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Bike in the Park ( Bankie )


Event : Bike in the Park in Bankie Park, Anstruther.

Free to join in! An event not to be missed!

Main attractions: The Clan, Scotland’s Stunt Cycle Team;
Dr Bike (bring your bike along to learn how to repair it);
Peachy Keen (use pedal power to make your own smoothie);

Display of upcoming cycle route;
Various Community Stalls

Date : Sunday 28th August 2016

Time : Open to the public from 12.00 til 3.30 pm
Setting up : from 11.00 am


Murray Library Trust – Exciting Opportunities!

The Trustees of the Murray Library are delighted to be in a position to award small grants to individuals or groups that advance either education or recreation, as per their Trust deed. 

The Trust was set up in 1908 by the executors of a local man, David Murray, who travelled to Australia and made his fortune there.  Libraries were set up in his name in Australia where he played an important role in politics.  On his death his wish to provide benefit to his home town was carried out with the building of the Murray Library.  Initially it provided a library for the young men of the town in an effort to keep them out of the pubs.  This did not prove a resounding success so a snooker hall was built behind the library building and it housed a couple of billiard tables.  This was a success and an addition to the hall was made to house two more tables.  Over the years many people enjoyed using these facilities but gradually the numbers playing snooker here dropped dramatically as licensed pubs with similar facilities became more popular.

Despite the best efforts of the then Trustees the building began to need a lot of money spent on it and there was little income from occasional lets. Generous grants from the Heritage Lottery Townscape Heritage Initiative, Historic and Environment Scotland Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme, Fife Historic Buildings Trust, Fife Environmental Trust, European Rural Development Fund and Fife Council were successfully gathered together to allow a total refurbishment of the total building at a cost of nearly £1,000,000.

Now that the front of the building houses the Murray Library Hostel, which is up and running, and the snooker halls have been converted in to the Murray Studio business units, that  are fully occupied, the Trustees have a better idea of their available funds for such charitable purposes.  The Trust is now a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Scottish Charity SC001142

Application forms can be obtained from or from the Company Secretary, Lorna Jones, 58, East Forth Street, Cellardyke.  These should be completed and returned by the end of August for the Trustees to consider. The Trustees look forward to helping people with educational or recreational ambitions.

Cllr Elizabeth Riches
Chairman of Murray Library

01333 310 688

Murray Library is a Scottish Guarantee Company (Company No. 509904)
Recognised as Scottish Charity under Scottish Charity No. SC001142
Registered Office: 58 East Forth Street, Cellardyke, Anstruther, Fife KY10 3AR


Anstruther Community Kist

After a slow week, it was Super Saturday at the Kist mainly due to a wonderful laundered donation of bedding. Many thanks goes to the anonymous donor. £500 has been given to the Youth Football Club with donations also made to the East Neuk Centre and the East Neuk Emergency Fund. This week applications are still on the table from the Anstruther Harbour Festival, the Community Council, the Bowling Club and the After School Club so it’s business as usual at the wee shop from 11-5, Monday to Saturday.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Anstruther Community Kist

After another very busy Saturday, the Community Kist is in a position to give out £150 each to the Anstruther Improvements Association, the East Neuk Centre Trust and the East Neuk Emergency Trust. This represents a 10% share of profits. Earlier in the week £500 was given to the East Neuk Frail Elderly Project which is the sole provider of Lunch Clubs in the area. £35 was given to the Waid Academy Private Fund from recycling clothes. The next club to benefit from the Kist will be Pittenweem Youth Football Club which, despite it’s name, is the main provider of youth football in the area and use Waid Academy pitches to train.

