Feb.2019 Community Council Minutes

Monday 11th February 2019, 7.30pm — Meeting called to order by Chairman Andy Peddie

Attending: Andy Peddie. Lorna Jones, Gillian Maclaren, Lindsay McKinstray, Catherine Carter, Susan Gay, Ali McLeod, Karen Owen, Cllr Porteous, Cllr Docherty, Cllr Holt. Two RBS reps, one member of the public.

Apologies: Daryl Wilson, Kevin Lancaster, Alec Hay, Don McKenzie, Gail Sorley, PC Tetlow.

Minutes of last meeting, and matters arising:
Treasurer report- hall hire for CC meetings, not Christmas party; Damage to coastal path wall reported two years ago, not last year; Minutes proposed by Lindsay and seconded by Lorna; Matters arising dealt within secretary’s report; Lorna stated that the leak at the toilets near Cellardyke bathing pool had been attended to.

Royal Bank of Scotland representatives: Andy welcomed Chris (community banker for North Fife) and Alan (Mobile van customer service manager) and thanked them for attending. Following on from a consulta-tion session held earlier in the year, Chris had taken on board feedback and explored issues raised. He indicated that he hoped this coming year would see him more present in the community. Alan stated that regular customers at the van (25-30 per week) were satisfied with the service as it is and it was not busy enough to warrant a return to the twice weekly visit from the mobile banking van. Both were keen to share information about services that can be provided at Post Office and encourage customers to use this service where possible. Changes late last year mean payments using debit cards at Post Office are processed instantly whereas pay in books take longer. There are plans to roll out an electronic service to pay in cheques via mobile app, work ongoing.

CC members commented that communication with the community needs to be better and this is something Chris is keen to take forward. He is actively looking for locations to use which are accessible to all. Andy asked Alan to revisit the option of having the mobile banking van more centrally at the folly. CC members accept there are connectivity issues but think the location would be better than the current one if these issues could be addressed.

Chris acknowledged that the two cash machines in the town are both the same supplier so if one goes down, both do. Option to get cashback (up to £50) at Co-op and there is an additional ATM in A&A stores (fee levied?) too. Alan suggested that any local business who would like to look into possibi-lity of having an RBS ATM within their business should make contact directly with him in the first instance so feasibility can be explored.

Questions From the Public: No questions from the public.

Martin Dibley told the group that Team Anster (local business group) did not have enough office bearers to continue at this stage. Cllr Holt has emailed traders seeking support and volunteers. As Team Anster has two ongoing projects (map in leaflet form and static maps located centrally) Martin queried whether a sub group of CC should be tasked with taking this forward. Andy suggested that it would be advisable to wait for local traders to respond and show willing to be on a group first. It was agreed that Martin should forge ahead with getting the maps printed at this stage as the funds were there for it and the work was already underway. Cllr Holt asked which businesses should be on the map; in order to promote the town as a destination, the response was that all businesses should be listed. Martin indicated the Harbour Festival committee had committed to undertake distributing maps across Scotland and it was agreed that there was a need for the maps to be distributed further afield this year. Plan would be that the map and website should run alongside each other in future years as an online presence is required. Cllr Porteous commented that 2020 is the ‘Year of Coast and Water’ and that provided opportunity for links with Visit Scotland. 10,000 maps produced last year and same planned for this year. £1600 allocated to this from Team Anster funds. Andy suggested that due to lack of treasurer, Team Anster funds should be held by CC and ringfenced, this was agreed. ACTION: Martin Dibley

Martin also indicated that the East Neuk Community Council meeting will take place 27 February at New Town Hall, Pittenweem and is open to all CC members and the public. Agenda items include Out of Hours Service update, Cemeteries, 20mph limits and a rep from Fife Council to talk about new playpark strategy. Refreshments provided.

Report from Community Police: PC Tetlow sent her apologies along with a report. There have been 11 crimes reported in the Anstruther area in the last six weeks, including concern for person, road traffic matters etc. Community police have been present at Waid and primary school at start/end of school day in response to complaints about parking and speeding. ‘Pop up bairns’ (signs) will be utilized soon too. Leaflet drop carried out in Mayview area before Christmas with contact details to report concerns but as yet there has been no responses. Shift patterns due to change shortly to allow for more evening and weekend patrols. Any concerns should be forwarded to the community police. Lorna queried skip at top of Rodger St and difficulties it is posing for drivers at roundabout.

