Jan. 2019 Community Council Minutes

Royal Burgh of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council — Monday 14th January 2019, 7.30pm | Meeting called to order by Chairman Andy Peddie;

In attendance: Andrews Peddie, Daryl Wilson, Lorna Jones, Gillian Maclaren, Lindsay McKinstray, Alec Hay, Don McKenzie, Karen Owen, Susan Gay, Kevin Lancaster, Alistair McLeod, Gail Sorley, Cllr. Linda Holt, Cllr. Bill Porteous, Cllr. John Docherty, three members of the public (Neil Anderson, David Own, Carol Maclaren); Apologies: Catherine Carter.

Approval of minutes: December minutes reviewed and proposed as an accurate record by Gail and seconded by Don.

Matters arising:

Bankie Park overnight parking signage- Cllr Docherty has pursued

Seaweed collection- Ali has arranged a meeting with Fife Council. Lorna reported that it was previously stated by Elizabeth Riches that the beach at Anstruther (Castle St) would be done as a matter of health and safety due to shops in the vicinity.

Traffic light timer (opposite car park at old Waid)- Cllr Docherty has reported and it has been attended to.

Refuse collection (apparent decrease in emptying of public bins) – Cllr Docherty has reported this.

Disabled parking space at Anstruther Town Hall- Cllr Porteous states that a site visit is to be arranged.

Questions from the public: No questions asked.

Andy states that community police were not attending meeting, RNLI were invited and will come to a future meeting as they will be in a better position to share information on plans for new lifeboat shed.

Secretary’s Report:

  • Disabled space at Anstruther Town Hall; email from a further member of public received seeking CC support. CC emailed Cllr Porteous 12.12.18 who in turn had previously entered communication with FC. Latest update was a meeting date was requested to hold site visit.
  • Road Faults: 12.12.18 reported fault on Pittenweem Rd at Dreelside traffic lights re:subsidence reported at December meeting. Response 18.12.18 ‘No defects identified which meet FC Safety Criteria at location given, however this site is inspected monthly.’
  • 12.12.18 reported missing Fisher Lass from sign on St Andrews Rd. Response 20.12.18 @Order issued to have sign replaced without Fisher Lass Picture. Do not have a print of this picture.’
  • Kevin suggested that Barnett’s bakery have a fisher lass on their logo and it may be possible to source image from there? Cllr Docherty suggested Fisheries museum may have a copy. Action: KL
  • 14.12.18- response from Alistair Drummond re: zebra crossing markings: ‘an order was issued to an external contractor last month to refresh this zebra crossing and also some of the other lining in the vicinity. The contractor does have a fair bit of work outstanding at the moment due to the weather but I will be meeting them next month and will raise this one with them. I have asked for this work to be carried out after 6pm, due to this being a busy location.
  • Recycling Centre Complaint: A response was received 19.12.18 with apologies for delay in replying due to finalising details of the pedestrian plan. New rules are being implemented 1st Jan to reduce risk of injury.  Cyclists welcomed if they adhere to the Highway Code. “Pedestrians are to be allowed entry via a booking system whereby access can be gained when the entrance gate is closed 15 minutes prior to lunch closure.  This is being trialled in Cupar at present and will be implemented in other Recycling Centres next month. Details will be added to our webpages, where there is also a copy of our new access policy.  To book pedestrian entry into a recycling centre, residents can email waste.aware@fife.gov.uk” — per Hayley Williamson, Environment Strategy Officer www.refsol.co.uk .
    After speaking to member of recycling centre staff, they were unaware of proposal as above (booking system) and indicated that it may be the case that pedestrian access is permitted in the 15 minute slot staff have to clear the site prior to lunch?
  • FURTHER ACTION REQUIRED? Need to publicise these changes to wider community via social media?? Ali attending meeting 17/1/19 re: changes. Action: AMcL
  • Training: application has been submitted for the following as per email requests:
    —Wed 23 rd Jan 6.30-8pm , Planning – Andy & Ali
    —Wed 30 th Jan 6.30-8pm, Com Engagement – Andy & Ali
    —Thursday 31 st Jan 2-3.30pm – Planning – Lindsay
    —Thursday 31 st Jan 6.30-8pm Governance – Daryl & Gillian
    Home address was required for application form so assume places and further info will be sent out via royal mail from FC.

