Community council Minutes July 2018

Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.


Minutes  for the special Community Council    Meeting on Monday 9th July 2018 at 7.30 in the Downstairs Hall , Anstruther Town Hall to discuss the replacement care home in Anstruther


Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones,  Martin Dibley, Ann Banks, Gail Sorley , Alex Hay , Cllr Linda Holt, Cllr John Docherty, Cllr Bill Porteous.


David Heaney, Vivienne McBride   ( Fife Healthcare Partnership ), Cllr David Graham and  approximately 60 members of the public,.



  • Welcome .  Andy welcome everyone to the meeting and stated  that we will move directly to the item on Ladywalk House Replacement . He then handed over to David Heaney
  • Ladywalk House replacement.  David  Heaney introduced himself , Vivienne and Cllr David Graham . He then went onto give  a powerpoint presentation which was updated on the one given to Community council at the June meeting. He commented on the option appraisal group and the site scoring procedure which showed the Bankie Park site scored best.  It was also announced that the public consultation period is to be extended to the 31st August. All comments will then be collated and a report will be presented to the policy and Coordination Committee Fife Council in November.


          Following the presentation Andy opened up the meeting to questions and asked one person to speak at a time and for whoever answered to be listened to.  All the questions related to the Site ( Bankie Park) and were directed to, and answered by David Heaney.


Note: these are not reported verbatim and are only  indicative of the Questions and Answers and comments made.


  1. Q)  Bankie park is a protected open Site and what does this mean?
  1.  That the parkland is protected from development and can only be used for other purposes if replaced on a like for like basis.
  1. Q) What is the cost of Demolition?
  1. Currently in the region of £70,000 including landscaping.
  1.  Q) Comment:  If that’s the case why not demolish the flats and build there .
  1. The future of the flats is not clear and its on Housing budget so there would be a cost to acquire

the site .

  1. Q) Bankie Park is a safe route to school and what guarantee is there the current site will be returned to parkland.?
  1. If the build goes ahead in Bankie park there will be a written guarantee that the existing site will be returned to parkland.

Q)What is the build time? And where exactly is the site boundary?

  1.       A) one year build time. The current drawings are indicative only so the actual plan would need input from the architect.
  2. Q) Could Ladywalk be rebuilt on its present site ?  possibly decant residents to Methill for the build time?
  1. This could be quite problematic on a number of issues but it will be investigated.
  1. Q) If the home is in Bankie Park the residents will complain about the noise from other park users.
  2. Q) This proposal does not consider the greenspace quality and the shape of the park. A lack of environmental concerns.
  1. A good comment and we will take this up with Parks department.
  1. Q)  In future there is no room to expand except to take more of the park away.
  1. Expansion is anticipated from the private sector and there are no plans to expand Council provision.
  1. Q) Why can’t you put a care home next to a nursing home ( Ie on the Skeith Site ) ?
  1. It is not good practice and does not comply with National guidance.
  1. Q) What is wrong with the Skeith Site or the Pittenweem road Site?
  1. It may need to be three storeys to fit on the sites.
  1. Q) Could you not consider the old Waid academy site?
  1. This is too small
  1. Q) Why are you ignoring the 10 year development of Bankie Park including the wildlife meadow with was part funded by Fife Council ?
  2. Q) why are you talking away the only green space in the Town?
  1. This is a straight swap so no green space will be lost.
  1. Q) With the Ladywalk site returned to greenspace the Bowling club will lose its car park and heavy machinery access.
  1. This has only just been highlighted today  so we will be looking into this.
  1. Q) as the park is a protected open space why was it considered?
  1. This was just one of several sites suggested by property services.
  1. Q) have you considered the Waid Hockey pitch as a site?
  2. Q)  If a different site was chosen would Ladywalk be demolished and returned to parkland?
  1. No, in this scenario it would be offered to other Council services or sold off.


At this point Andy asked the Three Councillors to make a brief comment;


Cllr Bill Porteous .

  • The Consultation period has been extended to 31st August to allow people on Holiday to put forward their views.
  • He is in favour of the Bankie park Site.This is a win win project as there will be a community cafe and public toilets accessible to park users.
  • The Current building cannot be brought up to 2018 standards.
  • There are however red lines that cannot be crossed , for example any land used for the new build has to be replaced like for like.

Cllr Linda Holt.

  • Fully understands how people feel but we need to find a way to resolve the issues.
  • Do not believe that decanting the residents would be appropriate.
  • I am challenging the officers to come back with details :
    • on Environmental impact on Bankie Site ,
    • is it possible to rebuild on the current site?
    • Exactly what are the Skeith site issues?
    • Could the Pittenweem road site be expanded into the Field?

Cllr John Docherty:

  • First elected in 2012 coming from a healthcare background.
  • Many good points raised tonight
  • This is the first stage of a consultation exercise


Cllr David Graham ( health and social care spokesperson )  then spoke about the way forward . All views will be assessed after  the end of the consultation period and that a report will go to The policy Co ordination committee of Fife Council in November with recommendations.  This is made up of 21 Councillors from across Fife. They will then make a decision on the way forward .

( Note: this committee is made up of councillors from right across Fife, only one from the East Neuk and landward Ward )


Andy then wrapped up the meeting by  asking for appreciation for our guests of the evening and closed the meeting at 9.10