Community Council minutes august 2017

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Minutes  for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 14th August   2017  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster,   Gail Sorley ,  Blane McKnight,   Cllr Linda Holt, Cllr   John Docherty, Cllr Bill Porteous,

50  members of the Public.

  • Welcome and Apologies.  Andy welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies from Ann Banks, .PC Gillian Tetlow. Considering the number of people in attendance the Chairman relocated the meeting to the Main Hall . Once settled he introduced Mr Andrew Stokes.
  • Mr Andrew Stokes, fife council. To discuss the new Waid Academy.  Mr Stokes started by outlining that this was a community campus , the second in Fife which incorporates the School, Council office, Public Library and Community Learning.  

          A number of issues were raised including:

  • Signage. Virtually no signage from the main road and confusing signage within the campus.  Signs to the old Council office still in place
  • Opening Hours. This was supposed to be 9am to 5pm but had been cut back to two mornings. Andrew stated that it was now going back to 9 to 5 and it was hoped to increase these hours. the problem was due to staffing.
  • Public Transport. There is no public transport to the facility. Andrew said this was being addressed and would start shortly.
  • Car Parking. With only 70 spaces there would be very little if any spaces for the public, how do they park at the facility. Andrew commented that this would be monitored.
  • Sport access. The Rugby club had been promised access for changing room for games and this was not happening , the had to hire very expensive facilities from the sport centre.

The Chairman thanked Mr Stokes for attending and he left the meeting. He then introduced Mr Bruce Weir:

  • Mr Bruce Weir, CW properties. To discuss proposed development on land north of Crail Road Mr Weir introduced himself and his associate who produced copies of a landscape appraisal. He stated that he thought he was addressing about ten people from the Community Council ( he did not appreciate  that Community Council meetings are held in public). The area in question was not part of the local plan but it was his intention to lobby for its inclusion in a future Local Plan. He had no definite ideas as what would go on the site but indicated it may be between 220 and 250 houses.

Community Council Vice Chair Jim Braid replied by asking a number of questions  on issues such as Housing  density, impact on services, impact on Schools, Impact on Health services etc etc. It was obvious that Mr Weir had not as yet considered any of these issues, his one aim was to get the area into the local plan for development. The Chairman then opened up the meeting to public comment. The unanimous view of all those who spoke was that this development was not wanted for all the reasons quoted by Jim Braid and a lot more besides. After a robust exchange of views with residents the Chairman thanked Mr weir for attending and he left the meeting.  

The Community Council returned to the Burgh chambers for the rest of the meeting.

  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.  Propose by  Mary, seconded by Don
  • Questions from the Public.  CC Boundary. Confusing Crail and Anstruther.  ( Third Part )
  • New Members.   Alex staying as a member  now as he no longer was in dispute concerning his neighbour . Other new members ongoing.   Cllr Linda talked to Ian Hughes. Doing presentation.
  • Planning Report
17/02261/FULL Installation of replacement telecommunications mast and associated works Site Address: Skeith Road, Crail Road, Anstruther, KY10 3YL No comments

Ongoing projects:

  • Cycle Route. ongoing.
  • Banners. ongoing
  • Telescope.  Ongoing , recommend funding of £5500 from silverdykes subject to planning permission.
  • Website.  Ongoing.
  • Floral . 27th september. Awards on 6th September. Chairman cleaned the weeds off the sea wall.
  • Financial  Report.  Christmas tree saga ongoing. Annual accounts circulated and it was agreed to hold the AGM at the next meeting.
  • Harbour issues. Don several issues ongoing, working with Cllr Linda. Holt.
  1. Cllr Linda Holt: update with consultation with Stuart Goodfellow.
  2. Cllr John Docherty,  reported on a meeting with RBS concerning its closure in Anstruther and how people could access banking in future.
  3. Cllr Bill Porteous . Concerns raised about  Kilrenny Bridge speeding. Private trainer still  operating in Bankie Park, ongoing .  
  4. Secretary’s report .
    1. We have been asked for our opinion on a common good application from the Scottish Fisheries Museum ( details circulated). It was agreed to support £500
    2. Demolished wall in East Forth street.  Still no planning application coming forward and the property owner has advertised the “ yard” for rent at £250 per month. Ongoing. This is being dealt with by Fife council enforcement officer.
    3. Dunedin Dance Festival. This went off very well despite the weather. Kevin has received a letter of thanks from Dunedin Dancers.
    4. Cellardyke sea queen. Letter circulated from the organisers asking for the Community council to be the umbrella organisation. In effect asking the Community Council to take legal and financial responsibility for an event we  are not organising. I suggest we tread very carefully.
    5. Traders association. Traders in the  Town are currently working together to form a new organisation , Team Anster.( Together Everyone Achieves More ).  The next meeting is on 6th September.   Once they are up and running part of the subscription to this new group will be the subscription to
    6. Bank closure. I have met with Darren Liddle from RBS and he is putting on a series of events to inform people how they can bank etc. These events will start now and carry on well after the branch closes, possibly in the Community Campus or the East Neuk centre. We will also be getting the mobile bank possibly two days per week . A suggested location is Bankie Park. Also given sufficient notice the mobile bank can attend larger scale public events etc.  I am still nudging TSB concerning an ATM in Roger Street.
  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees.  Studios 1 and 2 will change to an artisan business.
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.  Ran out of time to give report

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.00.