Hungry Seagulls + Overloaded Bins = Harbourside Mess

The popular seaside areas of the East Neuk are inviting not only to visitors who spend time and enjoy these spaces, but seagulls who are by no means shy in getting what they want.

And what they want tends to be the remains of meals stuffed into trash bins, but then pulled out by the seagulls.  As seagulls are known for not cleaning up after themselves, they leave a big mess behind for local residents to deal with!

Cllr. Bill Porteous, East Neuk and Landward councillor, has been in touch with Fife Council to alert them to the overflowing bins and waste being spread by the birds, especially in the areas of the Anstruther and Crail harbours.

Cllr. Porteous is particularly concerned that such an eyesore not be a hindrance to the many visitors coming to the East Neuk, especially during the summer months.  As he said, “If household rubbish contracts allow seven-day-working, then the same should apply to street cleaning staff…”

Fife Council has agreed to review its weekend work schedule for bin emptying and rubbish removal, possibly increasing the schedule, and is arranging for more resources to be used to tackle this problem overall.