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The next meeting of Teamanster ( the business association for Anstruther and Cellardyke ) is on 25th October at 7 pm in the Lower Town Hall Anstruther. ( old Library )

The guest speaker is Mr Alistair Busby, principal Business adviser, Business Gateway Fife. He will be advising us on ways of promoting our businesses and the Town in general.


Also on the agenda is Christmas !!!

All businesses in Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny are most welcome.


Erskine Hall Kids’ Christmas Party Needs Volunteers

For the third year running, the Anstruther Community Council is tentatively  sponsoring a  kids Christmas party on Saturday, Dec. 9, at Erskine Hall, from 1:30 to 4:30.  Kids can play in a bouncy castle or dance to disco music, and Santa will stop by to hand out gift bags. The party, with snacks, drinks, and coffee/tea, are all included in the £2 per person entry cost.

In the past two years, about 70 kids aged 2-9 have come along for an afternoon of fun as accompanying parents keep an eye on their wee ones and have a chance for a coffee and a blether with other parents.

Volunteers are needed on the day to help monitor and manage the party, do minor tidying, and replenish food/snacks/drinks as needed.  Due to Fife Council Health & Safety requirements, we need additional adults (aside from the parents who have escorted and are monitoring their own kids)  to be on hand as extra sets of eyes and assistance should an emergency arise.  IF we fail to reach the number of volunteers needed, the party may have to be cancelled.

To help out at the party, you don’t need any special skills — just enjoy the kids having a good time, visit with the parents  and people you may know — and have fun yourself.

Please email if you’re interested in participating.



Harbour Festival Fate & Future Meeting on Thur., Oct. 19

The future and fate of the Anstruther Harbour Festival will be discussed at a meeting on Thursday, Oct. 19, at 7:30pm in the Burgh Chambers meeting room of Anstruther Town Hall. The Planning Committee of the Anstruther Harbour Festival is having this general meeting, open to everybody, to discuss the future of the festival.

The future of the Festival is in jeopardy.  The risk?    That the AHF will either not take place in 2018, or will cease to be held in the future altogether.

For the past five years, a committee of five people has planned and operated the Festival. ALL five of these people are over 60. Nobody gets paid for their time/efforts, nobody benefits financially, and all AHF expenses and accounts are audited and transparent. 

These committee members are now at a point where burn-out is occurring.  We are tired!  

The AHF needs — wants! — more support from people in this area.  We need volunteers to help with event pre-planning, or being available during the few days of the Festival weekend to help with various management and operational activities. When we have made public requests for volunteers to help this year and in the past — the response has been extremely limited.  We need to change this!!

We need volunteers to help plan and run the event. Find raffle prizes and sell raffle tickets. We need someone to liaise with stallholders, someone to organise the best shop window competition, people to distribute programmes and people to act as village ambassadors ready to answer visitors’ questions. More importantly, we WANT people to come up with new ideas and help make them happen.

The AHF needs more financial support  from local shop-keepers. On Festival weekends, we know–we see— how Anstruther businesses benefit from the increased Festival footfall as people are eating, drinking, shopping. Visitors come in on boats, stay in b&b’s, or do holiday rentals — and they all need to eat and drink during their time in Anstruther.  Businesses are benefiting from, but not supporting, the very event helping to put additional money in their tills. We hope — want!! — to work more closely with Team Anstruther shopkeepers, as well as other area businesses.

To put on this event costs a lot of money and without financial support,  the Festival will just not happen. Money is spent on performers, musicians, dancers and entertainers. Money is spent on necessities such as marquees, tables/chairs, portable loos – and the legally required insurance for the whole event. Donations from individuals and business sponsorships, along with raffle ticket sales, help defray these costs, but don’t cover everything. Fife Council grant money has been, and will be, cut back due to their own budget limitations, which means we have to find new sources of money, OR cut back on the activities, entertainment and services offered at the Festival.




Pittenweem-Anstruther-Cellardyke-Kilrenny Cyclepath


This is a community-led project, the first of its kind in Fife, and a sub group of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council has been formed to take this project forward. The Anstruther Cyclepath Group has formed a partnership with Fife Council to ensure that a mixture of expertise and resources are harnessed to deliver this £1 million project.


4 years ago we met with the East Neuk Community Council Forum with representatives from each of the CC’s in the East Neuk.



The initial aim is to provide for multi-use paths connecting Pittenweem-Anstruther-Cellardyke-Kilrenny.  Consultation commenced with the public, schools and local businesses in December 2015. The paths form part of a bigger vision to link the East Neuk between Elie in the west and Crail in the east.  The route will then continue on to St Andrews via Kingsbarns, with these sections being progressed by St Andrews University.

This will, in effect, parallel the Fife Coastal Path currently used by over 500,000 people per year.

In addition, links to the Shore and shops etc will be signposted, and improved where possible.



The benefits of the initiative are Safe Routes to Schools, and the promotion of Health, Tourism, local Economy and Environment.

