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Anstruther Community Kist

Although we didn’t make the record amounts we made last July, July 2016 worked out well in the Kist and we will be able to give our regulars, The AIA, the East Neuk Centre and the East Neuk Emergency Fund £130 each this week. Then we’re saving up to give the Bowling Club, the After School Club and the Community Council’s Flowers a helping hand. After that applications can be sent, by letter, to the shop from volunteer organisations based in the Anster area.
Meanwhile in the shop we’ve reorganised the books and CDs and have managed to sell articles as diverse as a bugle and cross country ski shoes this week. We’re always on the lookout for goods such as bedding, towels, wool and jigsaws.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Community Council Minutes July 2016

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Minute  for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 11th July     2016  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster, Jim Braid, Ann Banks, Gail Sorley Lauren Mc Quade, ,   Cllr Elizabeth Riches,

Mr Anderson


  • Welcome and Apologies.   Andy welcomed everyone to the July meeting. Apologies  Cllr John Docherty, Cllr Donald McGregor .


  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.  (7b) banners small because of exposed site. (4c) investigated. (7b)spelling mistake. With these changes  minutes proposed by  Mary and seconded by  Lorna.


  • Questions from the Public. No questions.


  • Fife Councillors Report.          (Cllr Elizabeth Riches)


!) Road markings for Silverdykes.

The general presumption for new residential road junctions within a 20 mph zone is not to provide

any road markings. The rationale is that speeds are low and current thinking on the use of road

space in such areas should reduce priority for vehicles and create a space which prompts greater

attention by drivers. Reducing or removing road markings is a common method to enable this.

2) West pier clean up. Two skips have been used to clear the pier and the mechanical road

sweeper will complete the job by sweeping down the pier this week.

3) New LED lamps.

Street lights on the main road have had LED lamps fitted to replace the traditional bulbs. This

should save money by using less electricity and the LED bulbs last 10 -12 years compared to the

traditional ones that needed changing every 3- 4 years. The saving from the new lamps is made in 5

years’ time and they produce the equivalent luminosity.

4) Dead fish in the Dreel Burn on 7.7.16.

These were reported to SEPA who sent out a couple of officers to investigate. Sadly the amount of

rain water meant the burn was soon running clear and no evidence of a source of any possible

pollution or cause of the death of the very many fish could be found. SEPA can be contacted on

01786547700 and reports from the public are welcomed.

5) Pop up Bob. His presence has been requested in Anstruther and Cellardyke, especially over a

Crail Thrash period.

6) . Community speed watch volunteers.

Speeding is regularly highlighted as a concern in our communities throughout North East Fife and

beyond. Community Speedwatch is an excellent opportunity for local residents to volunteer and

contribute to Police Scotland’s efforts to address these concerns. If anyone is interested in training.

to take part in community speed watch they should speak with their ward officer personally, call 101

and ask for their area ward officers or email Full

. training will be given.

7) CCTV camera.

Police Scotland operates one CCTV camera over three wards: Tay Bridge, St Andrews and East Neuk.

There is a monthly assessment as to where this can be used to the best effect. The costs for a new

camera that has the necessary equipment are likely to be in the order of £15,000. Police Scotland

will give advice on the best system to choose, funding would then need to be sought and the

question of who would maintain such a system and who would be responsible for the date collected

would need to be addressed.

After Discussion it was agreed to pursue CCTV for the Harbour area. Action Cllr Elizabeth.


  1. Planning Report.


16/02151 Formation of buttress walls, two rooflights and door at Mill House

High Street East Anstruther  Fife

KY10 3DQ  

No comment
15/02848/ NMV Revised application for erection of 39 sheltered housing apartments (Class 8) with associated substation, buggy/cycle store, walls, fences, vehicular access, car parking and landscaping (demolition of hotel, stores, plant and annex buildings)- (Non Material Variation for alterations to 15/02848/FULL) at Craws Nest Hotel  Bankwell Road  Anstruther  Fife  KY10 3DA No comment
16/02047/ADV Listed building consent for display of one fascia sign and one projecting sign at

23 Rodger Street Anstruther  Fife  KY10 3DU

No comment
16/01954/PPP Planning permission in principle for  erection of holiday lodges and associated facilities including manager’s accommodation, general recreation and amenity building and provision of new

access to B9171 at Holding No 6  East Pitcorthie Pitcorthie  Kilrenny  Anstruther Fife  KY10 3LF

No comment



  • Ongoing projects:
  • Cycle Route. Kevin reported , Scottish cycle team coming to Bankie Park on 28th august. Two or three demonstrations. Dr Bike repairs. Etc. Stalls etc etc. Raise awareness of cycling. Run under the CC banner. Kevin to liaise with CC insurance. Kevin to do risk assessment.
  • Banners. ongoing
  • Telescope. ongoing
  • Website. Doing well as is facebook page.


