febuary cc minutes

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.minutes for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 12th February  2018 at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.

Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair), Jim Braid, Don Mckenzie,  Mary Thomson, Martin Dibley, Gail Sorley , Alex Hay ,   Cllr Bill Porteous. Mr Anderson, PC Gillan Tetlow, Amy ( Waid Congress)

Welcome and Apologies. Andy welcomed everyone to the meeting especially Amy from waid congress. Apologies from Lorna Jones Cllr John Docherty,Cllr Linda Holt

Police Report : Gillian: thefts at the coop ( school age ) will work with the School. Vandalism, tyre slashings, broken windows etc. talk to schools on drug issues etc. road safety.  Reports of Boy racers around skeith centre being a bit noisy. Possibly they are just looking for somewhere to meet up and not aware they are causing some local concerns.

Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising. Propised by Mary and seconded by  Don

  • Questions from the Public. No questions
  • New Members.  ongoing
  • Council Play Parks . ( Cllr Bill Porteous )  met with Allan Bissett on play parks in East Fife . We have nine play parks in the Town .  Of those , St Ayles , Mayview and March Crescent will not be upgraded and eventually be removed as the equipment deteriorates. They will then revert to grassed areas. Does the community have a view on this?
  • Planning Report.
  • The main planning application this month appears to be the redevelopment of South Waid into housing. This is seperate from the Main waid building on which discussions between Fife Council and the developer are ongoing.

Kathryn Shearer has raised concerns about building works at  a property in George Street Cellardyke. Jim went and had a look at the building. There was some discussion on this as it was difficult to know if the concern was about work being carried out or wether the concern was about work being carried out without planning permission. It was agreed to write to Planning to get clarification.

Mercat Cross: Ongoing very slowly. Cllr Bill Porteous.

Ongoing projects:

  • Cycle Route.
  • The cycle sub committee wish to raise concerns about speeding traffic coming into Anstruther from Pittenweem road .  Cllr Porteous reported that a road speed survey is to be undertaken.

Traffic calming on Crail road. The proposed calming measures are with Fife council for consideration. The possibility of 20MPH limit and speed humps have still to be discussed in detail. This has been “ under consideration for 15 months “

Cllr Porteous reported on a meeting  that took place concerning the proposed route cycle route round the industrial estate. Nothing resolved as yet.

Cllr Bill Porteous will look at all these issues and look for progress

  • Telescope. Met Moir Gibson:
  • , Liked the idea of a money post. Agreed to go ahead. Action Andy
  • Telescope :not keen to put it at the harbourmaster office. Possible at the Lifeboat shed.
  • Will have nothing to do with CCTV.  apparently the harbour users do not want it and there is virtually no crime at the Harbour.
  • Website. TeamAnster are looking at working with others to develop a marketing strategy for the Town which will include Town Map and an interactive website, integrating with social media etc. Gail asked for guidance on how to go forward. Allan Stewart needs to be paid. Traders need to be contacted to upgrade their info and those who have not paid need to pay up. Action Gail. It was agreed to work with the traders on rejuvenating the web site once they had discussed how they are proceeding.

Financial  Report. With the Treasurer absent the following information was tabled:

Cash in bank 29/01/18 £58,984.25, of this only just over £1,300 is CC funds

Floral fund £2442.57

Cycle path £49,772.79

Other monies include Website, Xmas party, Xmas tree, Telescope and St Andrews Road floral.

Cheque to Gail £113.58 and Hall hire £82.50  still to be paid. This leaves the Christmas party fund in credit by £126.83

Secretaries report.

Everything sent to us has been forwarded via email.

Does the CC support the East Neuk community Councils group? Yes

We appear not to be included in consultation on works at Dreelside in which the footpath has been temporarily closed  and a proposal to make Bankwell Road one way. We were very much an afterthought in being invited to the opening of the New Waid. Is out new administration  ignoring Community Councils? Cllr Porteous to investigate.

Harbour issues. Don working on getting coach lines refreshed on the Harbour.

  • Representatives on other Groups.
  • Murray Library Trustees.  AGM friday 16th February at 7pm in the Murray Library
  • Silverdykes Liaison Committee.  Jim: Met on 1st February. Last phase of construction , two to three years . transferred 14 units from Fife Council to Kingdom housing.
  • AOCB.

Amy: Spoken about the opening of the school which everyone likes. One slight issue is that sound travels round the building so if a baby cries in the canteen or some pupils get noisy everyone hears them!  Cllr Porteous commented on the lack of rubbish bins at the bus stop area.  Amy commented that this was an issue. Cllr Porteous to investigate

Mary: someone is attempting to close a right of way in Cellardyke.  Apparently they are blocking the path with a car and can be quite rude to anyone walking past. Can anything be done?

Brown info sign for the fisheries museum missing on Pittenweem road. Mary to Contact the Museum

Close of meeting  at 21.17