The project will work on a number of levels and will provide safe and accessible multi-use links to schools, shops, places of interest, and other destinations. It will help children to cycle safely to school, everyday trips by locals to access the shops, tourists and locals to enjoy the local environment and places of interest, and the disabled to use their mobility scooters for access to local services.

Along this length are many hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts, and backpackers hostels.  They will all benefit from increased trade thereby safeguarding jobs, and creating others.



The design comprises mainly off-road facilities including a mix of new-build sections of 3m footways/cycleways alongside existing roads, together with some existing 3m footways/cycleways, and other sections of footways which will be converted to at least 2.5m width for combined use (all to be sealed surfaced and built to approved Sustrans standards).  Road crossings will be facilitated  by the use of dropped kerbs, Toucan crossings, and build-outs to create traffic-calmed sections, as appropriate.

There will also be a minimum of on-road facilities where applicable in the 20mph areas, incorporating comprehensive signing and lining, cycle lanes, removal of inappropriate access controls, and diversion away from adverse gradients.


The project also includes the following sustainable proposals:

  • solar energy lights along unlit sections. We propose to use different coloured illuminated road studs at farm crossings etc; the studs also flash to warn of the possible dangers of frost,
  • charging points and parking for Mobility scooters/bikes [We plan to improve the proposed cycle parking provision at the new Waid Community Hub, by expanding it to incorporate electric charging points for cycles and mobility scooters.  This will be replicated along the shore front at The Folly],
  • living willow tunnel in Bankie Park and Edible Route,
  • viewpoints and information boards (including QR codes) and part of the Telescope project [Information Boards will be designed for installation at key points along the route including at designated viewpoints and at the  proposed telescope viewpoint,
  • comprehensive direction signs including cycling time [An indicative comprehensive direction signing strategy has already been developed.  These will be specific cycling signs showing the main destinations together with the average cycling time to get there],
  • secure cycle parking linked to coastal path [ Secure cycle parking is proposed along The Folly, at the car park at Anstruther Golf Club, and is to be provided at the Community Hub],
  • part of the established Edible Route way [Additional fruit trees are proposed alongside various sections of the route between Pittenweem and Kilrenny],
  • expansion of the existing GEO-Caching network [ It is proposed to expand the existing basic geocaching network in the area.  This could involve using the local schools to participate in identifying locations for new caches, enabling locals and tourists to investigate further,
  • cycle repair stations: these provide a pump, repair tools and a stand to carry out basic cycle maintenance and repairs.  These will be provided at the Community Hub, the primary school and at the Folly.



The project cost of the Pittenweem to Kilrenny cyclepath and associated works is approximately £1M.  This has been funded by the local group, local and national grants, and has been match-funded by Sustrans.



Section Status
A-C Pittenweem to Waid Academy (i)Dreelside Park – completed

(ii) Pittenweem to Queens Gardens – awaiting land negotiations

(iii) Dreelside to Waid- route under discussion

C-D Waid to Bankie Park Existing route to be improved
D-E Bankie Park Completed
E-F Bankie Park to Windmill Road Existing route to be improved
F-I Windmill Road to Kilrenny Bridge Awaiting land negotiations
G-H Windmill Road to Memorial Later phase awaiting land negotiations
H-I Memorial to Kilrenny Mill ditto
K    Silverdykes / Church Link Completed


Three sections have been completed; we are awaiting completion of land negotiations on the Pittenweem and Kilrenny sections; and existing sections will be upgraded with signing and lining.  We are currently about 12 months into a 2 year programme of works.


Other Proposals.

We intend to work closely with both schools to ensure that Travel Plans, Safe Routes to Schools, bicycle training etc reflect the proposed infrastructure.


We are also about to embark on a Feasibility Study for a shared-use path between Kilrenny and Crail.  


Regular updates and liaison with adjoining Community Councils is being maintauined through the EAST NEUK AND LANDWARD JOINT COMMUNITY COUNCIL FORUM.


In summary, we have built paths through Bankie Park and Dreelside Park, and also the link adjacent to Cellardyke Church.  

We are currently awaiting completion of land negotiations for the Windmill Road to Kilrenny section, which we hope to start work on in the near future.

We are also in continuing negotiation with the landowner and tenant for the final section out to Pittenweem.


East Neuk Tabletop Games

Tabletop Games Afternoon: Sunday 24th September


East Neuk Tabletop Games are hosting another Tabletop Games Afternoon on Sunday 24th September from 1pm – 5pm at the Dreel Halls in Anstruther.

We play all manner of tabletop games including board games, role-playing games, card games, war games and dice games. We have stacks of games that you can pick up and play including (but not limited to) those listed here: You can also bring along your favourite tabletop game to introduce the joy to others!

Do come along and join in the fun. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or an inquisitive individual, our gaming community will make you feel welcome!

If you’d like to keep up to date with ENT Games you can join our Facebook or Google+ communities or join our newsletter. Visit our website for more info: