Digital Workshops, Super-Fast Broadband, to East Neukers

Computers running at a slow speed, and digital-unfamiliar folks can improve their technology situation by using several websites which will “bring them up to speed….”

Digital Scotland is partnering with Business Gateway to offer two workshops in Dundee, aimed primarily at internet businesses. One workshop helps with improving a business’s  paid advertising effectiveness and digital marketing strategy (Wed., Feb. 28, 9:30-12:30).  The other workshop on data analytics helps you monitor/track/analyse  user activity on a business website, then use this information to improve the effectiveness of that website (Fri., March 16, 9:30-12:30).  Prior-registration is required, and booking/further information can be obtained by calling Business Gateway (01382-843016) or visiting, or

Broadband availability and speeds can be checked by visiting the Digital Scotland site ( to see if your area has been upgraded to fibre optic cabling. By plugging in a landline phone number, or your postal code, you will then learn if superfast broadband is available to you, and what the exchange is that you’re connected to.  You can then upgrade by contacting your internet service provider, or even switching to another ISP.  Faster downloads equals better service and possibly less expensive computer use charges–not bad!!