  • Website. £10.00 s coming in. How many paid up. Action Gail.  Update CC minutes. Information boards?
  • Floral .Financial  Report.   Coffee morning 28th January. Meeting early Feb . Action Martin.  Thank corner shop. Action Martin. Contact Mary !!!!!!.   St Andrews Road _ ongoing. Action Elizabeth.




  • Financial report.  Lorna produced a spreadsheet putting the accounts together. Members  went over the figures to identify some income and expenditure.




  • Harbour issues. Don CCTV ongoing , working with Pittenweem.  Proposing possibly £10.00 per boat owner per year to pay to maintain system.




  • Secretary’s report .


    1. Christmas Lights all taken down and stored away.
    2. Community Council insurance form to fill in.  email round



  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees.  No report
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.  No report.




  • AOCB.


    1. Kevin: Common good assets?  Map ?
    2. Kevin: Tim Fitzpatrick ? next christmas? Action Kevin.

With no other Business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15.


Anstruther Community Kist

After a quiet period when there was also insurance and rent to pay, the shop is getting busier again and was able to give out £500 to Waid Academy’s Equestrian Team and a small grant of £50 to cover the cost of an advert in the Anstruther Philharmonic’s Concert Programme. 
This will be a busy year with applications on the table from the likes of the Museum, the Cycle Path, the Community Council (for flowers), the St Ayles Rowing Team and Youth projects. 10% goes respectively to the A.I.A. , East Neuk Centre and East Neuk Emergency Fund. As well as donating why not have a look at our large collection of second hand books, CDs and vinyl. 
The accounts have to be done by the end of February and we will be having an AGM in March. dates to follow.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Anstruther Harbour Forum Tackles Harbour, Marina Issues

The Anstruther Harbour Forum held its’ first meeting on January 18, 2017 with a variety of interested parties attending the meeting.

The Forum is an informal association of local organisations and individuals, created with the purpose of promoting dialogue between all those with an interest in the harbour, and with Fife Council.  Those participating include commercial harbour users, the Fisheries Museum & Boats Club, St. Ayles Rowing Club, Anstruther Sailing Club, Anstruther Improvements Association, Anstruther Harbour Festival and  Anstruther Community Council.

Alex Gardner was elected as chairman, and Bill Kennaway was elected as secretary. Anybody interested in learning more about the Forum or in joining the group can obtain information by contacting Bill Kennaway at  The next meeting  date is due to be announced shortly and will most likely be in March.

There were a number of items discussed at this first meeting, including:

    • Dredging – possibility of long postponement due to Fife Council budget cuts
    • Harbour dues- likelihood of significant increases due to Fife Council budget cuts
    • Pontoon maintenance – works due to start
    • Facilities for harbour users & proposed development of harbourmasters office site 
    • Harbour Festival weekend – 26 to 28 May, with Muster,  Lifeboat Open Day, Classic Boat Rally, and Boats Club Boat Jumble
    • CCTV cameras for harbour

December 2016Minutes

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.
Minutes for the Monthly Meeting on Monday 12th December 2016 at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present: Jim Braid ( Chair ) , Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster, Gail Sorley , Cllr Elizabeth Riches, Gillian