  • Treasurer’s Report.  £4478 as of end June. Cheques written out since £500.


  • Secretary’s report .


    1. Floral Group.  The judging is on 20th . Ken Lawson and Jim Braid will show the judges round the town. Moving forward : Kevin, Jim and Myself met with Keith Jackson and he has suggested the group move into being more of an environmental improvement group rather than just flowers. The group will meet on the 18th to finalise plans for the judging and start meeting from September onwards to plan next year.
    2. Selling on the folly. The person selling goods on the folly is licensed by Fife Council , something that this Community Council supported when consulted.   However we have been contacted by David Shields from the Ship tavern who wonders why this person is charged £10.00 per day and he was charged £50 per day even if he did not use the area. Agreed to write to Fife council. Action Martin
    3. Small sparks project. Information available on the table.
    4. Information available on the table.
    5. Christmas Lights. Grant approved for Christmas lights , £2,000.  Action Martin.



  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees. Press release soon explaining applying for funding from Trustees.
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.  Next meeting 11th August.
  • AOCB.


    1. Gail- cars parked in bus stop on Burnside Terrace. No lines . Cllr Elizabeth to investigate
    2. Ann-Poor parking on zig zag at new crossings on Shore Street.
    3. Mary, Path through church field  at Cellardyke used by all. Going over stone wall!! Who owns the wall??
    4. Jim and Mary- collection tins £207.39
    5. Lauren. What’s happening at the dreel tavern?  Roof mended.
    6. Lorna. Smugglers an eyesore. Cllr elizabeth it trying to action this.
    7. Andy . Is the funfair appropriate? After discussion it was agreed to let it stay , and monitor
    8. Andy. poor parking near the new school. Cllr Elizabeth to talk to traffic management and police.
    9. Andy. Campers etc parking on the shore in Cellardyke overnight.  Possible no overnight parking signs . Who will enforce?

Meeting closed 20.55


Community Council Minutes June 2016

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.


minutes for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 13th June    2016  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.


Present: Andrew Peddie ( Chair ) , Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster, Mary Thomson, Donald McKenzie, Lorna Jones, Jim Braid, Cllr Elizabeth Riches

In attendance: Neil Anderson , Ken Lawson.



  • Welcome and Apologies.  Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies from Gail Sorley, Cllr John Docherty, Cllr Donald Mc Gregor.
  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising. With three spelling mistakes corrected the minutes were proposed by Jim Braid and seconded by Mary Thomson.


    1. Matters arising: Don reported on the blocked drains at March Crescent. He had spoken to council staff working in the area who investigated and said a camera needs to be put down the drain to assess the blockage. Also the harbour steps have been cleaned.


  • Questions from the Public. Ken asked about:
  • the judging for floral competition. Martin said the judges were coming on 20th July. It was agreed to hold an Anstruther and Cellardyke in Bloom meeting on Monday 20th June. Action Martin.


      1. Changing passwords on Kevin to investigate.
      2. Could the frontpage on change regulary to reflect other busisnesses  in the Town. Kevin to investigate.


  • Fife Councillors Report.


1 Cycle path Progress. Sustrans has made a provisional award of £280,383 for the shared pathway between Pittenweem, Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny. Once successful negotiations have been concluded with landlords and the design work approved by Sustrans the full award will be made. The sub- group are now looking for additional funds, having been turned down for a grant of £5,000.


2) Stagecoach consultation on proposed bus changes. This runs until 24th June with the  chance to attend an event on 17th June in Cupar,( near W.H Smith) from 4.00 to 4.30 pm, or to complete an online form at­ scotland/2016/june/public-consultations. There are proposals to change buses to Stirling, Glenrothes, leven and St Andrews.


3) Budget cuts.


  1. a) The three flower beds at the East end of Cellardyke are not going to be planted with summer bedding plants next year as part of budget saving. Consideration is being given to keeping one bed planted with shrubs to give structure and to allow any additional seasonal planting from the community/nearby residents.