ElizabethGordon, Volunteer Manager


Anstruther Community Kist

It’s been another busy week in the Kist so we will be giving out payments of £130 as a 10% share of the May profit to the AIA, East Neuk Centre and East Neuk Emergency Trust. £35 will be given to Waid Academy Eco School Project with money from clothes recycling. By the end of the week we will be able to give £500 to the East Neuk Frail Elderly Project which uses the money to provide transport and escorts to bring people to lunch clubs or take them to appointments etc. We have a visitor staying in the Murray Hostel helping in the shop to find out a bit more about Scotland. She’s learning a lot and is a great help besides.
Thanks to all for some great donations.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Anstruther Community Kist

The Community Kist had its busiest week so far this year. The Kist was pleased to give Anstruther Harbour Festival £600 towards their Best Dressed Window competition. Traders worked hard to design wonderful windows that brought a smile to many a face and contributed to this happy and successful event.
This week we’ll be giving the Anstruther Improvements Association, the East Neuk Centre Trust and the East Neuk Emergency Trust their 10% share of profits. After that we will be donating £500 to the East Neuk Frail Elderly Project.
Saturday was certainly hard work but it is great to be able to raise money from unwanted goods for the Community.

Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Anstruther Community Kist

The Community Kist Charity Shop will be giving £600 to the Anstruther Harbour Festival to sponsor the window dressing competition. Visitors to the town look forward to this and once again were generous with their tipping this week. The shop is open from 11am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and receives a real mixture of items every day to sell on to the public. Waid Pupils doing their Duke of Edinburgh Award have been a real help in the shop as well as a pleasure to work with.
Elizabeth Gordon Volunteer Manager


Ane Devil Dwelling in Anstruther

A late sixteenth-century poem entitled ‘The Legend or Discourse of the Lyfe and Conversatione and Qualities of the Tulchene Bishope of Sanctandrois’ touches upon a dark episode in the history of the Three Burghs. The subject of the poem is Patrick Adamson-Archbishop of St Andrews, 1575-89. Adamson was a firm Episcopalian, and the accusations in the poem (of his Catholicism and consorting with witches) were part of attempts to discredit him by his Presbyterian opponents in Scotland (most notably Andrew Melville).

In the early part of the poem Adamson is described seeking out magical aid for his nefarious (Pro-Catholic) schemes and to cure a serious illness. After trying several practitioners;

‘This wald not serve; he sought ane uther, Ane devil dwelling in Anstruther’

Later in the poem Adamson and the ‘witch’ from Anstruther were hauled in front of the Presbytery of St Andrews where;

‘The witch and he confessit bayth’

The poem ends with Adamson blaming the sickness for his decision to dabble in the dark arts, and consenting to the execution of the Anstruther ‘witches’:

‘The seikness sua (so) oversett my faith, At that tyme, so assuage my sair (sore), I wald have tane it, I taud (told) thame their. Then did the elders him desyre.Upon the morn to make a fyre, To burne the witches both to deid’.[1]

Context: While the poet fails to identify the Anstruther ‘witches’, he may have been referring to the case of Agnes, or Nannis, Melville who was accused and executed for witchcraft in Anstruther Easter in 1594. Between the early sixteenth and mid-eighteenth centuries some 4000-6000 Scots were prosecuted for witchcraft, of which around 200 were executed. 75% of those prosecuted were women. The witch hunting craze had many causes, and was probably a result of combination of an uncertain climate, political and cultural upheaval and economic distress. Anstruther and Cellardyke were not immune from this climate. Agnes was one of at least five women were executed for witchcraft in the Three Burghs between 1594 and 1701.

[1] Scottish poems of the sixteenth century, ed. John G. Dalyell (Edinburgh, A Constable and Sons, 1801), ii, 319-20.


Community Council Minutes April 2016

MINUTES  for the Monthly Meeting on Monday 11th April 2016  at 6.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.


Present:  Andrew Peddie,  Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster, Jim Braid, Ann Banks,  Cllr Elizabeth Riches, Cllr John Docherty .



  • Welcome and Apologies.  Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies, Blane, Gail , Findlay, Cllr McGregor.
  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.  Minutes approved with two amendments
  • Fife Councillors Report.


