Community Council Minutes-August 2018

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.  Minutes  for the Monthly Meeting on Monday 13th August 2018 at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall. 

Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley, Gail Sorley,  Alex Hay, Cllr Linda Holt, Cllr John Docherty, Cllr.Bill Porteous.

9 members of the public.

Welcome and Apologies. Andy welcomed everyone to the August meeting. Apologies made by Ann Banks

Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising. June 11th 2018. Proposed by Jim and seconded by Don following a change in wording.

Minutes  of the meeting 9th July to discuss the replacement care home .  Proposed by Jim and seconded by Gail.

Questions from the public:

Susan Gay: Anti social issues around the flats. Police being called out, Fife Council doing nothing. Cllr Linda Holt to investigate. Fife Council blame police, police blame Fife Council. Cllr.Holt to set up a meeting including Susan. Issues getting worse over the last three to four months.

Susan Gay: Two new residents moved into the flats, so FC are  not leaving them empty, so what is the letting policy for the flats?

Susan Gay:  Could the CC put meetings on their Facebook page. Agreed. Currently we use but not so muchthe facebook page.

Susan Gay: Parking on pavements in Cellardyke. A major long term issue with no obvious solutions.Discussion took place about proposed new laws on parking on pavements.

Planning issues.             

Demolished wall in East Forth Street Cellardyke . This looks like it is going to Enforcement, possibly legal action.

The only real significant planning application is an extension to Willow Nursing Home adding another 20 beds. No comments as it is outside the conservation area.

  • Ongoingprojects:
    • Website.Gail locked out for a while, back on now. Starting a newsletter for business owners.
    • Floral.Jim went round with the judges on19th July, kept them away from the poor areas. Hopefully the judges wereimpressed. Awards announced in September.
  • Financial report. 27th July £58,553.46 , mainly cycle path monies.
    • Expenses £21 hall hire, £27 Gray and Pringle , £541 Tony chater ,  watering ,£39.47  plants,
    • £893.08 grant coming in.
    • Floral tins collection april to july £255.82
  • Harbour issues.
    •  Don reported big improvement in buses coming in to town,bringing many more visitors . Also advertising the North Berwick ferry which is getting busier.
    •  Jim, CCTV system at the harbour . Is this going anywhere? Martin commented that Fife council want nothing to do with it so the only possibility is in conjunction with the rebuilding of the lifeboat shed in the next two years.
    • Jim, Bench on Folly still broken after reporting this over a year ago.
  • Secretaries report.

1.Remembrance sunday11th November. Do I apply for the parades license and TTRO? Agreed

2. Christmas event. Teamanster are going ahead with a christmas event, does the Community council want to be part of this? Joint working? Agreed to copy members into agendas etc.

3.  Community council elections.

  1. These are going ahead on October 4th, so our last meeting is September 10th and the new Community council convenes on October 8th .  If there is insufficient time between the 4th and the 8th to inform members then the inaugural meeting may have to be but back a week but we can sort that out when the picture becomes clearer.
    1. Nomination papers will  be available from 17th August. ( in Fact they were available on 14th )    Voter registration numbers will be available in the Council office and I will have a copy of them as well . Nominations have to be with Fife Council no later than 6th September. To be 100% clear anyone wishing to be a community councillor will need to apply, Current CC members not not automatically qualify. 
    1.  Under 6 nominations and the CC is dissolved, 6 to 13 nominations and members are elected by default and over 13 nominations and there is a postal ballot of everyone on the electoral roll.
  1. New Members.

              Prospective new members: all four have provided proof they are on the electoral roll as well as addresses and contact details. After a vote it was agreed to hold a   ballot. The majority view was for a paper ballot. Ballot papers were circulated to members and  Cllr Docherty counted the votes

  1. Gillian Maclaren,  5 Souwester Court, Cellardyke. elected
    1. Rebecca Lawson, 10 Mayview road . not elected
    1. Daryl Wilson, 26 Acorn Court, Cellardyke.  elected
    1. Kevin Lancaster, St Abbs West forth street, Cellardyke. Not elected
  1.  Representation on other Groups
    1. Murray Library trustees. Lorna. Hostel very busy . Murray studious taking long term bookings while Dreel Halls Closed
    1. Silverdykes liaison Committee. Met 2nd August. Complaints about playpark areas. Information boards ongoing as the company producing them has gone into liquidation.  Little liaison with Fife Council. Allan Bissett to attend future meetings. Bankie park ramp now in abeyance. Cellardyke war memorial access going forward with consultation. CRA not in agreement with what is being proposed. Alternative route being proposed. Crawhill path ongoing. New idea being considered. Meets 4th October.
  2. Updates on Replacement care Home .

                  Replacement Care home.  CC have had no correspondence from Fife Healthcare partnership since the last meeting  . CC  understanding is that they will meet with our Councillors in September and then report back to the community Council. Wether this is a verbal report or written report or will be in time for the September meeting we  have no idea. Andy commented that there will be no further information before mid September. He will go to meet with FHCP in September.

The “Keep Bankie Park Green “ Group   had send a document to Community council which has been circulated .

 Lorna asked of the group  , Is the petition local persons?. As far as possible yes.

Alex read out a statement that we are obliged to reflect the wishes of the community.  Agreed unanimously .

A general discussion took place on the proposed site of the replacement care home. A number of issues were raised including :

 Common good assets  ( is Bankie a common good asset , and if it was does that make a difference ? ) . KBPG are exploring this avenue

 Other sites ( skeith too small as partly sold to Muir Homes which was not known previously   ) . This leaves only the two  greenfield sites in Anstruther .

 Being built outwith Anstruther , another Site in the East Neuk. Is this being explored?

Being built in Cupar? Could the project be amalgamated with Cupar into a single care home ?

  1. AOCB. 
    1. Eleanor  Bowman Citizen of the year award on 27th
    1. Bill: 100 days  armistice . apply to SLC for funding. And Planning Permission
    1. Bill: Mercat Cross, to replace the finial  will be “ expensive “. How expensive?. Jim wondered how long this will take and mentioned the williamson fountain.
    1. Linda: Pittenweem Model Village being recreated. Public meeting going ahead to form a community group in pittenweem.
    1. Linda : East Neuk community Council forum meeting coming up on 6th September 

Meeting closed 9.21