  1. b) Dreelside Park play equipment. The swings have had to be removed as they are unsafe and there are no funds currently to replace them. The remaining equipment has been scraped down and painted.


4) Craws Nest glass panel. McCarthy and Stone are still considering how this might be incorporated in their plans for the site. So far the reaction has been positive and a final decision is awaited.


5) Consultation on Fife Council community assets. Currently the use of all Council halls and centres in our communities is being considered. On 15th  June there will be chance to give your views on the local halls and office by visiting the local Office between 1.00 and 6.00 pm.

Martin reported that the East Neuk centre Trust wishes to incorporate the Council office into its complex and it is important that individuals and other user groups make their views known. There followed a general discussion on Community use facilities



  • Planning Report.   No relevant planning applications.
  • Ongoing projects:
  • Cycle Route. ( discussed under Councillors report )
  • Banners. Kevin repotted we have applied to the Community Kist for £300 in funding. He is changing the design of the banner after seeing the prototype in place. Ken commented that his customers all saw the banner but it was a bit small.
  • Telescope. Kevin reported this was ongoing
  • Website. Kevin reported that the recent feedback was being reviewed
  • Treasurer’s Report.   Andrew tables draft accounts that were approved . He will pass the finalised paperwork to Martin so the accounts can be independently examined by Fife Voluntary Action. It was agreed to fund any shortfall from the flagpole project undertaken by TCWG, around £120.
  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees.


      The trustees are still being kept busy monitoring the building’s compliance with health and safety.

At present the trustees are working on a procedure to enable local groups, charities and individuals to apply for funding, in keeping with our new constitution.



  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.


          The committee approved of the plan recommended by Alan Bissett of FC for new equipment in the play area of Windmill Court


Sales Status : 10 reserved 1 missived 120 settlements

Works of Art

The plaques are now in place on the four works of art in the development.

Section 75 Funds

The proposal for information boards in Cellardyke and Kilrenny was received from John Brown on behalf of the CRA. John has already discussed this project with the K&A CC who have agreed to apply for the planning permission, and with FC planning officials.

These boards will provide information relating to the history of Cellardyke and Kilrenny explaining why the area is of special architectural and historic significance.

The committee agreed to recommend to FC that a sum of £12,100 be allocated to this project when the 2nd tranche of the money is available.



  • Anstruther Harbour Festival.  Martin reported on a successful Harbour festival. To gauge numbers attending the Mac bus had over 1000 visitors which is very high. Also Visit Scotland was busy with their “ coo van” and registered visitors from five countries.  The Fisheries museum said they had a good day. Next years event will mark the 20th Anniversary of the muster and will take place on 27th and 28th May 2017. Ken added that stallholders gave a favourable report and we need more helpers next year to move tables/ chairs etc
  • Christmas event. Martin asked what involvement the Community Council will have this year for the Christmas event  on top of the Tree and Christmas lights.   It was agreed to pursue funding for the tree and lights , anything else can be discussed at a later meeting. Action Martin
  • AOCB.


    1. Don commented on the amount of rubbish etc on the pier. Cllr Riches to investigate
    2. Kevin commented on speeding cars on Pittenweem Road. Agreed to ask for Pop up Bob . also to investigate using trained volunteers with speeding cameras . Action Cllr Riches
    3. Kevin asked why some trees at Kilrenny common had been spray painted yellow?
    4. Kevin said that there was a possibility of a visit by Danny Macaskill the stunt cyclist in the future.
    5. Mary commented on the lack of road markings within silverdykes development. It was thought that these roads may not yet be adopted.


With no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 21.06.



Community Council Minutes May 2016

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.


minutes for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 9th May   2016  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.


Present:  Mary Thomson, Andrew Peddie  ( Chair ), Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster, Gail Sorley, , Don Mc Kenzie, Ann Banks,  Jim Braid, Cllr Elizabeth Riches.

In attendance: Mr Anderson



  • Welcome and Apologies.  Andy welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies from Lorna, Cllr McDonald.  Andy  announced  that Blane Mcknight and Findlay Mclaren have both resigned. He introduced Lauren Mc Quade who was applying to be a new member. This was proposed by Jim Braid and seconded by Ann Banks. Agreed unanimously
  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.  With two spelling amendments the minutes were approved by Jim and seconded by Gail.
  • Questions from the Public.  No questions
  • Fife Councillors Report. ( Cllr Elizabeth Riches )


            1)       Fife Council cuts. It is likely that there will be less grass cutting, reduced maintenance of shrubs, winter pruning, litter picking, hedge cutting, less amenity bedding and reduced number of staff clearing our streets of litter. In 2013/14 there were 100  posts for all of this work and it is now proposed that there will only be 79 for North East Fife.

2)       The pedestrian crossing near the Ship will be finished later this month as non-illuminating poles are awaited for it. The parking restrictions have been extended until 20th  May.

3)       The new lamp post near the Royal is to be set back from the edge of Rodger Street by two metres in line with the gable end of the building.

4)       The parking restriction on Roger Street is valid until 20th  May to enable work on the chimney above the Royal Bank of Scotland to be carried out safely.

5)       Cycle way applications. A further application has been made for £5,000 and the result of this should be known in June. The result of the Sustrans application is still awaited.

6) What is to happen to the window saved from the Craws Nest?. After discussion it was agreed to talk again to the developer to see if it could be left on site as a stand alone feature , possibly to commemorate the Craws nest ?  Action Cllr Elizabeth.

7) Don raised the issue of the ferry . He thought the harbour needed a good clean up especially where the ferry was docking, lots of green slimy stuff!. Andy reported with his east neuk tourism hat on that the ferry was being promoted and funding has been found to have an information kiosk at the harbour. Open 6 hours per day on average. Minimum 12.00 to 4.00. Questions were asked about publicity for the ferry so local businesses could benefit from this. It was agreed Gail would circulate information with the help of Andy.



  • Planning Report.  Planning report circulated . No comments required. Ann Agreed to look at future plans etc.   The Chairman commented on an application we had objected to. The applicant withdrew the application then resubmitted it therefore  our submission disappeared.  This subsequently passed
  • Ongoing projects:
  • Cycle Route. This was reported under Fife Councillors report
  • Banners. Kevin reported that one banner has been purchased and will be put up on Pittenweem Road. It was agreed to charge £10.00 per month per banner to other groups. It was agreed that putting them up and taking them down would be the responsibility of the individual group.   Jim reported that he had priced bunting at £108.60 for 280m. Agreed to go ahead and purchase.
  • Telescope.  Christine palmer to go ahead and produce plans for planning application. Also looking at Costings. Members agreed to put £500 into this project
  • Website.  This will undergo a revamp . Gail and Lauren to look at content etc.
  • Floral.  TCWG will purchase 18 baskets for the shorefront. Cllr Riches donated funds for one more and the members donated funds for another , making 20 in total.  £350 of CC money to be spent on the Roger street boat . Andy to contact Tony Chater regarding watering. Mary to investigate possible dates for fundraising coffee morning.
  • Treasurer’s Report.  Andy Reported that the balance in the floral budget stands at £1660. The website budget £1136. This leaves available funds at £3823. We have agreed £500 towards the banners and £500 towards the Telescope.  Martin commented that there was a bill to pay for christmas light and tree which would deplete our funds.  Once this years accounts have been approved and agreed we can apply for the annual grant.
  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Town Centre Working Group. Jim Reported that this group will now fold and its last project will be the flagpole. The group has done many projects over 16 years but has come to a natural end. Further projects could be taken up by the AIA
  • Murray Library Trustees.  No report. Kevin asked if this was worth keeping on the agenda. It was agreed it was as we have a nominated trustee .
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.   Aerial court/ taeping area opposite the Surgery is the next phase of development.
  • AOCB.


    1. Andy- Thanked everyone for their efforts at last month’s meeting regarding the citizen of the year event.
    2. Don. Commented on blocked drains at March Crescent.
    3. Mary raised the issue of the leaking toby on Pittenweem Road Again , gone on for several months.
    4. Ann commented on a damaged manhole outside the Anstruther Chip restaurant.
    5. Don commented on speeding cars in March Crescent, something needs to be done before a child is knocked down.
    6. Jim commented on the crossing at the Ship. Should be finished by end May.

With no other business the Chairman Closed the meeting at 9.14.



Community Speed Watch Volunteers

Speeding is regularly highlighted as a concern in our communities throughout North East Fife and beyond. Community Speed Watch is an excellent opportunity for local residents to volunteers and contribute to Polive Scotland’s efforts to address these concerns. If anyone is interested in training to take part in Community Speed Watch they should speak with their ward officer personally, call 101 and ask for their ward officers or email


Bike in the Park ( Bankie )


Event : Bike in the Park in Bankie Park, Anstruther.