1. Welcome and Apologies. Apologies Cllr Donald Macgregor, Cllr John Docherty, Blane McKnight, Andy Peddie,
2. Friday nights tree lighting. Went well but no carol singers attended. Gail to look into what we can do for next year. Martin commented that any event will need to be organised and funded, and needs volunteers to run it. Around 50 people attended. Saturday afternoon party. Also went well, but lack of volunteers to run it on the day. Around 96 attended. Total cost of this event £244.09. We received a donation of £500 from Community Kist. it was agreed to offer to return £160 as this was not spent. Action Martin.
3. Police Report. Two unsettled months . Road traffic offenses, assault in Bankie, Drunks, ENC fires , car keyed, break in at the pet shop, breaking windows at the flats, assault etc at the flats, vandalism at new waid site, two sudden deaths. Discussion took place on how we can work together to solve these issuers. New Police sergeant. Working with primary School and Harbourlea on internet safety and phone safety.
4. Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising. Agreed by Gail and seconded by Don.
5. Questions from the Public. None.
6. Fife Councillors Report.
1)St Ayles Crescent. The previous planning application is no longer valid. A new development partnership is working on bringing forward an application for the site. Preliminary discussions have taken place with Fife Council with a view to a planning submission being made around Spring 2017.
2) Harbour repairs. Masonry repairs are to be carried to the bulwark an~ the slipway in Cellardyke, and to a pier in Anstruther Harbour in the new year.
3) Fun fair. A request has come to Fife Council for the hire of the middle pier for the fun fair. The suggested dates are from Sunday zs” June to Sunday 13th August, opening on Thursday zs” June. This would involve the usual mix of entertainment with the same opening hours.
4) Fife Development Plan. The Reporter to the Scottish Government has finalised his
decisions on the proposals put forward by Fife Council. The purpose of all of this is to give guidance as to how land can be used if there is a desire to develop it. Two areas of land use are of particular interest to Anstruther.
i) Land to the East of the Fire Station. This has been designated as ‘development
opportunity’ and small workshops/offices would be acceptable in planning terms as they would be compatible with residential areas.
ii) Land to the north of Crail Road, to the east of The Marches. This was initially brought forward as a potential site for house building by a developer. Fife Council did not support this suggestion and when the Reporter examined the proposal he upheld the view of Fife Council that no houses should be built on this site.
5) Budget. Fife Council services are being asked to prepare budgets that would mean
operating with 90 of their current budgets by 2020, with a view to saving £30 million for the next financial year. This will impact on all of us, especially as road users. The Scottish Government decides on the next year’s budget for Local Authorities on ia” December. Next year there will be permission for Local Authorities to raise Council Tax by up to 3. Those properties within bands E, F, G and H will have additional charges that will provide monies for the Scottish Government to choose how to use to benefit education throughout Scotland. Fife Council will be a net gainer from this procedure.
6) The Council Television Documentary will be shown on BBC1 Scotland on 14thand 21th
December at 9pm which features Fife Council.

7. Planning Report.

16/03897/ LBC Alterations to the stables, caiplie court. No comment
16/03822/FULL New staff facilities and office at metaflake, station road anstruther No comment
16/03959/FULL Replacement windows , old police house , back dykes Anstruther No comment

1 repairs to 10 Cunzie Street- Agreed
2. 38 Pickford Crescent. Certificate of Lawfulness -Agreed
3. Repainting of building Ve- Mar Kilrenny. Agreed

8. Ongoing projects:
a. Cycle Route. ( Kevin ) Bankie Park underway, car park open Saturday
b. Banners. ( Kevin ) Will put them up soon. Advertise East Neuk Dook. £10 per month per banner.
c. Telescope ( Kevin ) . £6,000 application gone in to Silverdykes liaison Committee, price for telescope? Can CC use local contractor? Who will be responsible for ongoing maintenance?
d. Website. 19 renewals plus. New member ( Royal Hotel ).
e. Floral. Corner shop needs new floral tin.
9. Financial Report. Lorna now has bank statements , cheque books etc ( as of Today ) . Will produce figures for next meeting.
10. Secretary’s report .
. Lauren has decided to stand down from the Community Council. As has Mary Thomson. Jim commented that new members are desperately needed.
a. Ken Lawson has a contact who can make a video of the town and local businesses using a drone . He will put him in touch with us in due course.
b. Several people have commented on the parked van outside the cottage by the CO-OP. I have also spoken to the tenant who is concerned about speeding vehicles in this area and the impact the new school entrance may have next summer. Members thought that the shortest route to the school from the CO-OP is still via the crossing , however Cllr Elizabeth will investigate . Martin commented that if there is a potential traffic problem it needs to be sorted out before the new School opens in June.

11. Representatives on other Groups.
a. Murray Library Trustees. 2016 successful year. 96% occupancy and the hostel is working well. Also given out first Grant, £400.
b. Silverdykes Liaison Committee.
Section 75 Monies

Kilrenny to Pittenweem Cycle Route
Committee agreed that an allocation of £50,000 funding be recommended to F C
Billowness Playpark
Committee agreed to contact A Bisset of FC and ask that a design be prepared for consideration up to a budget value of £20,000.
Cellardyke Town Hall
Query raised regarding contribution to hall for continuation of leisure provision. It was confirmed that this may not be applicable under the terms of section 75.
Bankie Park- Ramp for access at entrance beside Ladywalk
A cost of £3,500 has been confirmed by FC. It was agreed to recommend to FC that this should go ahead.
Table Tennis Tables
A cost of £4,000 per table was confirmed. Committee agreed that it should be recommended to FC that these go ahead in Bankie Park, Watery Butts and Town’s Green, Cellardyke . Adjacent neighbours at Watery Butts need to be consulted before table is installed.
Play Area in Silverdykes
Advice would need to be sought regarding the commitment of funds to a facility in a private housing development.

Development update
Private housing 3 reserved 132 completed 5 missived
Affordable housing 101 completed

Link Path at church nearing completion.
Path access to Braehead War Memorial- repairs required to improve surface. FC to be approached to confirm land ownership and advise on repairs.
Proposal for telescope at harbour to be distributed to committee and will be considered at next meeting on Thursday 2nd February.

12. AOCB.
a. Citizen of the year – next month’s agenda.
b. Don. Harbours meeting. Pittenweem after CCTV the same as Anstruther. Could we work together on this ? Could boat owner pay day £10.00 per year to cover these costs? Don will work on this.
c. Mess of the Smugglers? Who now owns this/ is something going to become of this property or is it just going to deteriorate ?
d. Kevin Asked Cllr Elizabeth for ongoing costs of disused bins at the Public toilets.
e. Mr anderson raised concerns about a high voltage cable from Crail to Anstruther. Agreed to investigate . action Martin


Anstruther Community Kist

The Kist wants to wish all supporters a Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year.
We will be open intermittently from Christmas Eve until Tuesday 3rd January to let Elizabeth have a break and to do some tidying in the shop. It’s been a fun year and hopefully 2017 will be the same.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Anstruther Community Kist

The people of Anster are fairly stocking up on their baubles and tinsel at the Kist. We have also been donated lots of other stuff as folks tidy their cupboards for Christmas so it has been fairly hard work in the shop. Big sellers this week were jazz vinyl. The shop regularly receives donations of new vinyl and it is snapped up by several regular customers – all male. We were able to give £500 to the Community Council for the annual Christmas Party and at present there are £3000 worth of applications on the table so a busy few months ahead. Thanks to all the regulars and volunteers and Best Wishes for 2017.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Drone footage of Pittenweem to Kilrenny Multi-use Path

The path leaves Pittenweem along the north side of the road in the field and takes a left around the back of the Spindrift to Queens Gardens. It then goes through Dreelside Park across the old railway bridge to St Andrews Road, where it joins up with the existing path around the school to Bankie Park. It then cuts across Bankie Park to the Fire Station, along Watery Butts, pass the Health Centre to Windmill Road and then runs around the edge of the field to Kilrenny Bridge

Click on the link below to see the drone footage on Youtube

Pittenweem to Kilrenny Multi-use Path


Anstruther Community Kist

Regular grants, £100 for September and £90 for October, were given out to the A.I.A., East Neuk Centre and the East Neuk Emergency Trust this week. Elizabeth was also pleased to attend the AGM of the Emergency Trust. It was a real privilege to hear about their work.
After paying rent and insurance the Kist will be giving £500 to the Children’s Christmas Party.
This week the Kist will be closed on Thursday because of a funeral.

Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


East Neuk Centre Trust AGM Summary

The East Neuk Centre Trusts’  (ENCT) AGM on Nov. 1, attended by some 40 people,  gave attendees the chance to tour the recently refurbished Cellardyke Town Hall, and enjoy a presentation by 2016 Anstruther Person of the Year George Findlay.
 The ENCT is a registered Scottish charity  managing the Anstruther and Cellardyke Town Halls, Erskine Hall, and the Ladywalk East Neuk Centre. The three halls are used for sports, dances, birthday/special event parties, business meetings, and learning/skills enhancement classes, while the Centre serves as an information centre.
Martin Dibley, Chairman, led the evening as the events of the 2015-2016 year were presented.   This is the first time the AGM has taken place at the Cellardyke Town Hall, and Martin touched on the refurbishments and structural maintenance work done to refresh the hall.
He also talked about the financial aspects of managing and running these properties, and some news was good, some was bad, and some news was surprising.
A community turbine is now running, and should benefit the Trust roughly £7-£10,000 per year. The Co-op has nominated the ENCT to receive a share of the 1% donation from the sales of Co-op branded food items and financial services as members use their membership cards. This could be a sizeable amount if a lot of people specify the ENCT to receive this money from their purchases.
Elizabeth Gordon and the Community Kist was also acknowledged by Martin for the generous grant money given to the Trust in supporting services/programs.  Mrs. Gordon’s Community Kist, a charitable enterprise staffed by volunteers and managed by the inexhaustible Elizabeth, is a very successful revenue generator for local charities – money that is very much appreciated and always put to good use locally.
A happy piece of news was the new Learning Hub in the Anstruther Lower Town Hall. This is a work-space  that was previously occupied by Fife College, has now been refurbished  by the Trust with computers and printers, and  is now offers computer classes to everyone . A waiting list of about 20 people will be moved into this computer program as spaces open up.
Another positive overview was given about the growing popularity of the Anstruther and Cellardyke Town Halls as ideal venues for weddings, with several celebrations having successfully taken place. Both halls, now renovated and refurbished, offer elegant and comfortable special event spaces with restaurant-grade kitchen facilities. 
Sheena Watson, who works with Fife Council, was introduced by Martin, and is involved with community learning and skills development programs and activities. Her community learning programs work with people of all ages, and she said that the ENCT Learning Centre had a high value to the community.
Alex Sutherland, a Fife Council Community Education liaison, oversees the Learning Centre in addition to a number of other programs she is involved in. Job Centre, special outdoor activities programs with kids, the John Muir Award, beach cleanups, crafts projects such as Christmas on a Budget, Emergency First Aid at Work, and the Mish Mash group which works with young people, are all popular programs she successfully implements, to the benefit of local area residents.
Martin’s Trustee Financial Report then went into more detail as this is the first year the Cellardyke Town Hall’s income and expenses were incorporated into the ENCT overall accounts.
Martin gave special thanks to staff members who work so hard and diligently to make the ENCT and the events at the Halls a success. Susanne, Louise, Shona, Stevie, Geordie  and Paul are a big part of the success of the Halls and go beyond their hours and job descriptions, “to make sure that things are done right, and that the quality of service and attention to detail is never compromised…”
Martin also acknowledged the time, energies and interest invested by the Trustees in helping to manage the properties, and plan for their futures.
In winding up the financial/operational aspects of managing four properties, Martin summarised that the ENCT is aware that Fife Council money will likely be reduced as expenses are rising.  However,  our mandate is to offer the community a centre for learning and personal development along with public spaces for public events – and all are to be provided at a high quality standard that reflects the dedication and care these properties, and their users, deserve.
George Findlay, Anstruther’s 2016 Person of the Year, then spoke about the Anster Haddies running group and how it started in the 1980’s. He began running 36 years ago, has stayed active in sports and running and even trained to be a coach.  The  Anster Haddies started with  4 runners banding  together to  form the running club, then took on the “Haddies” name  in 1987. As ”Haddie” is a fish,  the name was used as a term of mild jocular abuse.
The group has had sponsorship from the Anstruther Fish Bar for more than 20 years, along with the Round Table, and now running clubs are in Pittenweem, Crail, Elie with runners of all ages and abilities taking part.  The AllSorts group are adult beginners finding a comfortable home to build their abilities, while more than 90 runners of all levels, ages and abilities belong to after-school clubs,  marathon training sessions, and evening groups.
George is also interested in the East Neuk Sports Hub being established by Fife Council to share sporting expertise, work together, and promote each other. Another interest is the Cycle Path which George believes will is yet another way to get people out, about, exercising and socialising, and reaping mental, physical, and emotional benefits of being actively engaged.
Jennifer Gallagher, a Trustee of the ENCT, then gave the vote of thanks to attendees for turning out;  to ENCT for setting up the Cellardyke Town Hall for this meeting;  to the guest speakers of Sheena Watson, Alex Sutherland and George Lindsay;  to fellow Trustees for giving up their time to keep everything on track;  and to Martin Dibley for chairing this Annual General Meeting.
Attendees were then invited to tour the hall, meet up with each other, and enjoy the broad variety of refreshments prepared by Shona Hughes, and the meeting officially concluded at 830pm.