Councillor’s Reports:

  • Cllr Holt: Tenant’s meeting to be held Wednesday 16 th January. NEF Federation of Tenants and Residents hoping to set up Anstruther wide tenants & residents association with support from FC. Cllr. Holt reported that a TA is very productive and effective as FC are obligated to send a housing officer to each meeting and action must be reported back at the following meeting. CC members agreed to help publicise this meeting and encourage attendance. Susan Gay will attend,
  • JE Shepherd marketing site by Fire Station. Will be for storage facilities?
  • Cllrs invited to a briefing on new proposed site for replacement care home on 15/1/19
  • Cllr Docherty: Cllr Docherty provided statistics around Winters Road Manager (number of gritters) and stated that they can be contacted through Fife Direct or by phone- 03451 555555 ext 85903. Action: Cllr. Docherty.
  • Cllr Porteous: Out of Hours Service- actively looking for stories from individuals about their experiences since the St Andrews service was closed/limited.
  • Sustrans- provided £837,000 to Fife Council last year which contributes to safer routes to schools. He encourages support from and for groups (e.g. MUP group) to ensure safer routes.
  • Mercat Cross: still awaiting reinstatement.
  • East Neuk Dook: very positive feedback. The group incurred expenses (insurance, license costs and Cllr Porteous queried if there was a way to recoup these monies for charity?
  • Charity event: Cllr Porteous participated in Movember raising support for several groups; a hearing dog for the deaf now being sponsored. He thanked everyone for their support.
  • Lorna reported that there was water pouring out of the door at the gents toilets near Cellardyke bathing pool. Cllr Docherty will report. Action: Cllr Docherty

Review of Christmas Events:

Party: Gail reported less children attended (39 children, 22 adults) and that age group was younger than previous years. Surplus supplies have been returned for refund where possible. Additional party bags ready for next year. Weather may have played a factor in lower attendance? Lindsay suggested that other events on at the same time may have been a contrib-uting factor. Financial report to be submitted. Action: GS
Parade: Andy recognized effort of Team Anster and CC and thanked those involved. Gail estimates 700 attended. Public feedback seemed positive. Karen suggested organisation starts June, will add to agenda for mid year. Gillian suggested that although on the whole successful, there are many lessons to be learned in order to make it a safe and organised event in future, issues such as location, performers and logistics of where paradestarts/ends etc need to be carefully considered. Andy proposed that the CC take a more active role from the outset to work with Team Anster for this year, and would offer CC support at the next TA meeting. General consensus was that this was a sensible proposition. Cllr Docherty advised that he is on the licensing board and offered assistance where necessary with guidance on planning future events. Action: DW, AP

Tree: tree and lights generously donated by The Waterfront and all agreed that this was a very welcome contribution to the community.
Karen suggested that there could be funding available for lights (on lampposts etc.) for future.
Discussion around insurance issues with the forklift for putting lights up and logistical issues which meant they couldn’t be used this year. Andy suggested LED lights may be an option and something for CC to consider and look at in more detail midyear.

Citizen of the Year:
This event is to be held in May. Nominations welcome for anyone in our community (must live within the KAC burgh) who is deemed to be an appropriate individual to receive this award. Proposal of an ‘Unsung Heroes’ celebration to acknowledge those who go above and beyond in the community to make it a safe and happy place to live. Presentation would be at a community event and could be a good way to engage with community. Will discuss further at future meeting.

Suggestions for fundraising sought. Ideas included coffee morning (AP), bag packing (LJ), car wash (Cllr Docherty). Andy shared example of a donation box in the form of a money cascade that the Coop would agree to go in the entrance area. Cost would be around £250-£400. Suggested folly would be ideal location for this but Coop could be good interim option. Discussion around whether the outlay is feasible, could a business sponsor it, could someone locally make one? Andy asked members to consider options so a decision can be made next meeting.

Parking at Anstruther Primary/Waid: Andy reported that he and Gillian had had a walkaround at drop off time to see source of many complaints
from school families. Congestion and inconsiderate parking posing issues. Position of disabled parking signage was misleading as it is positioned at the far side of the pavement, meaning drivers have parked on path. Lindsay suggested a drop off lane and Karen suggested removal of the planted area in the centre of the primary school car park would allow for more spaces. Other issues discussed: could half barriers at start of disabled access limit vehicles using this road unnecessarily? Electric box and position of signage at zebra crossing was not ideal. Ali suggested it would be useful to have data re: school travel plan and how staff get to work. Cllr Porteous will address concerns in an upcoming meeting with Waid rector and seek to meet with Primary HT, with view to arrange site walk with Fife Council, including community use. Community Council will seek to meet with Sodexo (own primary school and grounds), Alec will pass on contact
details. Action: AH, Cllr Porteous, AP, DW, GM

Planning Issues:

Site of old bus depot, Pittenweem Rd: planning for six houses passed, possible access for shared use path highlighted.
Coop: changes to path and parking.
Willow Care home: amendments to plans previously passed open for comment.

