Community Council Minutes Sept.2018

Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.
Minutes  for the Monthly Meeting on Monday, 10th Sept.2018
at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie (chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley, Gail Sorley, Alex Hay, Gillian Maclaren, Daryl Wilson, Cllr. John Docherty, Cllr. Bill Porteous.

5 Members of the public.

  1. Welcome and Apologies. Andrew welcomed everyone to the last meeting of the present Community Council. Apologies Cllr Linda Holt,
  2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising.    Add John’s comments, approved by  Don and seconded by  Mary.
  3. Out of hours Healthcare . Daryl raised the issues of the out of hours. Circulated paper petitions. Public meeting 20th September at 6.45 in the Waid . A general discussion took place on how we  publicise this important issue. Agreed to circulate on social media, on and to send out a press release.
  4. Questions from the public. No questions from the public
  5. Planning issues.   The wall in East Forth Street is being rebuilt very slowly. No other outstanding issues relating to planning.
  6. Ongoing projects:
    1. Website. Gail: ongoing , renewals for subscriptions later in the year; Newsletter under way.
    1. Floral. Jim : Gold for the third year running, awarded at the ceremony in Glenrothes . Well done everyone. Carl asked for £100 for daffodil bulbs for along the latest stretch of the cyclepath . Agreed.
  7. Financial report. £57, 964.46  in the bank. Our monies is £1,193. Expenses:FVA for accounts £42.97, Dave’s Bike shed £253.15, watering plants  £256. Income from tins £87.32 ( corner shop). Bike in the park donations £86.57.
  8. Harbour issues. Don: lots of busses with tourists visiting. However a  Lack of toilet signs on the Shore directing people to the public toilets . Action Councillors.
  9. Secretaries report.
  10. CCelections.  The Community council has 14 nominations for 13 places so unless someone withdraws their nomination there will be a postal election on 4th October. The Current community council, with the exception of the office bearers, will therefore stand down on 3rd October and the new CC will convene on the 8th. If it’s not possible to convene on 8th I will put it back 7 days.  (should have the answer to that next week orso ). For election of office bearers one of the Fife  councillors will chair. Cllr John Docherty agreed to chair the meeting.
  11. Remembrance Sunday. This is on 11th November at Anstruther Church. The parade will start at Ladywalk House at 10.30 to the Church for the 10.45 Service. The parades license and TTRO has been applied for. Now need to locate a piper and some military persons!
  12. Christmas.TeamAnster is organising a Christmas  event on 7th December. Gail attended a meeting on behalf of the CC and proposed the Christmas party  for the 8th and we have asked the AIA if they can put on tabletop games on the Sunday. The idea being a weekend of events. Chris Lewis is hopefully providing a tree so hopefull
  13. the CC can put it up as we did last year?  Fife Council has said we can wire the tree in ourselves this year.  Fife council has provided a quote to put up the christmas motifs on the lamp standards at £115 per unit. So with 13 units that works out at £1800 in VAT, is this something the CC can afford?  Agreed to help put up the tree and wire it up.
  14. EastNeuk summer Newsletter.This briefly covers the summer programme that was run across the East Neuk run between Fife Council and the East Neuk centre.
  15. EastNeuk communities council group.
    1. The Year of Coast and Waters 2020.  St Monans Community council want to work with visit Scotland to designate the East Neuk as a destination area for food and drink in the Year of Coast and Water 2020. This is a real opportunity to highlight what the East Neuk has to offer .
    1. Development of a heritage network to support East Neuk tourism.  Elie Community council have developed an App to highlight the heritage throughout the East Neuk, with a view to develop tourism through the development of an East Neuk heritage Forum. 
    1. Out of Hours healthcare.  This invoked lively discussion including Community Councillors from St Andrews. It’s important that as many people as possible attend the public meeting on 20th at 6.45 in the Waid.
    1. Community empowerment act.  Janice laird and Sheena Watson gave a presentation on the Community empowerment  (Scotland ) Act 2015 and the Plan for Fife Local improvement plan 2017-2027.
  1.  Representation on other Groups
    1. Murray Library trustees. One tenant leaving soon , so a vacancy will arise.
      1.  Stained glass window from the Craws Nest, what can we do about this? Where could it go ?
    1. Silverdykes Liaison Committee.  Meeting 4th October. Still £100,000 of the section 75 monies  to be allocated  once all houses are sold. 18 Months to 2 years time  possibly.
  2. Councillors report.
    1. Thanks all CC members for all their work over the years and happy that the CC  is carrying on.
  • Cost of finial on Mercat Cross ongoing. Has to be assembled in warm weather due to lime mortar , so when will it go back?
    • Meeting about Mayview flats happening soon involving all three councillors , 19 families living there ?
    • St Monans CC with the help of Police Scotland will issue a door to door leaflet concerning reporting crimes. Its is not reported, it’s not logged , it’s not actioned.
  1. AOCB: 
    1. Members spoke about general crime and the perception that crimes are not being reported.
    1. E mails sent to the police are not regularly monitored. Please talk directly to our Councillors.
    1. Cuts to Secondary schools budgets, the vast majority to East Fife schools. Why us again?
    1. Andy spoke about the last four years on the Community Council, made good achievements, including floral enhancements, Citizen of the Year, etc.  Engagement with the community started poor but has improved greatly. Engaging with a possible developer and facilitating meeting with FHCP. There has been a change of Councillors and our new ones do very well. Thanked Lorna, Jim and Martin for their particular involvements with the CC. Jim thanked Andy for his excellent chairmanship over the last four years .
    1. Cllr John Docherty thanked members for all their hard work  and commitment to the community

Meeting closed  at 20.27