Community Council minutes April 2018


Please note these minutes are not aproved until the may meeting and are therefore in draft form

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

agenda for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 9th April   2018 at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.


Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley,   Ann Banks, Cllr Bill Porteous.

Three   members of the public plus  Police officers : Sgt Paula Poolman ,  PC Lee Rob and Two Community Officers ( safer communities team )


  • Welcome and Apologies. Andy welcomed everyone to the meeting especially members of the public and the Police. Apologies from Cllr John Docherty, Cllr Linda Holt, Gail Sorley, Alex Hay.
  • Police Report. Lee Robb  started with Gillian recently.
  • Worries about vandalisms and shop break ins. Extra patrols. While there appears to be a rise  in crime this is in fact not the case.
  • Could neighbourhood watch be useful? Will find out more.


      1. It was commented that very few members of the public were in attendance in spite of recent concerns.


  • Cars congregating at Skeith Health Centre at night . Is this just young  people looking for somewhere to meet and possible not aware they are causing concerns.


      1. ( community Safety Teams ) Dog Fouling, Illegal dumping, environmental issues, fly tipping  etc. Pass on info to Police.
      2. Jim . Petty crime , not crime wave. Continuity of Police, Appears different offers every few months. . Closure of the Police station an issue , why move it to the Waid? Possibly  Coffee with the cops nearer the Town Centre?
      3. Susan:  most of the vandalism is after 10.00 pm, what can be done?  There Will be more evening patrols
      4. Jim: CCTV.  domehawk at the harbour, should we resurrect it? New technology now quite advanced , worth looking into again.  Certainly CCTV would help , especially on Shore Street.
      5. Martin commented on the negative perception of the current crime level.
      6. Jim asked about speeding surveys on the Town approaches. This is to be undertaken.
    1. At this point Andy thanked the Police and Community Support officers for attending and they left the meeting.


  • Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising.  Proposed by Jim and seconded by  Don
  • New members.  Ongoing, Only just quorate most months.
  • Questions from the public.
  • Kevin commented a number of issues:
  • reduction of hours at the recycling centre . Why do fife council hire a skip at the cemetery 52 weeks a year? Cllr Porteous agree this was a short sighted policy on closing the recycling  centre two days per week, He will investigate the skip hire situation at Anstruther. ( Cllr Porteous found out after the meeting that it is cheaper to keep a skip at the cemetery than use Pittenweem Recycling Centre)


        1. Why are there bins at the harbour masters office? Who is paying for them?
        2. Are the big belly bins working well? Cllr Porteous to investigate.
        3. slip at Cellardyke Harbour, Fife council reacted too slowly. Members consider this a safety issue. Cllr Porteous to investigate.
        4. Mercat Cross: could have been fixed sooner to save costs.
        5. Will the Sustrans survey be made public. Andy commented that the cycle group was unaware of the recent visit this but would make public .
        6. Common good property near  the COOP , what is happening to this? Members were unaware of this issue.
        7. Will the core path be saved, will the old Slaughterhouse not be given up as a common good property. If the sale of a common good property is proposed will it be discussed at Community Council? It was agreed any proposal would come before the Community council
      1. Susan : Flats. Meeting in January but no minutes produced. No further information provided. Cllr Bill Porteous to investigate.


  • Planning issues.  Nothing to concern us.
  • Citizen of the Year.  Andy to take forward.
  • Ongoing projects:
  • Banners. ongoing
  • Website. Gail is working  on this
  • Floral. COOP will take on the boat opposite their  shop. Main group ongoing. Coffee morning in harbourlee on Saturday to raise money for baskets. Any more funds to go towards banners.


      1. Cycle Group. Bike in the park  went very well . Lots of local groups etc. real community event.


  • Financial report. Floral tins paid in : Total in floral fund £ 2572.45, could the floral group allocate some of this to Cellardyke?  ENC £150.70 for hall hire. Signage for bike in park £270.
  • Harbour issues. Don reported :  Steve Grimmonds e mail concerning bus signage , passed to Moir Gibson for immediate action.
  • Secretaries report.
  • RBS: investigations ongoing to cuts in mobile bank. If this is happening we need to complain.
  • Representation on other Groups
  • Murray Library trustees. £233.99 to Alistair Macleod for children’s road safety equipment which was used for bike in the park and is now available for other groups to use.
  • Silverdykes liaison Committee. Met on Thursday, minutes to follow. Section 75 monies ? toilets in Bankie Park?
  • AOCB.


    1. Don: speed bumps at Crail road?  Andy they are going to happen soon.
    2. Ian Hughes: CC meeting at the Waid? Andy to arange
    3. Narrow road sign in Cellardyke broken?
    4. Tip Hours : Closed Monday and wednesday plus lunch hours.
    5. 90 day consultation on Council school staff, to change grading.
    6. Fire service proposed changes. Possible smaller vehicles?


Closure 09.24.