Garden of Oz Successfully Opens!

Under bright sunny skies on Wednesday, July 5, the Garden of Oz at Ladywalk (around from the nursing home, next to the East Neuk Centre building) had an enjoyable turn-out for its’ unveiling.  A variety of photos can be viewed on Facebook if you missed the festivities!

The Garden is a safe, enclosed area (no kids running into traffic!) with a rainbow-painted seating bench, bubble-gum-pink tree stump chairs for little ones, an Emerald City hands-on board for little ones to play with and make noise with, and colourfully painted flower pots hung on a wall. The Garden is overseen by a Tin Man (who DOES have a heart!!) and the Scarecrow who wanted a brain.  Flowers make for a colourful area and wee ones can play on the grass and make new friends.

The young members of the Tuesday Task Force worked on the project over several months, carefully planning the design, raising and soliciting money to fund the Garden, and the result is imaginative, shows hard work and creativity, and will appeal to all ages. “Dorothy” and “Toto made guest appearances yesterday — Dorothy wearing her red sparkly heels! — and gave a thumbs-and-paws-up to the final result.

Support from Anstruther and Celladyke in Bloom, East Neuk Centre Trust and the Community Council was provided, along with support from Tesco, who was represented by “Elaine”.  Pat Lawson, 2017 Anstruther Citizen of the Year and Alex Sutherland, youth worker with Fife Council, were an integral part of this whole project, providing support and guidance to the youth group as their idea — a very welcome addition to the community life of Anstruther — became a reality.

AFTERNOTE:  Unfortunately, some mild vandalism occurred in the garden overnight, and the police are now investigating. Straw from the Scarecrow was pulled out,  the head of the Tin Man was knocked off, and some trampling took place.  As this is a COMMUNITY garden for the especial use and enjoyment by KIDS,  information about this vandalism would be appreciated and should be called into the police or emailing information to the Anstruther Community Council,  or mailing ACC c/o Pets Pantry in the High Street, Anstruther.