Community Council Minutes, Nov. 2018

Royal Burgh of Kilrenny, Anstruther & Cellardyke Community Council  
DRAFT – Monday 12th November 2018  | 7.30pm at The Burgh Chambers

In Attendance

Andrew Peddie, Lorna Jones, Karen Owen, Gail Sorley, Catherine Carter, Don McKenzie, Susan Gay, Kevin Lancaster, Ali McLeod, Lindsay McKinstray, Gillian MacLaren, Daryl Wilson,

Attending: Cllr Linda Holt, Cllr Bill Porteous, Cllr John Doherty, PC Gill Tetlow & two members of the public

Apologies: Alec Hay

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were reviewed from the October meeting and agreed as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

Cllr Doherty advised he has reported the overgrown trees near St Ayles park as a Health & Safety issue. Signs to be erected at Bankie Park Car Park stating no overnight parking.

Community Police Input

Majority of recent local incidents involved thefts; 7 at Coop, lifeboat shed shop and Smugglers Development.  Recent Wee Chippy fire not a police matter.  PC Tetlow reminded all to observe winter safety advice for motoring to prevent unnecessary accidents e.g defrost windscreens thoroughly, check tyres. No recent reports of noise from Skieth HC.  Cllr Doherty advised EHO’s been involved to monitor noise level in the villages on Crail Raceway days, Gillian will liaise with them.  LJ asked if meet and greet still available at Waid?  Due to lack of interest from public this time has been deployed elsewhere.  DW asked if PC Tetlow aware of recent vandalism in public toilets, it was confirmed there had been no police report on the matter.  PC Tetlow to follow up with FC. DW to provide FC contact details to PC Tetlow.     Action: PC Tetlow, DW

Questions from Public

Member of public asked if CC were ever involved in “Your Place- Your Views” public consultation held by FC, no members have any knowledge of taking part.

Christmas Party

To be held on 8th Dec  1-4.30 in Erskine Hall.  Gail leading this event and confirmed the hall, face painter, bouncy castle, Disco and Santa all arranged.  Assistance will be required from others on the day, Lindsay, Susan, Lorna and Cllr Holt offered.  Gail to advertise party and arrange further helpers if necessary.  No advance ticket sales required.  Lindsay offered her skill as face painter should 2 be required and advised she can do this for no charge in future years.                                 Action: GS

Team Anster – Christmas Event 7th December

Lindsay and Andy to attend open meeting on Wednesday 14th November.  All CC members asked if they can check availability as stewards will be required on the evening.  Christmas Tree also to be erected, Andy and Daryl to make arrangements.    Action: LMcK/AP/DW                                                                                                   

Out of Hours Service Update

Chairperson of Fife Health & Social Care Partnership (FH&SCP), Mr Simon has resigned.  Today MSP Willie Rennie has called for an investigation into circumstances surrounding the departure of 3 chairs in recent years.  St Andrews CC have coordinated a campaign group consisting of 6-7 Community Councils, Local Councillor’s & MSP’s, GP’s, medical advisors, St Andrews University and other interested parties.  An application was submitted to FH&SCP for a participation review and this has been accepted.  The group will now have to be involved in the design & delivery of future services.  This is the first time Fife Council have had such a request.  DW circulated a list of a members of the IJB who are responsible for making future decisions and asked all to email them individually with objections. She also asked if all agreeable to CC making a formal complaint to FH&SCP for the loss of our service, all agreed this was to be progressed.   The recent postcard campaign has resulted in FH&SCP reviewing every written objection to form part of their consultation.  Next meeting of action group Wednesday 14th November, Daryl & Gillian to attend.                                     Action : DW&GMacL 

Daryl highlighted story of 4 year old girl recently very ill, very quickly. Will speak to involved parties and try to publicly highlight this story to raise awareness of importance of local GP service. Action:   DW

Bathing Pool – Cellardyke

Cllr Porteous advised FC lease has expired and land to be returned to Crown.  As a result, FC will need to reinstate as per when first leased, therefore incurring large costs to remove all concrete pool. Need to make community aware of potential loss of bathing pool.  Is there potential to re-lease?  Cllr Porteous to investigate further (request CC to be copied into correspondence). Cllr Doherty stated similar situation recently in Stonehaven and community came together to rebuild and redevelop, Andy to research further.                                                 Action: Cllr.P, AP

Skeith Health Centre Noise

As previously discussed, no recent reports.  Members of public must report noise so police can take action. Emphasise importance of repeatedly calling to report every incident, without reports no action will be taken.

