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May 3 & 24 Anster Harbour Festival Meetings

Wednesday May 3 and May 24  at 7:30pm  will see the last two planning meetings of the Anstruther Harbour Festival taking place before the big event itself. The Meeting Room in the lower level of the Anstruther Town Hall will see volunteers learning more about the Festival, which takes place May 26-28, and choosing which “job” they’d like to help out with.

Assisting visitors with information is the primary job, of course, as information about events taking place, schedules of music and dance performances, places to eat and shop,  parking location and other information is provided to visitors by volunteers  being the friendly face of Anstruther.

The event draws thousands of family-friendly, all-ages visitors to the weekend event.  This year, new musical acts will be on board in the marquee on the middle pier, while another marquee showcases crafts, and artisanal food products.  A popular combination of music, dance, kids activities, rowing demonstrations, Classic Boats in the marina, evening dances, and the  Scottish Fisheries Museum naming the Fisher Lad and Lass  ensure there is plenty to see, do and enjoy by everyone.

These May 3 and May 24 meetings are open to everyone, and volunteers are most welcomed to come along.


Get in the business bag for £15!

Anstruther’s Harbour Festival begins on Friday May 26, running through Sunday May 28, with thousands of visitors traditionally attending the Festival.
The East Neuk/Fife business information bag will promote regional sightseeing & activity venues, eating/drinking locales, accommodation providers, crafts people, farm shops, and other business/service providers such as home decorating/repair and gardening maintenance/repair professionals.
For £15, you can put your information — a business card, flyer, brochure or booklet — directly into the hands of at least 500 people — more efficient and less expensive than running an advertisement in a newspaper or doing a direct-mail campaign. Inserts don’t have to be fancy, and can be something you’re already using and have on hand.
This is a win-win-win situation: your business is promoted at a very affordable cost, Festival visitors learn about your business/service, and the Anstruther Harbour Festival develops funds it needs to cover its’ expenses.
The process is simple:
1. Send an email to to reserve space in the information bag;
2. Deliver/send 500  pieces of the item you want inserted to:  AHF Info Bag, c/o Pets Pantry, 56 High Street, Anstruther, Fife; KY10 3DH
3. Material needs to be received at Pets Pantry by May 18 to give us time to assemble the bags (we will stretch this delivery date as much as possible if you need the time!);
4. Include payment of £15 via cheque, cash, or money order; you will receive acknowledgement of your payment and insert being received.
We do the rest — the insertion of the sales piece and the distribution of the bag at the Festival.
 Please consider joining us in this effort, and many thanks for considering this request.

Publicise Business/Service in Festival Business Bags for £15

The Anstruther Harbour Festival is Friday/Saturday/Sunday, May 26-28 this year.  A major event in the East Neuk, it brings visitors and families to the Anstruther/East Neuk area for a weekend of music, dance, kids’ activities, arts/crafts, Rowing Club competitions, the Scottish Fisheries Museum Open Day, the Muster, and more. Self-catering and holiday rental visitors visit to learn more about the East Neuk and enjoy the leisure it offers.
Last year, the East Neuk/Fife business information bag had 58 inserts and was appreciated by visitors to the Festival. Sightseeing venues, activity centres, restaurants/pubs/cafes, accommodation providers, crafts people, farm shops, and food/drink producers could highlight themselves by inserting a sales/marketing piece into 500 bags. Festival visitors then took away a ready-made bag with information about places and things they could plan to visit and enjoy.
For £15, your business card, flyer, brochure or booklet will be inserted into 500 bags which will be handed out at an information table at this year’s Festival.  Please note that ONE insert into 500 bags is £15; if you’d like to insert multiple sales pieces, each additional sales piece is an additional £15.  If you’re unable to have a table in the crafts marquee at the Festival, this is a way to have a presence at the Festival and put your information into the hands of AHF visitors.
 Just deliver/send 500  pieces of the business card or brochure or flyer or booklet you want inserted to:  AHF Info Bag, c/o Pets Pantry, 56 High Street, Anstruther, Fife; KY10 3DH.
items to be inserted need to be received at Pets Pantry by May 16 to give us time to assemble the bags.
Include  £15 payment  via cheque, cash, or money order; you will receive acknowledgment of your payment and insert being received.
Money raised from this information bag will be used towards expenses incurred in putting on the Festival.   For more info, email

Cheese-making & Nest-building — could YOU do either??

