consultation on Replacement care home

Royal Burgh of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council response to consultation on Replacement for Ladywalk House, Anstruther.


The Community Council appreciates the logic in building within Bankie Park and returning an equal sized space to parkland after the build, and are aware of support for this within the Town , however it is plainly clear that a substantial number of the community do not agree with this scenario and will oppose it vigorously if it ever became the prefered site and went forward through the planning process.

We therefore ask that Fife Healthcare Partnership fully explore the other sites and even consider sites outwith Anstruther itself.

Of the current list of sites,  we now know that Pittenweem Road is sold subject to a  successful planning application, so that’s basically off the table . If it were to ever come back as a  possible site for some reason, we suggest extending the site into the farmers field to make the site viable.

The two green field sites owned by landowners we still believe are not viable , not only on cost but the Community is opposed to any further residential development over and above the  Silverdykes development that is currently underway . We believe that these two sites would attract residential developers which are not what the Town wants.

The flats site we believe is not viable as their future is uncertain. We appreciate that they currently have a bit of a bad reputation so there is a lot of local views that to demolish the flats will  get rid of the antisocial element. However these are people’s homes and surely with the current housing shortages there must be a better solution to our housing problems than demolition .

We would be very reluctant to see the new care home built outwith Anstruther but within the East Neuk, but we believe this option needs exploring. We must emphasise that to build Ladywalk’s replacement outside the East Neuk would be unacceptable.

This leaves us with what the Community Council believes is a viable site that would receive widespread community support , The Skeith Site.  We appreciate that a single storey build may not fit but as Willow nursing home is two storey we see no real issue making Ladywalk two storey . As for not having  a private home next to a Council home we cannot see that this is a real issue. Having the GP surgery and the NHS clinic next door is surely a positive to this site.

The big issue we understand is the cost of purchasing  the site and that it will have to come out of the total £6.1 Million budget. We are led to believe that the purchase of the site is in the region of £150,000 a not insignificant sum.  At the Community council meeting it was noted that demolition costs for Ladywalk would be in the region of £70,000 , a cost which would be saved, so that’s nearly 50% of the land purchase costs.  It was also stated at the Community council meeting that if the home was built outwith Bankie Park , Ladywalk could be put up for sale if no other Fife council service wanted it . It is to us fairly feasible to believe that the sale of this site would easily cover the remainder of the Skeith site purchase costs.


In conclusion the Community Council fully supports the building of a replacement care home in Anstruther but is concerned that the strength of feeling about the Bankie Park Site will make it very difficult for Fife Council to pursue this through the planning process. We therefore urge Fife Healthcare partnership to actively re-evaluate the other sites suggested, especially Skeith Health Centre ,   and explore any other possible sites that may be available in the area.