Secretaries Report

Keep Scotland Beautiful correspondence received alongside recent award.  To be displayed on CC noticeboard.

Recent communication with FC re public toilet closure, advised this was due to vandalism, now reopened.

Email sent to Waid re littering during lunchtime, Rector keen to engage with pupils & CC.

Daffodils purchased for Anstruther PS to participate in Fife wide primary school competition.  Cllr Holt requested further information to follow up funding restriction for North East Fife Schools.

Member of public highlighted the continual passing of vehicles on zebra crossing whilst people trying to cross.  Daryl presented a recent photo of faded paintwork on road, agreed to follow up with FC to rectify.  Don also stated the crossing in Anstruther Shore Street of similar standard re fading, will include with request.                                            Action:  DW

Planning Issues

Lindsay presented latest applications.  No outstanding issues.

Kevin pointed out loophole in planning process whereby application is submitted, comments can be logged by neighbours, then applicant can make a change (non-material variation) and application continues to be processed and neighbours are prevented from commenting on changes.

Lindsay and Catherine to monitor all applications and act quickly should any intervention from CC be necessary (register as statutory consultee).

If an objection to any application is submitted, Cllr Doherty advised we contact every member of the NEF Area Committee with objections, CC can also ask for extension to consultation period to tie in with CC meetings. 

Harbour Issues

Don advised the new signage and designated bus parking has proved very successful this year, with many local businesses reporting an increase in trade.  Cllr.Doherty advised 80,000 tourists have visited the area this year.

Financial Report

Bank balance as of 31 Oct – £57,265.47 (Cycle Path Funds in holding amount to £48,ooo)

Floral tins collected with £117.43 banked.

Certificate of appreciation to be issued to local tin collectors at end of financial year.

New signatory required for bank account, Lorna to follow up.

Gillian stated RBS representative on hand in Lower Town Hall every Tuesday for advice and support re online transactions.      Action: LJ                                                                                                                                               

Cllrs Report

Cllr Porteous thanked all who were involved in Armistice events over the weekend. The Silent Citizens Walk was very well organised and attended.  He is also involved in Movember, raising money for The East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal, Anstruther Afterschool Club & Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Cllr Holt reported both herself and Susan had set up a local tenants association for Mayview.  Attended by others outwith this area, however, representative from North East Fife Tenants Association keen to involve all and have an Anstruther Tenants & Residents Association. They will also offer help & support in establishing the group, funding and publicity.   Planning to hold a public meeting 5thDecember, publicity to be distributed soon. 

Cllr Holt attended Plastic Free Anstruther Group and was impressed with enthusiasm from the town on this issue.  Member of public advised he often collected up the plastic at lunchtimes in Bankie Park, however recently been unable to do this.  Suggested joint initiative with CC and Waid on the subject of litter, plastic waste. 

Cllr Porteous advised at present Fife Council provide transport for children who live outwith approx. 1 mile from local school.  National regulations state under 8’s to be provided with free transport if 2 miles away, and over 8’s a distance of over 3 miles.  Fife Council are soon to review their position on this policy as they are currently more generous than national requirements.  CC hope they will be advised and be able to have input on any consultation.   

Representation from sub groups

Silverdykes Liaision Committee – see attached report. 

CC current position on telescope  – cannot move on this matter due to relocation of lifeboat shed and suitable location.

Also noted the floral display at St Andrews Road has not been completed to standard agreed by CC.

Murray Library Trust – See attached report

MultiUse Path Group – CC members recently met with the group to be informed of progress, action points were raised.  See attached report

Ali stated there is a long term maintenance issue with the paths, need a commitment from FC that they will maintain all routes in the long term. 

Member of public reported there needs to be thought to planting beside route, stating path through Bankie Park already has damage due to tree roots.

AMcL reported route 1, via Gray & Pringles is preferred as it is straightest, most direct route, however costs seem excessive.  A break-down has been requested from FC from the group.  KL asked for tighter timescales be set in place as many issues delayed due to lack of urgency from FC e.g speed pillows, changing speed limit at school crossing.  He also stated more consistency is required throughout the route, eg at roadside is it to be barriers, posts? At present there is a mix in place and could potentially confuse users.  Independent person is to review current route and work carried out to date.  Ali to find out timescale for this assessment. Hopeful if CC to be more involved with consulting the public, may encourage new group members, ideas etc. Kevin to list his thoughts on current route as starting point to move forward with CC involvement.    Action: KL/AMc

Floral Group– Next meeting  February 2019


FlagPole – suggestion to purchase Christmas flag for upcoming events.                                Action: KL

BulbPlanting – Public bulb planting in Bankie Park Sunday 18th November

Fife Recycling Centres – Changes to rules  from 1st Feb 2019 will see no admission to pedestrians/cyclists. Use of trailers for residential waste monitored by use of declaration forms and commercial businesses having to use a cashless payment system.  CC agreed to raise objection to rule regarding no pedestrians.         Action: DW

RoundTable Fireworks – Event broke even, with increased costs for license this year, increased attendance, however less donations than in previous years.

