Community Council Minutes, Dec.2018

Royal Burgh ofKilrenny, Anstruther & Cellardyke Community Council, 
DRAFT/ Monday 10th December 2018  | 7.30pm in The Burgh Chambers

In Attendance:    
Ali McLeod, Daryl Wilson, Catherine Carter, Lorna Jones, Don McKenzie, Susan Gay, Gillian MacLaren, Lindsay McKinstry, Kev Lancaster, Kyra Owen

Attending: Cllr Docherty & 2 members of the public;  
Apologies: Andy Peddie, Alec Hay Cllr Porteous, Cllr Holt

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes were reviewed from the November meeting and proposed as an accurate record by Gillian and seconded by Catherine.

Matters Arising          

Bankie Park Signage:  Is now in place, however wording needs amended to state no campervans overnight.                                   Action:   Cllr. D.    

Zebra Crossing Markings:  No response from email sent to FC on 19th November, DW to follow up and cc Cllr.                     Action:DW/DW

Recycling Complaint: No response from email sent to FC on 19th November, DW to follow up and cc to Cllr

Mercat Cross:  Cllr Porteous submitted an email response today from FC.  It is currently undergoing the necessary repairs and a date for re-erection is likely to happen in early New Year

Tenants Association: No public meeting held on 5th Dec (as per previous minute) will now take place in Jan

Questions from the public

Member of public raised concern over recent break ins and frustration at the lack of police officers available throughout the night to police the location.  All unanimously agreed the current situation is unacceptable.  To date the CCTV footage available locally has not been reviewed by the police.  Community Council to email community police to raise concerns.  Suggested to invite Colin Gaul to future community council forum meetings to discuss lack of police situation and joint complaint from East Neuk Community Council Forum re lack of available night shift officers.  At present our CC has not appointed a rep for the East Neuk CC Forum.                                                                                                               Action:DW

Secretaries Report

Correspondence received via email from public raising concern over lack of disabled parking at Anstruther Town Hall.  Cllr Porteous previously been advised.  Daryl to liaise with Cllr P & Transportation   Action: DW

Email received from local trader re concerns over cuts to refuse collections on Shore Street, it appears the bins are not emptied as regularly and traders are being forced to clear them                                             Action:  Cllr D

Email  received from FC Change Manager to Chair/Secretary to January meeting to discuss future relocation of Ladywalk House. Will report to Committee when any further information available in New Year.

Planning Issues

LMcK reported Spindrift and Rennyhill House both submitted plans for extension.

Kingdom Homes submitted application to alter footprint of approved extension, comments expire 28/12/18

Coop submitted plans for replacement fridges, doors, lights, fence.  This may impact the multi path groups plans.  Ali to investigate further and report to multi path group.  LMcK also reported that a discussion with Metaflake owner has revealed they have kept path available for future path use and keen to attend a future meeting with community council/multi path group                                                                                               Action:  AMcL

Roads – major road repairs to be carried out in Anstruther in January/February around Burial Brae, Roger Street, High Street.

Harbour Issues

Don sent email re recent seaweed problem at Castle Street beach and FC confirmed a contractor was to be hired to clear. Evidence this is taking place as of today.  AMcL raised concerns re feasibility of continuing to remove seaweed; cost, nature, eco-system benefits, sustainability.  Discussions were centred around future uses of the seaweed and AMcL to investigate examples of good practice elsewhere that we can draw upon. 

Throughout Winter, Don reported Rabbies are bringing 2 mini buses to the area every day with overseas visitors.  Buses from Edinburgh and Perth also regular visitors. Drivers reported they are clearing refuse from the car park areas whilst visiting our town.                               Action:AMcL


Bank Balance as per 30/11/18 – £56,919.93

Floral –A & A stores & East Neuk Books will no longer be taking floral collection tins.  Two invoices from Pathhead for Dreelside boat totaling £272.47 less 25% reduction = £204.35.  Concern that 50% of yearly budget spent on one boat, to be considered in forthcoming year.

Xmas Party – £122 collected at door, attendance lower than previous years.  Discussion re ticketed event in future?

RBS repin town Hall has now been withdrawn.  LJ has tried at St Andrews branch to get relevant form for changing signatories, however without success.  No success with telephone number she was given either, she will try mobile bank.

Representation from other groups


Currently Cellardyke Whalebones in Museum.. Member of public hopes to submit application to reproduce and erect in Cellardyke. SLC await costings and application.

Dreelside Park – FC confirmed they are to contribute and plans have been drawn up.  SLC application to be submitted to value of £15K by Shirley Nuttal.  Total project cost of £61K

Crawhill – Bridge 1 completed, proposal to replace bridges 2 & 3 with stepping stones.

Cellardyke Information Boards –  The 7 designs are all complete and contractors are now being sought for the manufacture of the boards.  Alan Bisset is liaising with John Brown.

Path to War Memorial – Alan Bisset to arrange site visit in January

Applications invited from members of the public, however final funds will not become available until the final house has been sold on the Silverdykes Development.


Routine maintenance been carried out externally.

New trustee, Craig Peddie to join the group

LMcK wishes to extend thanks to the Murray Library Hostel for agreeing to display the artwork from Anstruther PS Christmas Competition organised by Community Council.


KL requested a copy of the Sustrans study carried out in 2017 of the route from Pittenweem to Anstruther and, also asked for an originally purchased LED light to be brought to Community Council to show group. 