Harbour Issues: Don reported minibuses still visiting, estimates buses brought 4000-5000 visitors last year. Alec shared that the drivers have intimated hopes to increase from two to three buses per day. He asked whether more shops opening on Sundays would help encourage visitors.

Financial Report: Lorna confirmed that signatories were to be changed as this has not yet happened. Discussion around banking services provided by Post Office and will be investigated.
Balance: £57,103.37
Expenses paid since last meeting: £29.70 for hall hire and £140 to Brian Low, entertainment, both for Christmas party.
Collection from five floral tins of £90.47 to be banked.

Out of Hours Service, St. Andrews: Some CC members have attended meetings, and Andy attended the IJB meeting in December where the OOHS group presented to the board. The result of this is that there is to be a full review of all of the options to be undertaken by the executive. CC is to encourage public to share experiences since the St Andrews service closed to help strengthen the case put forward for NE Fife. Cllr Porteous reiterated that the geography of NEF is unique and cannot be altered, and decisions must take this into account.

Murray Library:
Meeting was held 11 January. Grant awarded to Waid PE Department towards portable PA system. M

Multi-Use Path Group:

Meeting held 11th January. Minutes attached.
—Dreelside- St Andrews Road, issues to be resolved
—speed cushions on Crail Rd going to committee this month
—Public consultation on signage to be arranged
—Kevin asked for solar studs previously acquired but not used to be brought to next meeting, Ali agreed to try to arrange this. Kevin requested recent Sustrans Survey (completed March 2018) and asked if Sustrans had
undertaken a case study regarding path near the school to garner what has/has not been successful. Kevin asked for update on Equality Impact Assessment, Ali indicated this was still on as a request. Kevin requested a
cost breakdown of option at Gray & Pringles as this had not been received. Andy agreed that this had been requested previously and would be useful to have a breakdown of costs. Barrier at Kilrenny section- Kevin asked MUP group to revisit this. Action: AMcL

Floral Group: Group will start to meet in March. Andy will be chairperson, Lindsay agreed to be secretary.


Dog fouling: Seasonal issue due to lack of light? Andy asked for suggestions how to combat this issue. Alec suggesting power to give out fines given to wardens may be a deterrent. Cllr Porteous suggested a rota for wardens so people know when they will be in the area would be helpful. Andy suggested the dog warden was invited to a CC meeting. Action: DW

Grafitti: Kevin asked if the artists could be focused more positively, perhaps an opportunity to engage them in something in the community? Cllr Porteous will pursue the graffiti being removed. Action: Cllr. Porteous

Sea defences at Cellardyke coastal path: Kevin reported that these are in a state of disrepair, Lorna confirmed that this was reported to FCCT last year. Cllr Holt to pursue.

Archiving of CC minutes: Kevin asked if there had been clarification if minutes were stored by FC. Daryl confirmed FC do not require them to be sent to them or archived. Cllr Porteous will speak to Beth Flynn as it was felt they are an important source for future research. Action: Cllr Porteous

Access for Barnett’s bakery: Andy informed members that CC permission was sought to allow access to unadopted land for connection to utilities for new building. CC members agreed this was reasonable and that the land should be reinstated to correct standard once works completed. Action: AP

Waid representatives: Andy stated that there are two Waid pupils interested in being co-opted CC members. Andy is still pursuing possibility of future meetings being held at Waid and will email Mrs Smart, new rector. Action: AP/DW
Change to school day (secondary) consultation: Daryl advised that the options being considered were to change the timing of school day to finish at 3pm some days or a lunch time finish on a Friday. Discussion on how either would impact community: pupils waiting lengths of time for buses, impact on local businesses if pupils not purchasing lunch on a Friday, con- gestion of both primary and secondary children exiting at same time? Cllrs all expressed interest in keeping involved in progress and Cllr Holt sug-gested contacting press. Daryl to forward consultation to Cllrs. Action: DW Cemetery fence: Alec highlighted the state of repair of the fence at the cemetery, alongside the bus parking area at old Waid. Cllr Porteous will pursue. Action: Cllr Porteous

Next meeting: Monday, Feb. 11, 2019;

Notes from meeting with Fife Council on 11 January  2019 at the Murray Studios
Present:   Mark Methven; Elizabeth Riches, Carl van der Lee and Gerald Cooper (GC).
Apologies:   Ian B Smith, Gillian Clarke and Ali Macleod.