Secretary’s Report:

Skeith Medical Centre: letter sent re: concerns over availability of appointments. Response received 9/2/19 highlighting issues and steps taken to alleviate problems. Calls can now be made from 2pm in the afternoon and appointments made for up to one week in advance. GPs continue to have increased workload due to restructure of health care and the resources and support have not been matched. This is a nationwide issue and there is real possibility that GP vacancy created by upcoming retirement may not be filled. CC acknowledge that the GPs and staff are working very hard but are very stretched and appreciate that they are taking steps to continually review and assess/improve service. Copy of letter to be shared via social media. Action: DW/GM

Damaged sea defences at Kilrenny Mill: Coastal team leader Robbie Blyth undertaken further site visit (1/2/19) and advises gabion baskets installed approx. 15 years ago by contractors on behalf of Scottish Water to facilitate safe access to the assets just beyond the site, however they do not own the land. Currently awaiting more correspondence from Scottish Water before matter can be taken forward.

Anstruther.info website: Letter sent to 125 businesses based in the burgh inviting them to participate in new website at cost of £20 per year. To date, approx. 10 completed applications already received and others will be given a period of time before being followed up. Action: DW, GM

Governance: Fife Council (8/2/19) to email all CCs with handouts re: governance issues as per training held centrally. Topics include role of office bearers, expectations of CC, order of meetings, complaints procedures etc. Daryl will forward to all and requests that all CC read through these prior to next meeting. Three members have declaration forms still to return and must do so as a matter of urgency.
Action: DW, all CC members

Roadworks: email sent to local councilors to advise CC concerns re: lack of strategic overview concerning ongoing SGN roadworks, planned road repairs to Cunzie St, Burial Brae and the impact this is having on community, safe routes to school etc.

Three transactions totaling £294.34 this month; flower bulbs (Ali McLeod) and two payments to Pathhead from items purchased last year.

Urgent Care Design (NHS): Email received from FH&SCP requesting date to meet with CC. Action: GM to propose Tuesday 19th/Tuesday 26th at 7.30pm

Treasurer’s Report: Balance at end Jan £56,809.03 Mileage claim of £92.40 to G Cooper for Multi-Use Path group meetings and workshops.
ENCT £112.20 for hall hire (CC meetings and Christmas party). Cost breakdown from Gail re: Christmas party expenditure to come. Forms to change signatory on bank account have been sourced. All agreed to remove A Banks as signatory and Daryl Wilson to be new signatory added. Action: DW to complete forms

Councillor’s Reports:

Cllr Holt shared response from Fife Council re: roadworks. She will reply asking for more notification and to highlight areas yet to be completed (East Forth St).

Tenants and Residents Association meet Wednesday 20th February and hope to form a committee. This is open to all of the local community, not just council tenants and participation encouraged.

Cllr Porteous Met with FC re: request for disabled parking aby at Anstruther Town Hall. FC agreed this can go ahead and Cllr Porteous will continue to monitor this. FC stated that ENC private land so they have no jurisdiction over whether an additional disabled bay is allocated.

Mercat Cross update: stone mason in final stages of carving griffin and should be returned to depot 8/2. Further repairs underway and expect Mercat Cross to be reinstated mid March although no confirmation of date as yet.

FC have issued recycling information booklets to households regarding new rules for what can go in each bin.

Cllr Porteous shared copy of St Monans and Abercrombie Community Action Plan. Andy indicated that this is something our CC should be looking to pursue and will require work of all members. Cllr Holt shared example of Crail charrette, and how they are working closely with FC planning developers. Crail have drop in and workshops planned for Wed 13th February, all welcome. Cllr Porteous shared that some East Neuk communities were awarded grants of £25, 000 under the Scottish Govt. ‘Making Places’ initiative, and there was discussion of funding sources to go towards external facilitators if that was an avenue our CC chose to explore.

Cllr Porteous highlighted that there was a possibility the stretch of Multi Use Path from The Spindrift to Pittenweem has scope to be completed in 2019 but needs volunteers to push this forward. He will assist his and encourages volunteers.

Cllr Docherty: Cllr Docherty has undertaken training with ‘Dementia Friends Scotland’ and is happy to assist any residents who may benefit from support.

Murray Owen has been elected as Waid rep for CC and will be attending future meetings. He has already planned a forum to gain opinions of peers prior to next CC meeting.

Cellardyke Harbour: Defibrillator — Gillian from First Responders contacted CC to say a member of the public was fundraising for a defibrillator to be located near Cellardyke harbor and sought assistance of CC in finding a suitable location. Must have electricity supply. CC members queried whether planning permission was required and who would be responsible for maintaining it? Suggestion of locations included The Haven. CC to write to Haven owners to seek opinion on whether they would agree to a defibrillator. being located on their building and provide electricity. Action: DW

Planning Issues:
Mayview house/Fire Station– planning for dwelling house and access. No concerns raised. South Waid– alteration to number of apartments within footprint. No concerns raised. East Green: Planning application for 12 flats in a three storey building. CC have requested to be statutory consultees. Members present felt the plans were not sympathetic and in keeping with the style and area, were too high and did not have adequate parking for planned occupancy. CC members encouraged to look at plans and forward feedback to Lindsay to collate response. Action: all members, LMcK

Representation from Other Groups:

OOHS: next meeting 20th February, Andy, Gillian and Daryl unable to attend but will get feedback from others. CC to contact Urgent Care review re: date to meet, either 19/26 February. Action: GM

Social media group: Website review ongoing and planning to meet with two separate developers to in order to make informed decision about moving forward with new site (James Glen/Playfair).

