Fife Councillor’s Report as of Oct. 12, 2015

The following Councillor’s Report was presented by Cllr. Elizabeth Riches at the Anstruther Community Council meeting held on Monday, Oct. 12, in the Burgh Chambers of the Anstruther Town Hall:

  1. Update on zebra crossing proposals.  In order for a slight build out to be accommodated on the north side of the pavement on Shore Street, opposite the toilets, one parking space will be lost as well as one either side of this.  At the other end of the street the proposal shows the widened pavement extending to No. 45. The Anstruther Fish Bar is No. 44. If the pavement were to be widened further west to cover this doorway another parking space will be lost.
  2. Repair of bridges.  Three bridges have been inspected in order to plan repairs to them. The first, just north of Milton Cottage, takes vehicles and pedestrians and is on the core path network and funds will be available for this bridge. The other two are pedestrian bridges near the Community Wood near Crawhill. Funding will need to be sought for these and help from the army at Leuchars for construction. Farmers are to be consulted on how to gain access for the repairs.
  3. Waid replacement works.  Working hours are from 7:30am to 6pm Mondays to Friday;    8 am to 4pm on Saturdays with no working on Sundays at all.  These hours are longer than would be normal for a construction site. The Public Protection team have assessed these hours with regards to the site and the distance from properties and have judged them to be appropriate but they will be subject to review.  The construction company BAM are aware of busy times for the school and for local traffic and will endeavour to avoid deliveries and extra traffic that may cause problems.  The all-weather pitch has already been taken up and will be out of use until early next year. The replacement pitch will be bigger and fitted to a higher standard for use for rugby and football, after consultation with the community users.