Farm life & cows vs. island life & rare birds — is there any contest between the two?? Not if you’re Jane Stewart of the St. Andrews’ Farmhouse Cheese Company, and David Steele of the Isle of May where birds, marine life and other flora/fauna are under his protective management. Tuesday, April 4 at 7pm, they will both be at Jane’s restaurant to talk about cheese-making, nest-building, and the whys and wheys of building businesses and environments where everything just thrives and soars to new heights. £5pp, come along for a coffee, some friendly visiting, and some interesting conversation.


April 4 Meet/Greet Business Meeting at St. Andrews’ Farmhouse Cheese Company

The East Neuk Local Tourism Association (ENLTA) is having another of its’ popular and enjoyable meet & greet business gatherings on Tuesday, April 4, at the St. Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company restaurant, beginning at 7pm.  The restaurant, known for its’ fresh home-cooked meals, wonderful countryside views, and on-the-premises cheesemaking (with a viewing window to watch the process!) is located at the Falside Farm in Pittenweem, off the B9171 road, and not far from Anstruther, Pittenweem, and Arncroach; telephone number is 01333-312580. Entry is £5 per person, with coffee and shortbread as refreshments.

Business people are invited to come along with sufficient quantities of their business cards, brochures, pamphlets, any sales/marketing pieces that can be displayed on tables and taken away by others at the meeting that night.  Accommodation providers, restaurants/pubs/bars, service providers, food producers, crafts/artisan/artwork/textile creators, fashion/accessories, health/wellness providers — everybody who is in business (large, small or home-based)  is invited to publicise themselves by exchanging their information with others.

Guest speakers this evening will include Jane Stewart, the manager/owner of the St. Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company business. Jane, along with her husband Robert, sees the Farmhouse Cheese restaurant as a natural progression of their Falside Farm (which the family has farmed since the 1930’s), where the dairy cows are very contented cows due to the excellent care and living conditions they receive. The Stewarts also grow barley, oil rapeseed  and wheat — used in feeding the herd — and running the farm is an ideal circumstance of “field to plate” management.  David Steele is the Manager of the May Isle Nature Reserve and oversees the Isle of May.  David’s “juggling act” includes managing the Isle of May by welcoming the human visitors who arrive by ferry, at the same time the wildlife of the island — a huge variety of birds and marine life — are being protected and preserved from encroachment by those same visitors. Andy Peddie, Chairman of the ENLTA, will provide opening remarks and introductions, and there will be plenty of time before/after the meeting for visiting with other attendees and exchanging information and tips on starting, running, and creating a business.

This meeting will also spread the word further about the Fife Business Information Bag which will, again, be handed out at this year’s Anstruther Harbour Festival (May 26-28). Fife business owners can have a business card, flyer or brochure (or multiple sales pieces)  inserted into 500 Fife business information bags for a cost of £15 per insert (one insert  into 500 bags = £15; two inserts into 500 bags = £30, etc.). Information bags were distributed at last year’s Anstruther Harbour Festival and proved to be very popular for visitors to learn more about what Fife has to offer, while being an inexpensive, affordable way for businesses to promote themselves. For more information about the Fife Business Information Bag, or to let us know that you’d like to participate in this bag, please email


April 5 Harbour Festival Meeting Open to Everyone

With the Anstruther Harbour Festival getting nearer to its’ event dates of May 26-28, the putting-in-place of arrangements, logistics, entertainers, market-stall holders and more continues apace.

The next meeting is Wednesday, April 5 at 7:30 in the Meeting Room of Anstruther Town Hall, Lower Level, and this meeting is open to everybody who would like to learn more about what is scheduled for the Festival weekend.

Beginning on Friday evening, May 26 and continuing through to Sunday, May 28,  there will be a marquee for entertainment, dancing, kids activities/entertainment and other events on the middle pier, while a crafts marquee on the folly will showcase for sale homemade food/snacks, art work and crafts, ceramics, art cards/photos,  textiles, fashion accessories and jewellery, and more.

