Community Council Minutes, October 2018

Royal Burgh of Kilrenny, Anstruther & Cellardyke Community Council Monday 8th October 7.30pm | Meeting called to order by Cllr John Docherty

In Attendance

Andrew Peddie, Lorna Jones, Gillian Maclaren, Lindsay McKinstray, Alex Hay, Don McKenzie, Karen Owen, Catherine Carter, Susan Gay, Kevin Lancaster, Cllr Linda Holt, Cllr Bill Porteous, Cllr John Docherty, one member of the public

Apologies: Daryl Wilson, Gail Sorley, Alistair McLeod

Election of Office Bearers

Cllr John Docherty opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and asked for nominations for the office bearer positions:

Chair- Andrew Peddie (proposed by Alex Hay, seconded by Don McKenzie)

Vice Chair- Gillian Maclaren (proposed by Andy Peddie, seconded by Kevin Lancaster)

Treasurer- Lorna Jones (proposed by Gillian Maclaren, seconded by Andy Peddie)

Secretary- Daryl Wilson (proposed by Lindsay McKinstray, seconded by Kevin Lancaster)


Andy Peddie took the chair and thanked Cllr Docherty for chairing the meeting this far. All members were welcomed and given an opportunity to introduce themselves.

Appointment of representatives

AP requested volunteers to undertake role of CC representative on other groups. A brief explanation of what each of the groups did was given and the following volunteers/proposals made:

Planning- Lindsay McKinstray & Catherine Carter

Murray Library Trust- Lorna Jones

Silverdykes Liaison Committee- Daryl Wilson, Lorna Jones, Susan Gay

Harbour- Don McKenzie

Floral Group- Lindsay McKinstray, Andy Peddie, Catherine Carter

Website/social media- Gail Sorley, Karen Owen (Gillian Maclaren, Daryl Wilson also to have access)

Multi Use Path Group- Alistair McLeod

Minutes of previous meeting

Amendment- Point 15: LJ pointed out that it was an error that Murray Library Trust was involved with the stained glass window from the Craw’s Nest.

Minutes (with amendment) proposed by AH, seconded by DMcK

Multi Use Path

AP advised that the Cellardyke-Kilrenny section had been completed. Kilrenny-Crail section was to go out for consultation. Current MUP group members are Carl Van Der Lee, Elizabeth Riches and Gerald Cooper.

KL raised some concerns with the path in its current state and quoted that it was originally set up to be safe and for all users. He distributed some photographs and annotated diagrams to CC members.

  • Cycle lanes at March Place: issues discussed- are fines imposable for parking on cycle lane? Is there sufficient room to overtake if parked vehicles on either side? Hatched area, if parked vehicle, children will be encouraged out onto road and will not be visible, safety compromised. Cllr Holt queried had permission been given by Fife Council, and if so then the necessary regulations will have been adhered to. AP believed it was Sustrans approved, KL stated that Sustrans did not deal with cycle paths for children at this stage, only older age groups. KL has been for a cycle with a child across the areas in question and found it to be both unsafe and concerning.
  • AP will ask MUP group to attend CC meeting to discuss options
  • KL asked whether the whitelines edging the path were Sustrans approved, and noted that the fencing stops before the bend heading towards Kilrenny. Several members agreed that this seemed at odds with the path being safe at that particular location.
  • ‘French drain’ at path leading to Primary School (from Crail Road entrance opposite Bankie Park) Path too narrow and the introduction of small stones which inevitably go onto the path is dangerous for users (scooter wheels etc. being caught on a stone). Cllr Docherty highlighted the issue this would cause for wheelchair users too.
  • Confusion over markings: KL suggested a single coloured line would be more suitable for users (especially children and visitors) and could be easily shown on maps etc. A secondary colour to indicate hazards would make the path safer.
  • AH queried if bollards around Bankie Park car park would deter large campervans which overhang the path considerably from parking there. Agreement from many that it is a very busy car park and large vehicles overhanging the pavement does cause a hazard. Cllr Docherty suggested the installation of a ‘No overnight parking’ sign. Cllr Holt advised that these have no legal enforcement. It was agreed that this may help deter some campervans/caravans from using the car park, and suggestions were made about how to alert campervan drivers to more suitable parking locations. Councillors to request signs?
  • AH suggested that the land adjacent to the fire station used to be HGV parking and was council owned. Cllr Holt advised that Fife Council provision would require toilets etc. so would not be feasible. She also advised that Fife Coast and Countryside Trust (FCCT)was working with Fife Council to establish a working group.

Councillor’s reports

AP interjected to check that councillors knew about the report from member of the public about the change in condition of the wall at St Ayles. Member of public notes the gap has increased and that there is a worrying slant to the wall. Councillors to pursue?

Cllr Docherty: All three councillors have been actively involved in the current Out of Hours campaign and hopes that the Integrated Joint Board will listen to the community. (AP thanked all three councillors and CC members for their input and support at the FSCHP meeting held at Waid last month).

Cllr Docherty advised that representatives of FHSCP have attended Glenrothes Area Committee twice but have not yet attended a single NE Fife Area Committee. Cllr Holt interjected to say that they have formally requested a meeting with Michael Kellett which they hope will be attended by GPs, press, elected members and the public.

Cllr Docherty advised that ‘The National’(SNP publication) had a table alongside the OOH campaign at the Coop and that they supported the campaign and encouraged the public to complete petition cards.

LMCK asked how many cards had been completed, GM said over 700 at Skeith Health Centre, about 500 more at COOP with many still to be collected and counted from other establishments. DW and GM will collect, count and write a response and letter on behalf of CC to FHSCP. Cllr Docherty suggested this was circulated to local press also.