Free to join in! An event not to be missed!

Main attractions: The Clan, Scotland’s Stunt Cycle Team;
Dr Bike (bring your bike along to learn how to repair it);
Peachy Keen (use pedal power to make your own smoothie);

Display of upcoming cycle route;
Various Community Stalls

Date : Sunday 28th August 2016

Time : Open to the public from 12.00 til 3.30 pm
Setting up : from 11.00 am


Murray Library Trust – Exciting Opportunities!

The Trustees of the Murray Library are delighted to be in a position to award small grants to individuals or groups that advance either education or recreation, as per their Trust deed. 

The Trust was set up in 1908 by the executors of a local man, David Murray, who travelled to Australia and made his fortune there.  Libraries were set up in his name in Australia where he played an important role in politics.  On his death his wish to provide benefit to his home town was carried out with the building of the Murray Library.  Initially it provided a library for the young men of the town in an effort to keep them out of the pubs.  This did not prove a resounding success so a snooker hall was built behind the library building and it housed a couple of billiard tables.  This was a success and an addition to the hall was made to house two more tables.  Over the years many people enjoyed using these facilities but gradually the numbers playing snooker here dropped dramatically as licensed pubs with similar facilities became more popular.

Despite the best efforts of the then Trustees the building began to need a lot of money spent on it and there was little income from occasional lets. Generous grants from the Heritage Lottery Townscape Heritage Initiative, Historic and Environment Scotland Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme, Fife Historic Buildings Trust, Fife Environmental Trust, European Rural Development Fund and Fife Council were successfully gathered together to allow a total refurbishment of the total building at a cost of nearly £1,000,000.

Now that the front of the building houses the Murray Library Hostel, which is up and running, and the snooker halls have been converted in to the Murray Studio business units, that  are fully occupied, the Trustees have a better idea of their available funds for such charitable purposes.  The Trust is now a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Scottish Charity SC001142

Application forms can be obtained from or from the Company Secretary, Lorna Jones, 58, East Forth Street, Cellardyke.  These should be completed and returned by the end of August for the Trustees to consider. The Trustees look forward to helping people with educational or recreational ambitions.

Cllr Elizabeth Riches
Chairman of Murray Library

01333 310 688

Murray Library is a Scottish Guarantee Company (Company No. 509904)
Recognised as Scottish Charity under Scottish Charity No. SC001142
Registered Office: 58 East Forth Street, Cellardyke, Anstruther, Fife KY10 3AR


Anstruther Community Kist

After a slow week, it was Super Saturday at the Kist mainly due to a wonderful laundered donation of bedding. Many thanks goes to the anonymous donor. £500 has been given to the Youth Football Club with donations also made to the East Neuk Centre and the East Neuk Emergency Fund. This week applications are still on the table from the Anstruther Harbour Festival, the Community Council, the Bowling Club and the After School Club so it’s business as usual at the wee shop from 11-5, Monday to Saturday.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Anstruther Community Kist

After another very busy Saturday, the Community Kist is in a position to give out £150 each to the Anstruther Improvements Association, the East Neuk Centre Trust and the East Neuk Emergency Trust. This represents a 10% share of profits. Earlier in the week £500 was given to the East Neuk Frail Elderly Project which is the sole provider of Lunch Clubs in the area. £35 was given to the Waid Academy Private Fund from recycling clothes. The next club to benefit from the Kist will be Pittenweem Youth Football Club which, despite it’s name, is the main provider of youth football in the area and use Waid Academy pitches to train.

ElizabethGordon, Volunteer Manager


Anstruther Community Kist

It’s been another busy week in the Kist so we will be giving out payments of £130 as a 10% share of the May profit to the AIA, East Neuk Centre and East Neuk Emergency Trust. £35 will be given to Waid Academy Eco School Project with money from clothes recycling. By the end of the week we will be able to give £500 to the East Neuk Frail Elderly Project which uses the money to provide transport and escorts to bring people to lunch clubs or take them to appointments etc. We have a visitor staying in the Murray Hostel helping in the shop to find out a bit more about Scotland. She’s learning a lot and is a great help besides.
Thanks to all for some great donations.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager