Community Council minutes march 2018

The Royal Burgh of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

minutes for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 12th March   2018 at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.


Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley,   Ann Banks, Alex Hay , Cllr John Docherty, Cllr Bill Porteous, Cllr Linda Holt ( from 8.00 ).


Elizabeth Riches, Gerald Cooper, and eight  members of the public.

    1. Welcome and Apologies.  Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies from Gail Sorley, Don McKenzie,


  • Cycleways update ( Elizabeth Riches and Gerald Cooper  )


          Pittenweem-Anstruther-Cellardyke-Kilrenny Multiusepath


This is a community-led project, the first of its kind in Fife, and a sub group of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council has been formed to take this project forward. The Anstruther Cycle Group has formed a partnership with Fife Council to ensure that a mixture of expertise and resources are harnessed to deliver this £1 million project.


4 years ago we met with the East Neuk Community Council Forum with representatives from each of the CC’s in the East Neuk.



The initial aim is to provide for multi-use paths connecting Pittenweem-Anstruther-Cellardyke-Kilrenny.  Consultation commenced with the public, schools and local businesses in December 2015. The paths form part of a bigger vision to link the East Neuk between Elie in the west and Crail in the east.  The route will then continue on to St Andrews via Kingsbarns, with these sections being progressed by St Andrews University.

This will, in effect, parallel the Fife Coastal Path currently used by over 500,000 people per year.

In addition, links to the Shore and shops etc will be signposted, and improved where possible.



The benefits of the initiative are Safe Routes to Schools, and the promotion of Health, Tourism, local Economy and Environment.

The project will work on a number of levels and will provide safe and accessible multi-use links to schools, shops, places of interest, and other destinations. It will help children to cycle safely to school, everyday trips by locals to access the shops, tourists and locals to enjoy the local environment and places of interest, and the disabled to use their mobility scooters for access to local services.

Along this length are many hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts, and backpackers hostels.  They will all benefit from increased trade thereby safeguarding jobs, and creating others.



The design comprises mainly off-road facilities including a mix of new-build sections of 3m footways/cycleways alongside existing roads, together with some existing 3m footways/cycleways, and other sections of footways which will be converted to at least 2.5m width for combined use (all to be sealed surfaced and built to approved Sustrans standards).  Road crossings will be facilitated by the use of dropped kerbs, Toucan crossings, and build-outs to create traffic-calmed sections, as appropriate.

There will also be a minimum of on-road facilities where applicable in the 20mph areas, incorporating comprehensive signing and lining, cycle lanes, removal of inappropriate access controls, and diversion away from adverse gradients.


The project also includes the following sustainable proposals:

  • solar energy lights along unlit sections. We propose to use different coloured illuminated road studs at farm crossings etc; the studs also flash to warn of the possible dangers of frost,
  • charging points and parking for Mobility scooters/bikes [We plan to improve the proposed cycle parking provision at the new Waid Community Hub, by expanding it to incorporate electric charging points for cycles and mobility scooters.  This will be replicated along the shore front at The Folly],
  • living willow tunnel in Bankie Park and Edible Route,
  • viewpoints and information boards (including QR codes) and part of the Telescope project [Information Boards will be designed for installation at key points along the route including at designated viewpoints and at the  proposed telescope viewpoint,
  • comprehensive direction signs including cycling time [An indicative comprehensive direction signing strategy has already been developed.  These will be specific cycling signs showing the main destinations together with the average cycling time to get there],
  • secure cycle parking linked to coastal path [ Secure cycle parking is proposed along The Folly, at the car park at Anstruther Golf Club, and is to be provided at the Community Hub],
  • part of the established Edible Route way [Additional fruit trees are proposed alongside various sections of the route between Pittenweem and Kilrenny],
  • expansion of the existing GEO-Caching network [ It is proposed to expand the existing basic geocaching network in the area.  This could involve using the local schools to participate in identifying locations for new caches, enabling locals and tourists to investigate further,
  • cycle repair stations: these provide a pump, repair tools and a stand to carry out basic cycle maintenance and repairs.  These will be provided at the Community Hub, the primary school and at the Folly.



The project cost of the Pittenweem to Kilrenny cyclepath and associated works is approximately £1M.  This has been funded by the local group, local and national grants, and has been match-funded by Sustrans.



Section Status
A-C Pittenweem to Waid Academy (i)Dreelside Park – completed

(ii) Pittenweem to Queens Gardens – awaiting land negotiations

(iii) Dreelside to Waid- route under discussion

C-D Waid to Bankie Park Existing route to be improved
D-E Bankie Park Completed
E-F Bankie Park to Windmill Road Existing route to be improved
F-I Windmill Road to Kilrenny Bridge Land negotiations completed
G-H Windmill Road to Memorial Later phase awaiting land negotiations
H-I Memorial to Kilrenny Mill ditto
K    Silverdykes / Church Link Completed


Three sections have been completed; a fourth will be going out to tender shortly now that land negotiations have just been completed; we are awaiting completion of land negotiations on the Pittenweem section; and existing sections will be upgraded with signing and lining.  We are currently about 18 months into a 2+ year programme of works.


Other Proposals.

We intend to work closely with both schools to ensure that Travel Plans, Safe Routes to Schools, bicycle training etc reflect the proposed infrastructure.


We are also about to embark on a Feasibility Study for a shared-use path between Kilrenny and Crail.  


Regular updates and liaison with adjoining Community Councils is being maintained through the EAST NEUK AND LANDWARD JOINT COMMUNITY COUNCIL FORUM.


In summary, we have built paths through Bankie Park and Dreelside Park, and also the link adjacent to Cellardyke Church.  

We have just completed land negotiations for the Windmill Road to Kilrenny section, which we hope to start work on in the near future.

We are also in continuing negotiation with the landowner and tenant for the final section out to Pittenweem.


Further afield, we hope to see the first draft of the Kilrenny to Crail Feasibility Study soon.  That will enable us to start to plan public consultations for this multiuse path. We will then need to start again on finding funds.


STOP PRESS: We are aiming to hold Bike in the Park 2, in Bankie Park on Sunday 8th April from about 11.30 to 3.30 pm.  Old favourites Dr Bike and Peachy Keen will be there.  We will also be having a wooden activity trail, E-bikes, balance bikes, and a Road Safety Activity Layout.  We are also looking for help with stewarding this event. Information about the multi use paths will be on display.


Discussion and questions:

  • Is the Route between  Anstruther to Pittenweem confirmed? Yes it has been approved by Sustrans.
  • Is funding in place?: Yes funding for the current route is in place ( 50% from sustrans )
  • Will the path be lit ?: At the moment solar studs are envisaged, more lighting is being investigated, but  not overhead lighting.
  • How long will solar powered lights stay alight?. Over 20 Hours
  • Lighting at Cellardyke Church? Possibility of a streetlight.
  • Can the stud lighting be trialed somewhere? Yes they could be trialed possibly in Bankie Park.
  • Is there an opening onto Pittenweem Road at the Spindrift? Yes and hopefully traffic calming in that area.
  • Traffic calming on Crail Road opposite Bankie Park? Speed humps going ahead after consultation.  Then consultation process for further measures.
  • Where will it go from Pittenweem?  This will be taken up by Pittenweem CC or Pittenweem CDT.
  • The route will not please everyone but is a good way forward.


At this  point The Chairman thanked them for attending and  Elizabeth and Gerald left the meeting.



  • Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising.  Approved by Alex and seconded  by Mary.


      1. Playpark closures ? We have nine Play Parks and the Council will over time only invest in six and gradually let the other three revert to grass. Cllr Bill Porteous  explained.


  • Questions from the public.


    1. Mercat Cross?  Taken away to Cupar . Historic Scotland need to be involved in its replacement in position. Cllr Bill  Porteous to investigate.
    2. Dog Fouling increasing . Contacting the dog warden. Only two in Fife , can they cover the area?  Primary School project to educate the children to educate the parents? Cllr John Docherty to investigate.
    3. Wall at St Ayles Crescent. Now 10 years since it fell down. A sorry saga.  Cllr Linda Holt to investigate.
    4. Speeding cars at Skeith Road ( doctors surgery ) .  Police are aware. Also at the new School. Cllr John Docherty  looking into this also Crail raceway etc.
    5. Info required about recent car vandalism, please contact the police.
    6. Any further info about the future of the flats? No, Cllr Linda  Holt to pursue .

At this point most of the public left the meeting.


  • Planning issues.  No concerns.
  • Citizen of the Year.  Any ideas???
  • Ongoing projects:
  • Website.  Gail going ahead with updating etc . Martin reported that the traders would not come up with a proposal for a revamped site until the end of the year.
  • Floral. Funding. Jim is raising £500 for baskets in his own name.   Grant applied for £500. Martin explained that the maximum Anstruther can get is £500 and Cellardyke £250 . If multiple groups apply then the grant will be split between them. It is therefore easier if the CC apply on behalf of Anstruther and the CRA on behalf of Cellardyke.




  • Financial report.  ( Lorna ) current balance £58,870.67.


    1. Invoices to pay christmas lighting £55.69 , Hall hire £112.20.
    2. Floral tins collected still to be banked £129.88
    3. Martin reported that insurance excess for bike in the park will be around £150



  • Representation on other Groups
  • Murray Library trustees.  Annual public meeting held recently. Interesting talk by relative of David Murray.


    1. Silverdykes liaison Committee, ( lorna)


Community proposals for use of Section 75 funds

  • Disabled ramp at Bankie Park revised cost £8332 has been advised, A Bissett investigating and will advise further.  B Porteous to contact A Bissett to secure an explanation of costs.
  • Bridges at Crawhill – no update available.
  • Windmill Court Playpark complete November.
  • Billowness Play equipment works under construction.
  • Silverdykes Plaques to be replaced.
  • Silverdykes Playpark works complete.
  • DS advised that it is likely that the development will be completed within the next 18 months to 2 years.
  • Press release to be arranged to indicate projects which have benefitted from funds and stimulate community to bring forward potential projects to support from final tranche of funding.

P Lewis agreed to photograph a selection of the complete projects.  S McElhinney will consider how social media can be utilised to publicise past projects and promote future projects to support.  Posters could be prepared to distribute through Anstruther together with displays at Waid Academy and other locations.


Issues relating to work on the Silverdykes Development

  • Sales Status

Private Housing – Reservations – 13 no.

                               Completed – 166 no.

FC Housing –         Completed – 57 no.

KHA –                     Completed – 44 no.

  • Further 14 units being handed over to KHA in next month.
  • 20 unit “Design and Build” and Build contract being negotiated with KHA.
  • Fence to Acorn Way house to be discussed with planner.


Next Meeting:  Thursday 05 April 2018, 6:15pm, Cellardyke Town Hall

Distribution:  All present


  1. AOCB.
    1. Cllr Bill  porteous thanks everyone who worked together during the recent snow . Excellent community spirit.
    2. Alex: The personal trainer in Bankie Park is still running lessons in the hours of darkness using Fife Council property without permission and therefore without insurance.. Action Cllr Bill Porteous .
    3. Cllr Linda  Holt raised the issue of storm damage to Cellardyke Harbour and the loss of mooring rings. Fife council are actively taking steps to repair the harbour but will not replace the rings.
    4. Cllr John  Docherty : Brown Bins not collected? Concentrating on other bins, members stated that collection was very sporadic and causing concern
    5. Cllr Linda Holt : stagecoach published proposed changed routes.
    6. Cllr Linda Holt : £150,000   for filling potholes on unadopted roads, please nominate unadopted roads


Meeting Closed 21.09