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East Neuk Foodbank CONTINUES at Cellardyke Church Hall

Due to a bit of Storm damage, we need to move the East Neuk Foodank to Cellardyke Church Hall, on Thursday 20th September, 4pm -6pm, this will be for food parcel pick up and food drop offs only .  Update Sept. 20:  Food Bank will continue, temporarily, to be at Cellardyke Church Hall until further notice. Hours are Tuesdays 12-4, and Thursday 4-6.  

Update Sept. 24:  the Food Bank will continue at Cellardyke Church Hall this week. Please note that there is NO internet service at the  Church Hall, so anybody needing to use a computer or access the internet should use the Job Centre computers in Anstruther Town Hall, lower level. 

Please could you pass this info on to anyone who you think may need to use our services.
We will keep you informed as to where we will hold the foodbank next week once we have more information
Thank You,     Richard Wemyss, Project Coordinator

Beautiful Fife Judging Report: HOW/WHY Gold Was Awarded


Name of entry:  Anstruther Judging Date:  19th July 2018
Category:  Coastal Town Judges:  Peter Howden & Tom Leatherland


SECTION A – Horticultural Achievement:  Assessing year-round horticultural achievement including conservation and natural areas.
A1. Impact – design, colours, appropriate choice of plants, special features, presentation, innovation 20 19
A2. Horticultural practice – cultivation and maintenance, quality of plants, sustainability, new planting 20 18
A3. Residential and Community Gardening – residential, communal areas, allotments, public buildings (grounds of churches, schools etc.), car parks 20 18
A4. Business Areas and Premises – retail and shopping areas, leisure sites, transport terminals, car parks, farms, rural businesses, pubs, post offices, tourist areas/attractions, offices, estate agents etc. 20 18


A5. Green Spaces – verges, parks and open public spaces 20 18
TOTAL POINTS AWARDED FOR SECTION A —  50% of maximum points 100 91


SECTION B – Environmental Responsibility: Assessing year-round activities improving environmental responsibility.
B1. Conservation and biodiversity – wildlife areas, natural habitat 10 8
B2. Resource management – recycling, minimising demand placed on natural resources and any harmful impact on the environment 10 7
B3. Local heritage –management and development of local heritage and/or identity, inclusive of natural heritage 10 9
B4. Local environmental quality – management of vacant premises and plots, litter, graffiti, fly-posting, dog fouling etc. 10 8
B5. Pride of place – management of street furniture, signage, art in the landscape and hard landscaping 10 8
TOTAL POINTS AWARDED FOR SECTION B —  25% of maximum points 50 40


SECTION C – Community Participation: Assessing year-round community participation
C1. Development and continuity – Development and sustainability of the local initiative and evidence of on-going projects 10 7
C2. Communication and education – community awareness and understanding, engagement with schools and young people and/or other community groups, press coverage, publicity materials 10 8
C3. Community participation – community involvement is representative of the community’s size and diversity 10 9
C4. Year-round involvement – schedules of events and supporting evidence of year-round activity 10 8
C5. Funding and Support – initiatives to secure on-going support for the local  campaign including local business support 10 8
TOTAL POINTS AWARDED FOR SECTION C  —  25% of maximum points 50 40





AREAS OF ACHIEVEMENT —  Anstruther is a delightful coastal town, and the welcoming aura is greatly enhanced by the floral displays work of numerous separate groups of residents and Fife Council. As the local economy is heavily dependent upon tourism, this is of crucial importance.  The significant number of boats and fish-boxes featuring in the displays reflects the important sea-fishing heritage of the village.

The work of the local groups is funded and co-ordinated by the Community Council, which also liaises closely with Fife Council. Money is raised through council grants, coffee mornings, through local businesses and Anster Community Kist, the community shop.

The western entrance to the town on the A917 provides a vibrant and extensive display including a dinghy, and numerous planters, window boxes and hanging baskets. Maintenance of many of these was helped by an innovative irrigation system. Award of a ‘Green Tourism’ award to the Spindrift Guest House there is also strongly positive. Other businesses in the village, such as the Dreel Tavern and The Bank also have their own colourful displays, often of window-boxes and hanging baskets because of the lack of pavement space for tubs.

The key harbour area and shops along the front are brightened by three 3-tier planters paid for by the Centre Trust, and 20 colourful hanging baskets.

Development of an allotment area, with communal sheds and tools (there are no individual huts), and involvement of both primary and secondary schools in using allotments demonstrates good co-operation, community spirit and involvement.

Good links are maintained with the primary school where we were shown a well maintained and colourful display dinghy and vegetable garden within the school grounds.

