community council minutes september 2017

Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Minute a for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 11th September    2017  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley,    Gail Sorley ,  Alex Hay ,     Cllr Linda Holt, Cllr John Docherty, Cllr Bill Porteous. PC Gillian Tetlow, PC Susan Martin, John Easton ( Fife council ),

9 members of the public.

  • Welcome and Apologies.  Andy welcomed everyone to the meeting . apologies Ann Banks. In light of the local concerns and the number of public present Andy took the police report first , then the regular meeting and finished with the AGM. The police and  Cllr Holt left the meeting after item 3

Annual General meeting.

Cllr Docherty to Chair AGM

  • Chairman’s report.

I have really enjoyed the last year as chairman of the  CC.

Because our community consists of three distinct parts there is always a challenge in representing all the views but I believe we have worked well together and have been successful in that field.

The big successes for me have been as follows

The beginning of construction of the multiuse path which will eventually run from Pittenweem to Kilrenny

The coffee morning in Cellardyke church hall.

The citizen of the year award night

The gold gilt award in the Beautiful Fife awards

The formation of a local business association, Teamanster.

Hopefully they can help address the needs of local businesses in our community.

All these events have required hard work and people pulling together . They have been very successful and have raised our profile in the town. There are also several exciting projects ongoing which should be completed in the coming months.

The big challenges are more engagement with groups and individuals and more help with the big projects like the floral  effort in a town of 5000 it would be good to have around 50 people who would be willing to help from time to time. The Christmas celebrations in the town have been very low key. The big problems are  limited finance and limited volunteers. It would be good to work with  Teamanster to make better use of the recourses and make Christmas in the town more special.

I would like to thank the members of the CC for all their support.

  • Adoption of accounts.   Accounts were circulated at the previous meeting. Approved Andy and seconded Jim
  • Election of office bearers. Current office bearers elected en block

Regular monthly meeting.

  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising.  Prop Jim, seconded  Mary.
  • Police . To discuss recent issues.  Gillian introduced Susan Martin. Police contact e mails are :

And remind folks they can always call 101 or crimestoppers with information and can remain anonymous.

ALL Anti Social Behaviour call cards checked (302)

1 call regarding persons selling drugs from a property, 2 regarding a smell of cannabis coming from another property.

ALL concern for calls checked (77)

2 calls about persons being in a public space under the influence of alcohol or drugs, both calls Anon, no trace of the individuals in both cases.

  1. 6.20pm Tuesday 13th June 2.
  2. 04.14hrs Saturday 24th June

ALL assist members of the public calls checks (121)

1 call from a member of the public having found a needle lying on the footpath on Pittenweem Road Anstruther at 10.38pm Saturday 15th July. Needle kicked into the roadway, details passed to Environmental services.

ALL police information calls checked (70)

1 call regarding persons selling drugs from a property

ALL public safety calls checked (40)

None relating to drugs or drugs misuse.

Concerns about substance abuse etc. things happening but not a lot reported to police Scotland. Gillian knows of two needles reported. Needs more information to get a warrant, needs the community to help . Crimestoppers or 101.

Andy then asked John Easton for comment.  Unused kits found around  lover’s lane, Cunzie Street ,   and behind the rugby club. Nothing for 12 months except the needle in Bankie Park.  If anyone finds anything the Council will come out within two hours or if needle safe, 24 Hours.   It was agreed to put phone number on

Questions were then opened up to the room.

  •  Crime Levels ? Crime levels the same as last year.  Both officers spend all day in the east neuk. More actual hours than before police scotland came into being.
    1. Pick up time for needles two hours ( two council staff for Fife )
    2. Coffee with cops at the Waid academy  for an hour every Thursday. Also attends some local coffee mornings.
    3. Staffing on night shift?  Down to Response units .
    4. Cllrs Holt and Porteous both stressed the need to give information to the police.

Andy wound up the discussion thanking everyone for raising these important issues.

  • Questions from the Public.  Several dog owners commented on dog walking  at Waid Academy. This relates to an e mail from Andrew Stokes following the last meeting . Alex  commented he was a very responsible dog owner. Jim commented that other dog owners were not responsible and this was not a dog exercise area. A discussion took place. To ascertain what the actual concerns are it was agreed to write to Andrew Stokes Action Martin.

