Funbox Highland fling

Hoots mon and help ma boab! Take the high road (or the low road) and get roamin in the gloamin for Funbox’s brand new show. Join Anya, Kevin and Gary and Bonzo the dog as they take a trip to the Highlands of Scotland to battle midgies, become monarchs of the glen and hear the skirl of the bagpipes in their latest singalong adventure. There’s silliness galore and songs to sing in this crazy new show for 2017. You’ll need to help us get the Funbox open – which contains everything you need to sing a song or have an adventure – but which of our special keys should we use? You may even be lucky enough to help the gang on stage!
Packed with family favourites like ‘Shove yer granny aff a bus’, ‘ Tattie Soup’ and ‘The midgies are comin ‘, as well as brand new songs, Highland Fling is the perfect treat for kids of all ages – from nought to ninety
Wear something Tartan and join the hoolie

Anstruther Town Hall

Sunday 4th June 2017

1pm and 3.30pm

Tickets available from

If possible please do not bring pushchairs or prams, if needed they must fold for easy storage.
For those who require additional assistance, please contact us before the event.