Murray Library Trust: Annual Public meeting will be held 5 March at 7pm. Will likely comprise of a presentation of the start of regeneration process to now and Q&A session. All welcome. Next group meeting Friday 15/2.

Grant given to Waid Art Department for banners to display artwork, these are now in the atrium and are very effective.

Floral group: Lindsay and Andy met with Kate Anstruther from AIA; she is keen to apply for Co-op grant and will do so when applications open. Ali met with FC rep re: bulb and tree planting and all agreed it would be good for groups to work closely and will be good t provide opportunities for community involvement. Susan asked if there was anything planned for wildflower meadow at Bankie Park. Lindsay explained that the group involved with this (Bugslife) had been disappointed that FC had not main- tained the area as per the agreement and assurances had been given that the area would be better this year. Lindsay will speak to Sarah Highes who dealt with Bugslife last year during Keep Bankie Park Green campaign. Cllr Docherty happy to support with encouragement to FC if required. Next meeting will be March, date tbc. Action: LMcK

Multi Use Path group: Group continues to liaise with FC to pursue outstanding issues. All acknowledge that this is a lengthy and somewhat frustrating process.

Silverdykes Liaison committee: meeting held 7/2/19

2. Matters Arising

Cellardyke whalebones:  in the possession of the Fisheries Museum, who hoped to be able to obtain cast copies for display in the museum at an estimated cost of c. £51000.  The committee decided to await developments and further progress by Malcolm MacDonald on his proposal.

Dreelside Playpark:  a formal proposal was still awaited.  Alan Bisset would investigate.  The committee were meantime broadly in favour of the concept.

Kilrenny War Memorial Access:  Alan and Dorothea had met with Sarah Johnstone, Fife Council Access officer to discuss options for disabled access, re a pending proposal from Dorothea. A red blaise  type path is feasible, between the memorial and the access to the private Silverdykes  holiday park access  road. Glenn explained that this is a new private  road, and not to be confused with the right of way path, known as the Waur Path, behind Pickford Crescent.  The owner, Andrew Peddie, would be consulted prior to any further action by Alan/Sarah

4.  Community proposals for use of Section 75 funds: An updated schedule of expenditure and allocations was issued by A Bisset.  The only update was that £800 had been paid for the completed designs for the information boards, which were now in the possession of Fife Council.

Application pending approval:-

Anstruther Harbour Telescope: No further progress had been reported.  The chairman observed that unless some progress was reported soon on this, the committee should consider reallocating the reserved funds.

Projects Update:

Cellardyke Information Boards:   As above. Alan was proceeding with obtaining tenders for the manufacture and installation of the boards.

Old Dreel Burn Ford Crossing: A proposal for developing an information/picnic area on common ground adjacent to the crossing has been received from the Allotment Group, and received an initial discussion.  £20,000 was being requested.  The committee were broadly in favour of the suggestion, but suggested a site visit and more detailed plans for the next meeting.  The chairman had made it clear that any new proposals received before the payment of the final tranche of £100,000 could only receive provisional support from the SLC.

Community Consultation on the final tranche: Various ways of inspiring provisional proposals from the community for the final tranche of £100,000 will be explored:  social media, press article, posters, letters, etc were suggested.  A news item would be placed on the anstruther.info website – though this was known to be under re-development.  Action:  GJ

Crawhill Woodland Path – Bridges: Bridges 2 and 3:  the chairman had discussed with Robbie Blyth his proposals for replacing the bridges with stepping stones, and was awaiting progress.  Alan agreed to liaise with Robbie on this.

5.Issues relating to work on the Silverdykes Development: Silverdykes Play Park:  Daryl had forwarded complaints from a resident about the condition of this new facility.  These had been previously circulated to the committee.  Issues cited  included   insufficient painting of redwood fencing, some post caps with only one nail or screw now on the ground, leaning trees, dead trees  and mixed densities of trees.  Some parts of the fence were apparently missing.  The chairman had asked David for his comments.   

Date of next meeting:  4th April 2019 at 18.15 in Cellardyke Lower Town Hall.

AOCB: no matters arising.

Date of next Community Council meeting: Monday 12th March, 7.30pm. Venue TBC

Meeting closed 9.35pm