Cllr Porteous advised that the Health Minister had attended a meeting in St Andrews where the issues were also raised.

Cllr Holt- informed the group that the councillors had attended assembly with senior pupils at the Waid about community councils and how they could get involved, there had been some interest from individuals. AP suggested that they could be co-opted as members of the CC and Cllr Holt will pass on the name so that AP can contact the school to invite the pupils who were interested.

Cllr Holt- spoke to head of housing regarding Mayview Flats, who acknowledged issues and apologized for lack of communication. They are looking at options but costs unknown at this stage. Structural surveyor attending late October and residents will be invited to a meeting mid-late November. Will go to a committee at later stage. KO asked if there had been a meeting with police about anti-social behavior. AP suggested community police can be invited to a CC meeting. Cllr Holt suggested a report can be sent if they can’t attend. AP will contact WPC Gill Tetlow and PC Lee Robb.

Cllr Porteous- stated that there had been little change since he attended Mayview Flats almost a year ago. Cllr Holt advised that she had chased up the broken window situation.

Cllr Porteous added (regarding the councillors visit to senior Waid pupils) details of an article from the Courier about a planning initiative involving youngsters in Glenrothes. He also highlighted the Indonesian Tsunami appeal and encouraged others to help if they were able to.


AP- Christmas

  • Members required for ‘TeamAnster’ committee. AP, LMcK, GM volunteered, AP to confirm date of next meeting.
  • Donation- AP asked LJ (treasurer) whether there was sufficient funding to make a donation to the town’s Christmas celebrations. LJ advised that as there was an underspend of last year’s grant due to timing of the payment, that there was money available. AP proposed that CC donated £300 which was agreed by members.

AP- links with Waid

  • Waid rector (Iain Hughes) has invited the CC to hold a meeting at Waid in November/December. The group agreed that this may help build links with the pupils who have shown interest in joining as co-opted members and may encourage others to attend. AP to confirm suitability of dates with Waid.

AP- Member of public

  • AP thanked Neil Anderson (who was in attendance) for his support. Mr Anderson has regularly attended CC meetings as a member of the public and his contribution is very welcome.

KL- Communication

  • KL proposed that communication with the community needs improved. Currently minutes are delayed in being circulated publicly, could draft minutes be published more timeously? AP agreed that there should be an effort on the part of all to have a tighter turn around of minutes. These should be sent to all CC members by email and period of 24 hours given to propose any amendments.
  • KO- has several ideas regarding social media presence she would like to share with the group, e.g. there should be photos of members available to make the group more accessible/approachable.KL agreed that the forming of a new committee was ideal opportunity to share the CC vision with the community.  AP suggested that the newly appointed Social media/online reps get together prior to next meeting to discuss options and ideas. GM to coordinate meeting between GS, KO, DW, GM within next two weeks.

KL- Funding

  • KL suggested that in order for the CC to be a mechanism to share the views of the community, there should be more access to funding to allow this (he used the current and previous postcard campaigns as an example, self-funded and donations from businesses to allow the items to be purchased). Cllr Docherty advised that the Community Empowerment Act should aid the CC with up to £5000 allocation dependent on size. Cllr Holt stated that councilors will try to advise of any other funding/grants available. Cllr Porteous shared an article from the Courier which stated that Fife Council funding for CC is 19p per head, whereas Dundee Council 1p per head. LJ confirmed that we do currently receive the grant and that the council are proactive in reminding groups to apply.
  • Training to be offered to CC members in November, as advised in acceptance information.

Cllr Docherty- Meeting night

  • Cllr Docherty advised that Pittenweem CC now meet on a Thursday evening which will make councillor’s attendance at both easier.

SG- Pyjama Party

  • SG questioned whether there isa need to pay for a professional face painter for the upcoming event (8 December) or if it would be more cost effective to buy supplies and volunteers do face painting/glitter tattoos. To be decided.

Cllr Porteous- Remembrance Day

  • Colin at Bereavement services has been in touch to ask for any requests/suggestions for areas to be attended to prior to 11/11 to be sent on ASAP.
  • AP- CC wreath will be laid by Martin Dibley.
  • Voucher will be purchased for piper (AP)
  • Donation to church to be actioned (LJ will check with Mary who cheque payable to and confirm amount)
  • Martin Dibley has actioned required permissions for procession.
  • LJ proposed that Fife Council provide a wreath this year as there was not one last year.
  • AH reminded the group that the starting time for the procession is 10.15am at Ladywalk House.

KO- cemetery fence

  • KO stated that there had been damage caused to the fence (vehicular damage?) and had yet to be repaired. Cllr Porteous asked for clarification of location. Councillors to pursue?

DMcK- Bridge at Old Mill Crawhill

  • DMcK has spoken to farmer and repairs scheduled for 25 October. (Possible FCCT involved in repair?) He suggested a ‘Danger’ sign required for bridge at Crawhill Woods. Councillors to propose?

Cllr Porteous indicated that he has already been in touch with FC about the Old Mill bridge.

GM- Benches beside public toilets

  • GM asked if anyone knew why the benches were cordoned off and had been for a few days. AH stated that they were being painted. Cllr Porteous suggested that there needs to be much better communication from the Council to let the community know about repairs, work being undertaken etc.

AP- New CC

  • AP thanked all members fort heir contributions, and he looks forward to working together.
  • Members encouraged to champion issues and take ownership of these, with support from Members.
  • AP reminded the group that they should make sure opinions they voice on behalf of the CC should be representative of the whole group and not personal opinions. Please seek the approval of the group before acting on behalf of the CC.

Next Meeting

12 November 2018- 7.30pm   Location TBC

Meeting closed at 9pm.