Perennial wildflower areas in Bankie Park provide good insect and wildlife habitat. The nearby ‘Youth Garden’ project has been developed this year.

The Cellardyke area has its own set of several artistic and colourful displays maintained by residents there, including a novel ‘floral cart’ and planted potato boxes reflecting the farming heritage of the area. ‘Bee-friendly’ plants have been used wherever practical to help these key pollinators survive.

AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT —  Plans of staff of the local Co-op shop to further extend the colourful displays centred on the dinghy on the B9131 entrance to the town are welcomed; also extension of the daffodil planting further along the road from Pittenweem.

Plans for fruit bushes to be included along a new ‘edible route way’ (to Kilrenny) are positive and ambitious and can hopefully be progressed during the coming year.

Possible deeper involvement of businesses, especially along front, to help ensure continuity of funding if Council grants are further cut.



Let’s Keep Out-of-Hours Medical Care….

Do your kids NEVER get sick at nights, or weekends, or when you least expect it? Does your asthmatic mother-in-law develop breathing problems ONLY between 8am and 6pm? Does your DIY partner injure themselves and NOT need medical care afterwards? THEN YOU’RE LUCKY!!!

But as we all know, luck runs out. People need medical care at odd hours, late nights, and holiday weekends. If St. Andrews Community Hospital stops providing odd-hours medical care, it means driving — or taking buses — to the Victoria in Kirkcaldy or Ninewells Hospital in Dundee for medical attention. This is what the NHS wants East Fife residents to do once they’ve shut down out-of-hours services at St. Andrews. COME TO THE MEETING ON THURSDAY, SEPT. 20 AT THE WAID CAMPUS, 6:45 (doors open 6:15) to let the NHS know this is unacceptable!


Watch TV! Anstruther RNLI on BBC 2 Tues @ 8pm

Anstruther’s RNLI lifeboat station will be featured on “Saving Lives at Sea” on BBC 2 Scotland on Tuesday evening, 8pm.  The episode will follow a new member of the emergency crew  as he takes charge in attending to a serious medical evacuation.  A vital part of the East Neuk coastal community, we get to see the lifeboat crew do what they’re always training to do — and do best!! — which is rescuing and helping people.  A much welcomed focus on the Anstruther RNLI and the men/women who are always ready to help!


AIA AGM on Thurs. Sept. 20 in Dreel Halls

The Anstruther Improvement Association (AIA) will be holding its’ annual AGM on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 7pm in Dreel Halls.  Immediately following the AGM meeting will be the organisation’s September Anster Nicht talk by Chris Oliver, “How NOT to Be A Surgeon.”

The AGM will update the community about the activities underway and the future plans of the AIA, including upcoming interior renovations of Dreel Halls.  At the AGM, Ordinary Members will be asked to elect the AIA’s Trustees, fix the annual subscription dues, and appoint the independent financial examiner.  More information about the AGM, nominating trustees and other activities/responsibilities of the AIA  an be found at the website,



Community Kist Continues Its Success Story….

The Kist had yet another above average week, thanks mainly to a wonderful donation from a Cellardyke couple. So, it was fitting that the Cellardyke Resident Association should receive £605 to cover expenses from the 2018 Sea Queen.
Other reminders this week. I have tickets for Clive’s Mini Music Festival at the end of September.
And the big news this week, TeamAnster is well underway fund raising for Anster’s Christmas Festival and to support this Friday’s Pyjama Party the Community Kist is offering a 50% discount to anyone wearing Pyjamas, Onesies, Dressing Gowns or full Santa outfits. Christmas stuff will start appearing this week so get yourself down the street on Friday and see what an amazing place Anster is to shop for Christmas.
Elizabeth Gordon, Volunteer Manager


Against GP Out of Hours Coverage Being Cut? READ THIS!!

There is a Waid Academy consultation meeting on Thursday,  Sept. 20 at 6:45 (doors open 6:15) to learn more about the proposed loss of late-night emergency medical coverage at St. Andrews Hospital.


The Fife Health and Social Care Partnership want to close the Primary Care Emergency Service (GP out of hours) run from St. Andrews Hospital. They propose to move the service to Kirkcaldy, which is a sizeable distance away from the current hospital when a child is sick, somebody is having trouble breathing, or a pregnant woman is having unexpected stomach pains.
Local GPs say that the proposed new service represents an unacceptable loss of local service that will threaten patient safety and impact most profoundly on our elderly patients and on families with children. North East Fife has the highest percentage of elderly residents (those over 85) in all of Fife, and patients of all ages in this area  will be the most significantly affected by these proposed changes. In addition, our community hospitals and palliative care units will be left without local medical cover during the out of hours period.