 Volunteers to help out over the weekend are being sought, and whatever spare time a person can offer to this event is most welcomed.  To volunteer, or learn what types of “jobs” volunteers can help with, please come along to the April 5 meeting, or email



Community Councils  

Community Initiatives North East Fife (CoINEF)  

NEF Superfast Broadband Project.

We know that many of you are still struggling with poor broadband speeds and the frustration that it brings to your daily working and family lives

We are all working hard to bring superfast broadband to the communities in North East Fife who have little or no access to the minimum national target for superfast broadband of 24mbps or the planned Universal Service Obligation (USO) of 10 MBPS.    

We are currently working with our partners and stakeholders (Fife Voluntary Action, Fife Council, Community Broadband Scotland) to bring superfast broadband to these areas.

Background to the delay    

In September 2015 CoINEF participated fully in helping to pilot the national procurement framework, planned to enable the selection of suppliers, who would deliver the North East fife Superfast Broadband Project locally.

However, in January 2016 CoINEF started to experienced delays in the procurement.

This was due to the impact of the political processes (SG election / UK European referendum). These delays continued as the procurement process underwent change and revision, regionally and nationally, to comply with Scottish law.  

The national Procurement framework was finally implemented September 2016 and the process started for earnest in October 2016 with a national supplier’s engagement event.

Looking to the future

Since the beginning of 2017 we have been proactive, working with our partners and stakeholders to ensure that   North East Fife Superfast Broadband Project document reflects the expressed needs of NEF communities for high speed broadband and mobile access.

However, the scoping of the areas which the superfast broadband project will cover have experienced significant change, since the project began in 2015. This is due to the coverage being extended by Openreach.  

Community Broadband Scotland are currently reviewing our particular project area and we hope learn more about this and other opportunities by the end of March. We will share this information with you as soon as reasonably possible.

We do realise how frustrating this process has been during this last year and thank you for your continued support and patience.  We hope to have some good news to share fairly soon.       



Community Centre Manager

Hours: 25 hours per week

Salary: £9.57 per hour

The post holder will be responsible for the day to day running of the East Neuk Centre and other Community facilities under management of the Trust.  They will be responsible for a small team who keep the buildings running for community groups and others to use for a wide range of events, classes and courses.

Relevant Qualifications – Educated to HNC level

Necessary Experience – Experience in Management, experience of Community work

Application packs are available from the East Neuk Centre or download from the website,

Send your application to –

East Neuk Centre



KY10 3EX

Mark it Private and Confidential


NO CVs will be accepted.  The closing date for applications is 12 noon on Friday 17 March 2017. Interviews are scheduled for 27th March


Anster Harbour Fest meeting Wed., March 1 — Volunteers Needed!!

The next meeting of the Anstruther Harbour Festival committee is Wednesday, March 1, at 7:30 in the meeting room of the Anstruther Town Hall (lower level).
The agenda for this meeting, and the minutes of the meeting held on February 1 can be received, just email
The AHF takes place this year beginning on Friday evening, May 26 and continues through to Sunday, May 28.  There will be a marquee for entertainment, dancing, kids activities/ entertainment and other events on the middle pier, and a crafts marquee on the folly where homemade food/snacks, art work and crafts, ceramics, art cards/photos,  textiles, fashion accessories and jewellery, and more will be sold, highlighting the talented people of Fife.
East Neuk people have turned out for this event in ever-increasing numbers in the past few years to enjoy themselves and have a great family day out.
However, the Festival needs to be managed before the event itself, and on the weekend of the Festival. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP OUT OVER THE WEEKEND.    Whether it’s for a few hours on one of the days, or the whole weekend, WE NEED YOUR HELP!! WE NEED YOUR INVOLVEMENT!!
Volunteers serve as an information source for visitors, there is no heavy lifting or anything dangerous involved — all you have to do is be helpful and smile!
Please come along to Wednesday’s meeting and learn more about the plans for the event, and how the volunteers are such a crucial part of this weekend.