Community Council minutes December 2017

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Minutes for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 11th December  2017  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid,  Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley,  Alex Hay , Cllr Linda Holt, Cllr Bill Porteous.

Mr Anderson,

  • Welcome and Apologies.  Andy welcomed everyone to the last meeting of 2017 . apologies from Gail Sorley, Don McKenzie, Ann Banks, Cllr John Docherty.
  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.  Proposed by  Jim and seconded by  Mary.
      1. Andrew reported that the  Cellardyke Sea queen Group will work in conjunction with  the CRA rather than CC .

Questions from the Public.  No questions

  • New Members.  Ongoing. Andy working with the School encouraging pupils to attend. Ongoing.
  • Planning Report. No comment on current applications.
  • Enforcement issues :Wall in East Forth Street – the intention is still to have the wall rebuilt. The owners are aware of this and it was disappointing that the wall was not rebuilt before the start of Autumn. The Council have instructed that the wall be rebuilt using a lime mortar and the property owner emailed me a few weeks ago to advise that the builder they had lined up to carry out the work had advised (correctly) that using lime mortar when the temperature is likely to fall below 10 degrees and frost is also possible is not recommended. The property owners have said that their intention is to rebuild the wall in April 2018.  It is likely that a Planning Enforcement Notice will be served on the property owner detailing what requires to be done and within what timescale. Smugglers Inn – Trees – Correspondence has been ongoing between the council and Mr Thrupps agent regarding this matter. No further felling has taken place and a report by a tree surgeon has been prepared regarding the remaining trees. An application is to be submitted by the owner seeking to fell the remaining trees and the tree surgeons report will form part of this application.
  • Fife councillors report.
  • Bill: Mobile Phone Mast in Cellardyke: some community concerns.  It does have full planning permission? Members said yes it does .
  • Bill :The land  at cellardyke north of crail road  not zoned for residential. Need to involve with the next Local Plan at the earliest Possible Time. A considerable discussion took place on this and it was thought that the preliminary consultation on the next local plan may start in summer 2018.
  • Bill: Bankie Park. Discussion took place concerning a recent meeting called  by MSP Willie Rennie concerning community concerns about items found in the park
  • Ongoing projects:

Cycle Route. Work is ongoing with Fife Council officers over the shared use paths. Trial investigation pits have been dug along routes to be developed. Final arrangements are being worked on with landowners.The group will being carrying out consultation on possible routes from Kilrenny to Crail, and on where to site repair stations, cycle racks, notice boards etc on the new paths, and how to ensure the greatest safety on all path in the New Year.

Banners.  No report.

  • Telescope. Walk round looking for a new site. Opposite harbour masters office? Will contact Fife Council for advice. Donation Post , ongoing.
  • Website. Gail is now administrator. Agreed to work with TeamAnster to revamp the entire site.
  • Financial  Report.  Balance £57,176.98. Floral tins £210.
  • 36 adults and 68 children at the party. income £208: expenses Brian Low £160, Vicky robertson £60. Boathouse provided a lot of food.
      1. Carl £46.74 for bulbs.
      2. Cycle group asked for travel expenses. Agreed at 40p per mile. To come out of the Cycle group monies.
  • Harbour issues.
  • Jim commented on the CCTV, can we follow this up. Contact Alex Gardner and Moir Gibson.
      1. Christmas Tree. Well done to the Waterfront for donating the tree  and the Community persons who put it up, Including Andy with his forklift.  
  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees. Two tenants had an open evenings  recently
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.  Jim took the minutes. Read out
  • AOCB.
    1. Alex :Farm Road/ st Andrews Road works, poor finish.
    2. Mary: queue  for the mobile bank, one their times up they just go. Not happy
    3. Bill: Road into a field north of Anstruther  New entrance to Bonerbo Farm.
    4. Mary: Lighting on footpath next to Cellardyke Church? Action Councillors.
    5. Andy: Monies from Mccarthy and Stone? Martin commented that £300 had appeared in an Harbour festival account from Mccarthy and Stone.
    6. Jim: Landscaping on St Andrews Road? Should start this year.
    7. Jim: damaged bench on the Folly area? Action Councillors
    8. Lorna: East Neuk emergency Trust AGM
    9. Lorna: windmill Road gritten only to Pickford Crescent but not onto East Forth Street. They stick to the bus Route. Surely the corner should be gritted. Action Councillors .
    10. Lorna: Where was a wreath from Fife council at remembrance Sunday?. Action councillors.

Meeting closed at 21.15.