These consultation meetings held throughout Fife are to present information on:   Community Health & Wellbeing Hubs,  Out of Hours Urgent Care Redesign, and  Community Hospital and Intermediate Care Bed Redesign.  For more information visit:

Petitions for signing have been distributed at local shops, GP surgeries and other locations — please make sure you add your name and sign a petition.  Or,  go online to sign up here, and pass along link to others:



Update Your Calendars…

TEAManster, Anstruther’s merchant association, is working on the following upcoming events to raise money towards this year’s Christmas events and activities, so add them to your calendar/schedule so you make time to come along and participate:

Saturday, Sept. 14 — Pyjama Party Around Anstruther — wear your PJ’s, dressing gowns or bathrobes when visiting identified Anster shops to do some shopping, catch up with friends, or start early Christmas-gift browsing….you won’t be the only one in nightclothes as merchants will also be wearing their jammies!  Discounts will be offered, with money raised going towards Christmas events.

Saturday, Oct. 27 — Halloween Disco Family Party, 6-9:30, Cellardyke Town Hall; £5 per family (2 adults, kids); bar, music, dancing, games for all ages — everybody is invited — and costumes should be funny, bright, unusual but not gory or scary (think of the little ones!).

Saturday, Nov. 17 — Family Quiz Night (kids aged 7+), 6-9 pm, location to be announced; BYOB and snacks, a Reindeer Raffle will have tickets available at the Sweetie Shop in Anstruther’s Rodger Street (availability dates, price, and prize info forthcoming).

Sunday, Nov. 18 — Indoor Car Boot Sale at Erskine Hall, 11am-2pm, details to follow.

late Nov/early Dec. — “Deck Your Doors” competition for best holiday-decorated doors; £2 per house to enter competition, with judging done and “bragging rights” awarded to most creative, best looking holiday doors in Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny. Details to be released shortly.

Dec. 7-8-9, Friday/Saturday/Sunday — Christmas comes to Anstruther!  More information is forthcoming, but for starters: Friday night tree lighting, Santa Grotto visit at the Sweetie Shop, carol singing, and SPECIAL GUESTS hoofing their way to town!  Saturday afternoon Kids Christmas Party — an annual favourite of dancing, bouncy castle, Santa, snacks, and more. Sunday afternoon — we’re working on SEVERAL activities/events. All together, this weekend is aimed at the young ones in the area, and will even bring the child out in adults!




Halloween Family Disco Sat., Oct. 27, 6-9:30

A Family Halloween Disco with a bar, disco dancing, games, and costumed attendees is taking place on Saturday, Oct. 27, 6-9:30pm in Cellardyke Town Hall. £5 per family (2 adults, kids) will help raise money towards Christmas activities taking place the weekend of Dec. 7-9 in Anstruther.

TEAManster, the local merchants association, is sponsoring the disco as a way of having some family fun and getting the word out about the December Christmas events and activities.  Costumes of all kinds are encouraged BUT nothing gory or frightening to wee ones — after an evening of dancing, seeing friends, watching some “Dad dancing” (which can be scary depending on who’s doing it!), and having fun, they don’t need nightmares!   ALL AGES WELCOMED!


Pooches in Pyjamas for Sept. 14 Pyjama Day

These pooches are in their nightshirts and nightgowns,  ready for Anstruther’s Pyjama Party Around Anstruther  on Friday, September 14.  TEAManster, the town’s merchant association, is inviting people to don their pyjamas and come along to shop in local businesses and enjoy special events taking place that day/evening.

Merchants will also be in their jammies as they serve customers, and participating, identified shopkeepers will offer Merchants discounts with money being donated towards the costs of the town’s Christmas events.

Participating Anstruther merchants — with more being confirmed — include Body Kindness, Cha-NAIL, Community Kist, Dos Mundos, Eastern Touch Indian Restaurant, East Neuk’s Paw Patrol, Pet’s Pantry, Cha-NAIL, Play.Art.Create, Sweetie Shop and Royale Hotel.

TEAManster shopkeepers are planning a bigger, better Christmas weekend on Dec. 7 & 8.  Festivities will include the annual tree lighting, late-night shopping, a children’s Christmas party, Santa visiting throughout the town, and SURPRISE special guests that kids and adults alike will enjoy getting close to.

Jump into your jammies, as these dogs did, and come shop, eat, and have fun. More details to follow on the Anstruther.Info and TEAManster Facebook pages.