Ali gave report to group on questions raised at meeting between group and CC on 26th October.  See attached   report.     Action:  AMcL

FLORAL GROUP – Meets again March 2019


Kyra attended meeting earlier today in St Andrews at request of CC.  Aim of meeting was to consult parents/children on FC proposals to reduce transport for those who can walk safely.  Kyra only attendee at NEF consultation.  Officers will visit Anstruther and carry out further investigations, concern raised over the current pathway via Dreelside/ Station Road and the hazards children negotiation a daily basis.  Scope for multi use path group to be involved?? Positive meeting. Kyra to continue to pursue.                                                                                      Action:  KO

Traffic light timer at Cemetery in need of attention as is currently too short to allow a safe crossing.                                                         Action:  Cllr D


Christmas Arrangements: GMcL thanked Community Council member who helped with the Team Anster event.  Many logistics need closer attention next year e.g road closures, meeting points with lighting, adult/ child ratio in parade, clearing of reindeer faeces.  Fantastic to see so many people turn out to support the event. DW reported the insurance complica-tions that arose re: Christmas lighting.  This needs to be on agenda in New Year so planning can commence for funds/ideas etc for future Christmas lights.  LJ reported the CC Christmas party was well organized by GS and although numbers were lower than previous years a good time was had by all.  Suggestion to ticket the event in future years.

Thanks extended to Chris Lewis and helpers at The Waterfront for donating the Christmas Tree and Lights.

Out of Hours: Deputation to IJB to take place on 20th December,  CC were invited to take part in this, however due to very tight timescale (4 days) to provide presentation and lack of new evidence it was deemed the minute would be better given to Dr Angela Anderson to present alternative models of care.  Cllr Docherty reported Kingscross Hospital in Dundee can no longer accommodate patients from NEF.  It is hoped any decision will be halted on basis of OOH group submitting a participation review to FH&SCP.  To date they have not responded to the group, however aware both sides are seeking legal representation.

AnstrutherInfo / Playfair: Website will remain property of CC and domain name as  The plan is to have a one stop site for visitors and locals providing different sections e.g community council, accommodation, services, eating out, etc.  Due to the ongoing developments with the new website, the current site is not up to date. Require CC minutes to be published on the current site in the meantime.  Suggested the current facebook page is renamed anster activities to avoid confusion that it is affiliated to Community Council. Also noted the historic CC facebook is still active.                                              Action: Gail

Path behind Dreel Tavern:  Tree has fallen down blocking path.                                                                                                                    Action: AMcL

Missing Sign – Fisher lass sign uponentering Anstruther is missing.                                                                                                              Action: DW

Dreelside Traffic Lights – Reported roadis subsiding in places                                                                                                                        Action: DW

DONM – Monday 13th January 2019

 Cycle Issues raised at meeting with KACCC on 25th October 2018

1.            Check if 29mph speed limit for Crail road can be speeded up.

A.           This was discussed with ColinStirling on 14th November.  Unfortunately he has been off work for a long time, but the best he can do is to take the speed cushions first at the beginning of January to Committee, and take the 20mph speed limit to the January Committee. Some work has already been done on this by others, whilst Colin was off work.

2.            Cost breakdown of Gray & Pringle route required.

A.           We await a reply from Fife Council.

3.            Request link to cyclepath as part of planning permission for former bus garage, and/o seek financial contribution.

A.           Request submitted to FC.

4.            Cycle Group to review Sustrans study of paths in front of schools

A.           Ongoing.

5.            Check if design standard clearances allow for introduction of fence or bollards around bend and up to Kilrenny Bridge.

A.           Legislation for clearance next to ac/w – Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 1 – page 16 – Placement 1.48 – “Signs should be set at least 450mm from the edge of the carriageway. This should be   increased to 600mm where there is a severe camber or crossfall and where signs are mounted on the central reserve of dual carriageways. On high-speed dual carriageway roads the clearance should be at least 1200mm and where there is a hardened verge the nearest edge of the sign should be not less than 600mm behind the edge of the hardening.”

General rule of thumb is a minimum 500mm back from c/w, depending on sign size. The above rule is also used for delineation bollards and verge markers.

Conclusion –there is insufficient width to install a fence or bollards beyond the existing provision.  However, FC have also been instructed to undertake an Equalities Impact Assessment for the Windmill Road to Kilrenny project.

6.            Bikeability

A.           Shealagh Crabb has been in regular contact with the Primary School Parent Teachers Council, so they should be fully aware of the need for volunteers to undertake or help with Bikeability training.  Since our meeting, Elizabeth and I have taken and passed the Cycle Training Assistant qualification. This will enable us to participate in Bikeability training at the Primary School, presently pencilled in for w/c 10th December.

7.            Temperature sensitive LEDs.

A.           A request has been sent to FC to ensure that our original schedule of required LEDs is followed.

8.            Safe Routes to Schools.

A.           Hi Marta

The Cycling sub-group had a meeting with representatives of the Community Council last week.  This comprised some members who were also on the Parent Teacher Council. They were complaining about the lack of width of the path out to Crail Road, and the worsening of the situation following the laying of a drainage ditch of loose pebbles.

They were expressing concern on the apparent lack of movement on the School Travel Plan, and were going to take it up with the head.

We passed on your recommendations about involving the children in writing letters.

Will you please let me know the state of progress on the STP.



Morning Gerald, [31st October]

The school travel plan is complete and I am meeting with the school next week to discuss launching. I am aware that the plan was brought up at the last PTA meeting but I was led to believe that the outcome was not that productive in taking the plan forward.

I also understand that Jane has been working with the group and Education Services with regards to widening this path but I am not sure the state of play as Jane is not in the office today.

The issue I have as the school travel plan coordinator is that this land is not part of Transportations portfolio so any works/decisions are Educations and not ours.  A recommendation doing the route audit was that widening this area would help promote active travel to and from school.

I hope this  helps.