Ladywalk – Cllrs were asked if they had any info from FC on any other proposed sites,  nothing to report

Mercat Cross – Nothing to report

Citizen of the Year – Ceremony to take place in May, any nominations can be submitted to CC.

Minutes – Does FC have a policy on retaining minutes?   To be investigated further                            Action: DW

CoopFunding – Asked to consider any projects for next years funding, any suggestions can be submitted to CC

BurghCollection – Leaflets distributed to group for information

SpeedPillows on Crail Road – Mutli Use Path Group are pursuing this matter.

Waid involvement – January meeting to be held at Waid.  Commitment from one Waid pupil to participate with CC, still vacancy for one other student.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 10th December, 7.30pm at Burgh Chambers

Silverdykes Liaison Committee – Report from 18/10/18

The chairman expressed his thanks and appreciation of Jim Braid’s contribution to the Committee.

Muir Homes are working to improve the quality of engraving on the four capstans.

Play area in the development is now under the factor’s maintenance responsibility.

A post was put on Cellardyke Facebook page during the summer to explain how the committee works, to update locals on present projects and to encourage new proposals for the 3rd and last tranche of the money.

Community Proposals for Section 75 Funds

A schedule of expenditure and allocations was issued by Alan Bisset and the completed projects expenditure was reviewed.

L Jones to ascertain the CC’s current position on the harbor telescope.

A Bisset to review design and cost of ramp into Bankie Park.

Dreelside Play Area – FC have committed funds to the redevelopment and an application will be lodged by a member of the public to the SLC for further funding.

Cellardyke Information Boards – Three designs are now complete and a further four are being completed.  The cost of completing these designs has been underwritten by the CRA to ensure this is completed.

Crawhill Woodland Path Bridges – Bridge 1has been repaired by FC.  The repair of bridges 2 and 3 to be discussed with Robbie Blyth of Fife Countryside Trust.

Kilrenny/Cellardyke War memorial access – Results of CC discussions are awaited by SLC

The floral display at St Andrews Road has not been completed.

Silverdykes Development

Sales Status

Private Housing          2 reservations              7 missived       185 completed

FC Housing                 57 completed

KHA                            58 completed

A design and build contract with KHA for 20 houses is currently in negotiation.

Next Meeting Thu 2nd December 2018

Report for MLT for 12/11/18

Grants were recently awarded to:-

East Neuk Lighthouse – to help fund their BIG 5 challenge Club in Anstruther Primary School

Waid Academy Drama Dept – to help fund their participation in the Shakespeare Schools Foundation.

Waid Art Dept – to help finance banners showing the artwork of the Waid pupils. These banners will be hung in the school atrium.

Waid Duke of Edinburgh Group – to help finance the pupil registrations to this scheme as FC is no longer funding this.

Action from Cycle meeting with KACCC 26th October 2018

  1. Check if 20mph limit on Crail Road could be speeded up somehow? – ER
  2. Send cost breakdown of Gray & Pringle Route to AP – GC
  3. Check if planning permission for old bus garage contained cycle access etc,, and/or contribution – ER
  4. Check sustrans study of paths passing schools – CvdL
  5. Add question about fence on bend, straight and/or possible bollards to safety review – GC
  6. Primary School Path / Safe Routes to School– Teacher Council members to ask head for update and profress on School TravelPlan.  GC to check with Marta Ramage  ** CvdL to send minutes of our meeting with school to GC to accompany this note.
  7. Bikeability – GC to check progress with training of trainers with Shealagh Crabb, and Parent Teacher Council members to confirm volunteer numbers at their next meeting.
  8. LED’s bought to warn of frost – GC to askFC why not been installed as originally intended.
  9. KACCC to help with consultation via social media.
  10. If ready, consult with KACCC next Jan/Feb


Lindsay McKinstray, Kevin Lancaster, Andy Peddie, Lorna Jones, Daryl Wilson, Gillian MacLaren, Gerald Cooper, Elizabeth Riches, Carl van der Lee