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RBS Closure: People Needed Fri., April 20 to Protest Closure

The closure of the RBS Bank on Rodger Street in Anstruther left a lot of customers angry and disappointed. Despite protests by the Anstruther Community Council and others in the community to keep the branch open or at least keep the ATM in place , RBS closed the branch and removed the ATM. The mobile bank  — two days a week for about an hour each day — is also being eliminated, making it inconvenient for anybody to do their banking with RBS unless they travel to St.Andrews.

MP Stephen Gethins believes a concerted campaign by area residents in protest of these closings may influence RBS to return the ATM to Anstruther. PEOPLE ARE NEEDED ON FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 12:45 AT THE BOARDED UP RBS OFFICE ON RODGER STREET.  About 10-minutes of  time will enable a photo to be taken showing how many people are displeased by the closure.

Please turn out on Friday for this photo opportunity, and bring along family, friends and neighbours — the more the merrier!!



The Spindrift Wins More Guesthouse Awards!

We are pleased to announce that we have again been awarded AA 4 STAR GOLD GUEST HOUSE for 2018 along with BREAKFAST and DINNER awards for high quality food with emphasis on freshly prepared local ingredients.

It is with special thanks to our housekeepers Debbie Ketchen and Nicky Cromar and our girls from THE WAID who waitress and do the housekeeping at weekends.  Without all of them we could not achieve our awards.



Oliver, Artful Dodger, Fagin’s Kids Needed by ADAMS…


Fancy yourself as the next Oliver, consider yourself taking on Dodger or being a part of the workhouse children/ Fagin’s Gang? Why not take part in the children’s workshop on Sunday 29th April from 1pm – 4pm. As we have already had a number of people interested we have decided to extend the period you can register to take part to next Friday (20th April). Please register your interest to There is no fee for the workshop, but there is a £35 fee to be a part of the show, to cover insurance, rehearsal space hire etc. Children must be aged 8 or over to take part. Rehearsals will take place in Anstruther. If you require any further information, please feel free to message us or direct to

We hope and look forward to seeing you there!


Bikeability Scotland: What it is….Get Involved!!



It’s a cycle training programme that teaches children to cycle safely,  learn how to deal with traffic,  and above all,  gets children excited about cycling.

Level 1 training teaches pupils the basic skills of riding a bike, such as  balance,  control, and making turns.    It is usually delivered in P5 and takes place in the playground or another traffic-free environment.   Learning about cycling can form a useful part of the Curriculum for Excellence, and helps to contribute to Eco-Schools Awards.


We are looking for — we NEED —  Volunteers, who are essential to this project.

A Volunteer can be a parent, a member of schools staff and/or a member of the local community (16 and over) with an interest in cycling.

The Volunteers will be given the opportunity to attend training locally to become a Cycle Training Assistant (CTA).  This will give them the skills and confidence to roll out Bikeability cycle training in schools, and they will then be supported by a Cycle Trainer when implementing cycle training in schools.

If you are interested in Volunteering, or want to find out more about Bikeability, there will be an opportunity at Bike in the Park 2, on Sunday 8th April, to put your name forward, obtain leaflets and to get answers to your questions.



BALANCE BIKE EVENT – Bike in the Park 2 – Bankie Park

Training for balance bike users will be available in the multi-use court at Bankie Park, Anstruther on Sunday 8th April 2018 from noon until 3.30pm.

Learn how to negotiate traffic and signs in safety.

Learn how to ride using a balance bike.

Bring your balance bike or scooter or, alternatively, some balance bikes will be available on the day.

Parents can watch from outside the MUGA court.



REMINDER: April 4 Meeting About Boosting Tourism to East Neuk

As Dundee’s  V & A Museum opens in September, East Neuk tourist-focused businesses are asking:  how will we be affected?  will visitors forego the East Neuk area in favour of Dundee?A better question to be asked is:  how can WE benefit from the museum opening?

The East Neuk Local Tourism Association is having its’ Spring Meeting on Wednesday, April 4, at Anstruther Town Hall. The meeting time is 6:30 for 7pm, with time before/after to catch up with friends and enjoy a cup of tea and a snack. The cost is £5 per person payable at the door in cash. Please feel free to invite colleagues you feel will enjoy this evening as well.

Collaborations are being put in place so that the East Neuk, St. Andrews, Tayport and other Dundee-neighbouring-areas will not be left behind.  Jane Ferguson (the V&A Museum) and Karen Tocher (Exploring Eastern Scotland initiative), will talk about how area businesses can prepare for and benefit from, the new museum being a 350,000 visitor-attracting  magnet.  HOW will you attract and appeal to these 350,000 annual visitors?  Will you be ready for the potential sales they represent?

The East Neuk Local Tourism Association is dedicated to the development and expansion of the East Neuk as a tourism destination and supporting the East Neuk businesses involved in the tourism market.    Please join us!  RSVP  to


Police Coming to April 9 Community Council Meeting….

….not to arrest anybody but to answer questions. The meeting takes place on Monday, April 9, beginning at 7:30pm in the Burgh Chambers of the Anstruther Town Hall.   Area residents are concerned about occurrences of vandalism, thefts and break-ins which are happening on a more frequent basis lately, and want to know what the police are doing about such events.

This is your opportunity to meet local police, raise your questions and concerns, and learn how they are responding.  It’s also a chance for community residents to float ideas and suggestions on ways to work with the police — as well as each other — to stop a (somewhat) minor problem  from growing into a major, ongoing problem.