            Jim asked about land for sale in Lindsay Berwick Place.   Apparently This has now been  withdrawn from sale.  Discussion took place on who owns or controls this land. Residents may now consult a solicitor.  

  • New Members.  Any volunteers??
  • Planning Report. No report
  • Fife councillors report.
  • Cllr Porteous commented on attracting new members.
  • Cllr Docherty commented that bin calendars are now online only. Paper  copy  03451 550022. Action fraud scam from Royal Mail.0208 number.
  • Cllr attending meetings. One Councillor will attend each meeting, Cllr Holt will attend every meeting at some point. It will not be possible for one Councillor  to attend for the whole meeting.
  • Ongoing projects:
  • Cycle Route. Letter from Elizabeth Riches. Andy to volunteer to represent the CC.
  • Banners.  Not punchy enough . any ideas
  • Telescope. Letter needed for Christine Palmer to move this forward. Action Martin
  • Website.   Work with teamanster to develop the project
  • Floral . Won Gold again.  Going to invite everyone involved to the next meeting.
  • Financial  Report.  

Bank balance at end of August : £61,256.29 ( mainly monies held for cycleways project )

Hanging baskets on folly – 6 baskets to be paid for by MLT

   10 baskets to be paid for by donations from public. JB paying this invoice

   4 baskets donated by Pathhead

Invoice for Christmas tree installation and removal 2016 –  FC have agreed to reduce the cost of the invoice. A new invoice to be sent.

Jim Coleman of FC has recommended that a fixed invoice price should be agreed with FC for 2017.

Dance Festival : the total cost for the festival was £2,307.80 which gave a deficit of £167.80.

Elizabeth Gordon (Community Kist ) agreed to £167.80 being transferred from the money she had donated to the floral account, to cover this deficit.

  • Harbour issues. Pontoons finished. Coaches only signs still to be done.
  • Secretary’s report .
    • The new Traders association is now established in Town.
    • We have received a letter from Elizabeth Riches on behalf of the cycleways group.
    • ENCC group me last Thursday .
      • ENCAP update, The group are looking for communities to start their action plans
      • ENFR update,  Gillian gave her detailed update
      • New Community Development manager, Sheena Watson introduced herself along with Tessa Sim the new Community Education worker. Basically Sheena will now incorporate Fiona Mitchell’s role into her current role.
      • Zycle paths update.  Carl have a detailed update
      • Councillor Holt commented on attendance at Community council meetings. Finding it difficult to attend more than one CC meeting in a night.
  • RBS mobile bank. The timings for the mobile bank are causing some concern. Martin will meet with RBS tomorrow to discuss the situation.
  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees. Jo Mc farlane now installed in one of the units .
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.

Siverdykes Play Area works to commence on 21st August 2017.

Section 75 Refunds

Crawhill Bridges – awaiting FC action.

Billowness and Windmill Court Play Equipment – projects have been tendered with an excess of £10,000 compared with contribution recommended. It was decided to recommend that the extra cost be funded.

Anstruther telescope – recommended contribution confirmed as £5,500 subject to planning consent.

Information Boards for Cellardyke – have received planning consent.

Issues Relating to Work on Silverdykes Development

Sales status Private Housing Reserved  7 Missived  2 Settled  150

FC Housing Settled 57

KHA Settled  44 Contract  14

Further contract for 20 units being discussed between Muir and KHA.


G Jones will act as chairman for next meeting, thereafter the election of chairperson to be discussed by CRA and CC.

G Jones proposed that the present co-opted members be invited to continue in their role. This was accepted by committee.

Improvement to etching to plaques to be undertaken by Muir Homes.

FC has still to replace Elizabeth Riches who was their representative on the committee and reported back to FC after each meeting.

DONM  Thursday 5th October 2017

  • AOCB.
    1. Mary asked about  car park charging, is it true that Fife Council will charge for  St andrews road car park . Martin commented that this had been rumored and Cllr Holt was investigating.
    2. Alex: HGV accessing primary school  via the Wide Entrance  also abuse of disabled bay at the Waid..

After a very full meeting the Chairman close it at 9.45