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Recording Studio At Waid=Record Your Own Music!

Studio recording time and the services of a professional sound engineer are now available at the Waid Academy at the very affordable rate of £30 per hour.  Budding or professional musicians can lay down and mix tracks to create demos and to make their own recordings.

Studio time needs to be pre-booked in advance, which can be done by calling 01334-659355, or sending an email to communityuse.waid@  Be the next Springsteen, or give Cold Play a run for their (sizeable!) money and show your musical talents by making your own recordings!


Anstruther in Bloom Working to Maintain Awards Recently Earned

At the recent Anstruther Community Council meeting, the certificate for the awards which Beautiful Scotland gave to Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny — the top “Gold” award and the “Best Kept Small Town” award — was proudly showed off, having been received by Cllr. Elizabeth Riches.

The awards, the result of hard work by Anstruther In Bloom members, saw  two judges being escorted through the villages to be shown the best these locales have to offer.

Shepherded by Ken Lawson, proprieter of The Spindrift Guest House — whose own front garden is a yearly lush riot of colourful flowers, baskets and plantings — and Jim Braid, a member of the Anstruther Community Council, the judges went on a carefully constructed tour of the three villages. The tour enabled the judges to visit the most places possible in the short time allotted to their visit, ensured they saw as much of the villages and didn’t miss any of the stunning floral displays as possible.

Anstruther in Bloom meetings are open to all, and volunteers as well as financial support are always welcomed.  The group has always made it their goal to earn these awards, and now the incentive is to earn them again in the future.  For more information, contact Kevin Lancaster at



Pittenweem to Kilrenny Cycle Route Update

Sustrans has been advised by Transport Scotland that the confirmation of Community Links funding will not be ready in time to announce the successful projects on 15th April. We are working with Transport Scotland to identify a new date and will let you know as soon as possible, however it is unlikely to be before the end of April.


Cycle Path

A successful application has been made to the Local Community Planning Budget for funds to carry out initial survey work on suggested cycle path routes. Once this work is completed it will be possible to consult on the routes, using ball park figures that will be worked out. This will be an excellent opportunity to ask the public for missing links / dropped kerbs needed etc. After the consultation the routes will need to firmed up and then a start made applying for funding to such bodies as Coastal Communities, Climate change Fund and Sustrans Community Links. If the survey work is completed in time the consultation could take place over the busy Harbour Festival weekend.


Anstruther Model Solar System sees the light of day.

Observant folk will have noticed the series of bronzed plates that have appeared along Shore Street and elsewhere. These are the main components of the Anstruther Model Solar System, a true scale model of the Solar System. The Sun is at the Tourist Information Office (ie the old Sun Tavern) and the rest of the planets are spread out as far as Pluto, which is on a stone wall some 600 metres away on Dreelside. True scale means that the Sun, planets and the distances between them are all to the same scale.

Supporting leaflets are now being distributed and are available from the Tourist Information Office. The next major development in this project is to be an information display board on the Folly.

Further information from the Anstruther Town Centre Working Group.

— Norman Paterson


Three Burgh Cycle Route

Cycle meeting held on 26th August in the Dreel Halls.

Four officers from Fife Council covering Leisure, Transportation/Planning and Sustainable Travel and Locality matters, and representatives from Three Burghs Trust, the Community Council, Murray Library Trustees, Silverdykes Liaison Group, Silverdykes Caravan Park and local Fife councillors met to discuss cycle routes.

The aim of the meeting was to ensure the relevant officers within Fife Council are aware of the aim for a cycle route so that every opportunity is taken to maximise the chance to join areas within villages and eventually join villages of the East Neuk by safe cycle routes usable also by mobility scooters and prams etc.

It was agreed to try to work out a ‘desire route’ from Pittenweem to Anstruther, Cellardyke and through to Kilrenny, making sure there are safer routes to the primary school and to Waid Academy. This is to be worked up by the Council officers with basic costs so that a route can be presented for public consultation.

Once a route is agreed the best way to apply for funding will need to be worked up with a constituted body taking the project forward.

The next meeting is proposed in the last week in October – still to be confirmed.

Elizabeth Riches
Councillor for East Neuk and Landward


Cycle Path Meeting

On August 26th at 4.00 pm in the Dreel Halls (upper) there will be a meeting to discuss the possibility of developing cycle ways initially around Anstruther, Cellardyke, Kilrenny and Pittenweem. A long term aim may be to develop such links within and between each of the villages. Representatives of many groups have been invited but any one is welcome to attend. Three Fife Council officers with relevant expertise will be in attendance. Such cycle ways could benefit those with prams, pushchairs and disability scooters as well as cyclists.