        1)       Folly ‘No entry’ signs. These are advisory only as no traffic order has been raised for them. As such they are not deterring drivers as some are still driving onto the pedestrian part of the Folly. The signs may be changed to the ‘flying motor bike’ which displays a motor bike over a car with a sign below to explain the exemption that exists for drivers needing to access the middle pier being able to drive onto it. Bollards are going to be considered also.

2)       Parking on March Crescent. All of the parking areas in March Crescent form part of the adopted road and as such are available for any road user and so it is not possible to aliocate any areas for residents only. Regarding caravans and trailers there is no legislation for their removal unless they were considered to be abandoned by their owners ..

3)       Pedestrian crossing constructions. The work on the pedestrian crossings will start the week commencing is” April and will last approximately two weeks. In order for this work to be carried out safely it will not be possible for cars to park in the vicinity of the proposed crossings. Householders and businesses have had a letter with a drawing explaining this.

4)       land to east of Fire Station. This land is within Fife Council ownership and is classed as a vacant Development Services asset. If a right of way exists on the property it must have been used over the last 20 years and, as such, prescriptive rights need to be proved.

5)      Cycleway proposal updates. Despite expecting an announcement on is” April as to whether the application for funding was successful or not the new deadline is likely to be at the end of the month. Efforts are also being made to apply to other grants.

6)       Rodger Street, Anstruther. There will be parking restrictions on the west side of Rodger Street between the junction with High Street and Castle Street junction from is” April until zs” May. This is to ensure large vehicles can access the street without any danger to the scaffolding that has some of its feet in the road, whilst work is carried out on the building.

7)       Bollard repair, Urquhart Wynd, Cellardyke. This should be completed by the end of next week.

8)       Road closure in West Forth Street, Cellardyke. From zs” April till 29th April the road will be closed between Ellice Street junction and that with Toll Road to allow ducting to be undertaken safely. Access to residents’ garages will be restricted and controlled by the contractor during the works

9} Harbour CCTV. The original Domehawk CCTV mechanism has now been superseded and a new CCTV camera may be able to be linked to the CCTV police set up in Glenrothes,  which would allow live monitoring. This possibility and future costs of buying or leasing a mobile camera are still being investigated.

10)    Broadband update. COINEF (the limited company set up to try to deliver improvements to broadband speeds) had hoped by now to have issued an invitation to companies to tender for the contract to provide the improvements. Frustratingly this is unlikely to happen until the summer due to lack of clarity needed over new EU legislation.



  • Planning Report. No planning report
  • Secretary’s Report . Nothing to report
  • Treasurer’s Report. Andrew reported that the accounts should be ready soon so we can send then to be examined. Martin reported that bank statements were still going to Kate Shearer. The bank has been informed.  
  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Town Centre Working Group.  Jim reported that the group was struggling for members and was considering merging with another group with similar aims.
  • Murray Library Trustees. Lorna reported that the hostel was doing very well, being fully booked one day last week. Also the studios were fully occupied.
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee. Lorna reported plans have been put forward for improved play park in Cellardyke opposite the old swimming pool. Monies will be allocated to more play equipment in Windmill Court. The first tranche of the “ section 75 monies “ has now been allocated and the second tranche should be ready around the end of October. Work on the children’s play area at Silverdykes  should start in July.
  • AOCB.


    1. Andrew reported that funding has been found to pay someone to man a information centre in the office of the Isle of May tourist business.
    2. Andrew reported The Ferry between North Berwick and Anstruther is to run again this year starting in May.
    3. Andrew reported A deal has been struck to get more businesses on the ADS machine at the harbour.
    4. Kevin Reported that both Facebook and were recording a conciderable number of “ hits “ .
    5. Kevin offered to plant up the floral boat at the top of Rodger Street in Cellardyke.
    6. Kevin asked if the agenda could include “ ongoing projects “. Agreed.
    7. Jim offered to get prices for replacement bunting to decorate the harbour area this summer.

With no other business the Chairman Closed the meeting at 19.30 and members prepared to host the “ citizen of the year “ award ceremony.


Community Council Minutes March 2016

Minute for the Monthly Meeting on Monday 14th March  2016  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie,  Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster, Gail Sorley , Cllr Elizabeth Riches, Cllr John Docherty .

In attendance: Neil Anderson, Colin Read,  John

  1.      Welcome and Apologies.  Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies Jim Braid, Ann Banks, Blane Mcknight, Findlay McLaren, Cllr Donald Macgregor
  2.      Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.  With one spelling mistake the minutes were approved by Mary and Seconded by Gail.
  3.      Questions from the Public.
  4.       Colin Reid spoke on planning application 16/00466/FULL.  Planning permission had already been granted for a development on this site , however it has lapsed. This  current  application was exactly the same as the  previous one. Andrew thanked him for attending and Mr. Read left the meeting.
  5.      John spoke on the plans for 10 information boards to be put up around Cellardyke. He was hoping to start with four and then expand the project. He was applying to the Liaison Committee for funding. The Community Council agreed to apply for any planning permission that would be required.
  6.      Fife Councilor’s Report.

Budget cuts.

Many Fife Council services will be affected by the budget decisions taken by Fife Council last

month. In particular the ‘temporary saving’ of £1.2 million from Roads Maintenance will

become more apparent as less work will be carried out more slowly, But potholes will still

need to be filled in for safety reasons so they should be reported. Those over 4 cm deep will

be filled in.

2) Kilrenny Bridge.

Subject to satisfying the necessary statutory consents works will start late summer to

strengthen this by infilling the current structure with concrete, incorporating stone masonry

facings and a reinstated stone arch. This will allow the bridge deck to be retained and traffic

flow to be maintained through the works, avoiding significant disruption to existing services

and reduce tree felling. On completion the traffic lights and the heavy kerbs will be removed

and the road returned to two-way traffic, maintaining the existing 40 mph limit.


3) Rodger Street, Anstruther Road closure.

This road will be closed form 11.00 pm on Saturday is” March until Sunday zo” March at

8.00 am to allow BT to carry out ducting work.

4) Zebra crossings for Shore Street.

Scottish Power is to connect up power for each crossing in early March and the work on the

crossings will not take place until April/May to avoid Easter.

5) Folly liNo entry 11 signs are still to be erected in the near future.

6) Urquhart Wynd bollard.

An order has been issued for this to be erected properly within the next four weeks.


7) Mayview Avenue Street sign replacement.

If this cannot be found in any yard a new sign will be ordered in May. It will take three

months before this is delivered and erected.


  1.      Planning Report.

16/00267/FULL  |  Change of use from derelict storage building (Class 6) to form museum (Class 10) and external alterations including replacement roofing, harling, doors and windows Site Address: Land at Cunzie Street, Anstruther, KY10 3DF  |  This Site Address Is Still To Be Recorded On Our Property Database (Temporary Address Used) Fife


Bringing a derelict building a new life


16/00285/FULL  |  Alterations and subdivision of flatted dwelling to form flatted dwelling at 2nd floor level  |  1A Rodger Street Cellardyke Anstruther Fife KY10 3HU


Over development, loss of privacy to neighbours inappropriate styling and use of materials.


16/00281/LBC  |  Listed building consent for internal and external alterations including installation of dormer extension, windows, roof lights, flue and rainwater goods  |  1A Rodger Street Cellardyke Anstruther Fife KY10 3HU


As  above. Over development, loss of privacy to neighbours inappropriate styling and use of materials in a conservation area.


16/00363/FULL  |  Erection of flagpole  |  Land To West Of Harbour Office Anstruther Harbour Shore Street Anstruther Fife KY10 3EA



16/00506/FULL  |  Two storey extension to side of dwelling house  |  1 Fairhaven Crescent Cellardyke Anstruther Fife KY10 3FE

Discuss. Yet another Extension???


16/00466/FULL  |  Erection of dwellinghouse and detached garage, formation of vehicular access and parking Address: Land To The North Of 8 West Forth Street Cellardyke  |  This Site Address Is Still To Be Recorded On Our Property Database (Temporary Address Used) Fife  


This is the second development in the grounds of the house. Over development and loss of open space(Garden).


16/00800/LBC  |  Listed building consent for internal alterations  |  24 Rodger Street Cellardyke Anstruther Fife KY10 3HU

No Comment


16/00751/PPP  |  Planning permission in principle for erection of 2 dwelling houses with associated access and parking  |  Mayview House Ladywalk Anstruther Fife KY10 3EX


This is a development in the gardens of Mayview House. Access to the development adjoins White Gables and is an upgrade of existing access to the garden. The land currently owned by Fife Council adjacent to the Fire Station has a Right of Way shown going to Mayview House, if the development goes ahead as shown the right of way would no longer reach Mayview House. This needs clarification. It is also worth noting that a possible building and an access road through the council land is shown on the proposed plans but not included in the area designated as being proposed for development. When we have been asked about the future of this land we did not want it sold. We need clarification of the purpose of this road.  If this land is to be sold the community we represent should receive full cash benefit.

From a planning stance, I suggest we object on the grounds of overdevelopment, loss of open space(the garden) and loss of right of way to Mayview House. We also should also seek clarity regarding the road shown through the council land and the future of this land and the benefit its disposal would bring to our community in cash terms.  


  1.      Telescope. It was agreed to ask Christine Palmer to draw up the relevant plans. Acton Martin.
  2.      Lamppost banners. Mock up of proposed banner circulated and approved. Questions asked about costs including putting them up etc. Action Kevin
  3.      Secretary’s Report

         1.Anstruther and Cellardyke in Bloom.

The group met and had a very positive discussion. It was agreed to pass £400 of this year’s monies raised to the CRA plus £100 that was promised from last year.  It was agreed that the Community Council would take on responsibility for the boat in Cellardyke and the boat at the cemetery, plus tubs at the marches. Who will be responsible for this?

  1. East Neuk Community Councils Group.

We met last Thursday . There was an update from East Neuk First responders . Also an update on the superfast broadband project. This project hopes to bring superfast broadband to areas that BT will not cover. It is hoped to start connecting the first customers by the end of this year. Also discussed was ENCAP. It would now appear that only two communities will be working towards a Community Action Plan as the co ordinators post finishes in June unless further funding can be found. Andrew commented that he would like to invite Toby Anstruther to a future meeting

  1. Anstruther Harbour Festival.

The Anstruther Harbour Festival would like to ask the Community Council if they wish to support the festival financially. The last two years the Community Council has generously donated £500 per year.  Gail and Myself will declare an interest and make no comment.  After discussion it was agreed to donate £500 however Community Council cannot sustain this year on year as it represents a substantial portion of our income.

  1.      Treasurer’s Report.  Andrew reported a balance of £7366. After expenses £6600.
  2.       Representatives on other Groups.
  3.      Town Centre Working Group.   not meeting until 30th March
  4.       Murray Library Trustees.  Lorna reported a lease has now been signed as of 15th February. The hostel was officially opened on 12th March by Cllr Kay Morrisa with an open day
  5.      Silverdykes Liaison Committee.  Not meeting until April
  6.  AOCB.
  1. Elizabeth. A bid is in with sustrans re cycleways.
  2. Mary. Water at mitchel place, leaking toby. Also street lights mayview avenue/ March crescent
  3. Don. Drainage in garages off March Crescent not fixed. Choked for Months. Abandoned caravans and trailers at the flats, could FC consider residents parking.
  4. Kev. we should look for new members.
  5. Don. CCTV at the harbour ongoing.
  6. Andrew. Citizen of the year at April meeting. Start at 6.30 then have presentation at 8.00.


With no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30