Dancers from Scotland, Croatia and Majorca will be stepping out on the Anstruther harbour-front “folly”  — and inviting onlookers to join in the lively footwork — on Thursday,  July 20, beginning at 4 pm.

The 24th Dunedin International Folk Dance Festival will be coming to Anstruther – the first time such a visit will be made.

Scottish country dance group favourites performing  are the Dunedin Dancers,  Edinburgh University New Scotland Dancers, and the Kinfauns Step Dancers (whose specialty is the traditional Shetland and “clogging” style of dance).

Croatia’s Varazdin Folk Dance Ensemble was formed in 1998 to protect, save and perform Croatian traditional culture, folk dances,  songs and music – all performed to live music in authentic, hand-made traditional costumes.

Majorca’s Balladors des Raiguer is a newer (formed in 2015) but no less talented group of musicians and dancers who have sharpened their musical skills by performing in other groups.

Like the group from Croatia, they are also tasked with protecting and preserving  aspects of the  traditional culture of the “Raiguer” region of Majorca.  Dances performed are from this specific region of the island, and costumes imitate those of the eighteenth century until the beginning of the twentieth century.

Anstruther’s  dance festival begins at 4pm at The Waid as The City of St. Andrews Pipe Band escorts the dance groups down to the folly, and then gives a brief performance.  Thereafter, each dance group takes to the stage to perform for 35 minutes.

Opening dance performers will be the Dunedin Dancers and the Edinburgh University New Scotland Dancers.  They are followed by the Kinfauns Step Dancers,  Croatia’s Varazdin Folk Dance Ensemble,  and Majorca’s Balladors des Raiguer Dancers.

Concluding the evening will be a ceilidh whereby on-lookers are invited dance along with the dance group members, and gentle guidance will be given to enable everybody  to  try some simple country dances under the summer skies that night.

In the event of rain, the event will be held at the Anstruther Town Hall. This visit to Anstruther is sponsored by the Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny Community Council , with additional donations from The Spindrift Guest House, and Bill and Beth Kennaway.

The Folk Dance Festival is making a tour of Scotland, and in addition to Anstruther, will be visiting Edinburgh, Perth, The Falkirk Wheel and The Kelpies, and Stirling Castle.