  1. Pittenweem Road – MM will send large TM plan showing speed warning signs etc to GC. ER has recently written to Douglas Turner who says he will get back to us shortly, once they have dealt with the confidential matter which will need to be completed first. Pittenweem CC (Peter Mills) has written to request a meeting with GC, initially, to discuss the impact on Pittenweem.
  2. Dreelside to St Andrews Road –
    Metaflake new site frontage – Licence to Occupy being issued (to both parties) which will endure until section of path is adopted. Legal/-Estates progressing . MM to send plan through to St Andrews Road, including reversion to north side at Barnett’s. Once agreed, a second Licence to Occupy will be arranged. Hope to be able to progress this scheme, fairly quickly, up to entrance near the Co-op as a first stage. GC to discuss practicality with Gemma.
    Barnett’s – alignment now switched back to the north side. Scottish Power advised that they still await their own Title Checks before the wayleaves can be agreed.  Estates will continue to chase Scottish Power for a response.
    Co-op – road and paths not adopted. Gillian to check ownership and ask for meeting with the Co-op. ER also tried to make contact with Co-op Estates Manager. We need to show access and safety benefits to Co-op of amending entrance and widening footway, creating crossing etc.
    St Andrews Road – MM to look at east side of St Andrews Rd (plus Toucan) as an alternative to the problems on the west side with the wall, width, trees, car park etc. Now looking at west side again, but will need to consult on impact on trees etc. MM to speak Alan Bissett about replacements.
    East Neuk Campervans – now on hold awaiting above.
  3. Gray & Pringle – MM provided cost breakdown (for KACCC).
  4. Waid cyclepath to Bankie Park –JF has consulted school co-ordinator. Marta awaiting pTC. IS to chase up. Marta, then headmaster if required. No change.
  5. Crail Road 20mph – MM has provided cost estimate for C’ttee. Scheme now includes red strips at approaches. One objection to speed cushions.
  6. Bankie Park – northern ramp and additional signs ongoing MM/AB. Yellow collapsible bollard replaced.
  7. March Place and Mayview Avenue – advisory cycle lanes have been installed. Shared path sign missing
  8. Cycle crossings at 6 locations.  Include in future consultations. GC has started a Community Links Application and will work more on it. AM setting up meeting with Tim. MM to send ideas of artwork from Gemma. Nb Green Gym would be from a different source of funding.
  9. Church Link barriers and lighting.  Still awaiting FC to replace. Payment should be by FC since original barriers were not fitted as per spec. MM to chase up Kenny re Muir’s permission re lighting. Hope- fully in next 2 weeks. Cyclepath signs to be added to future lampposts.
  10. Designated Cyclepaths – Overgrown section off Windmill Road has been sorted.
  11. Windmill Road to Kilrenny  – MM keeping an eye on poor standard of finish. Also to speak Gemma re impact of dilapidated bus stop and loose tiles etc, and possibility of replacing with new Perspex shelter. MM to supply details for scheme completion boards. CL asked about absence of field fence along eastern section. Wasn’t included in present scheme. Later discussed with Craig Peddie who said that he didn’t keep livestock in that field, and that he didn’t see any need for continuous fence.
  12. Kilrenny to Crail Feasibility Report – Still awaiting feedback from IS from 6 th September email. MM to provide distances and costs etc. MM sought Gemma’s advice about alternative bypass of hill. Gemma not happy that the alternative doesn’t meet Sustrans standards. GC to discuss further with Gemma and any other possible solution eg.
    traffic management. GC to liaise with G Clarke re FAQs for land-owners – ongoing. Gillian also to provide details of land ownership of triangle of land on north side of A917 entering Crail, east of Kirkmay Farm.
    12a. Progression of the above feasibility Report is currently held up awaiting a solution to an agreed maintenance plan. GC to send info on maintenance requirements to MM to identify the 10 year cost. ER to seek (information on) gritting of existing completed sections of new cyclepaths.
  13. LED, signing and lining contracts – FC and Gemma not happy to con-tinue edge white lines throughout network. GC to include in consul-tation along with other symbols. Red LEDs still not working. MM has spoken with manufacturer, who would replace them. But we need something that will work. Alternative bought flashing LEDs to be installed on each section asap.
  14. Signposting – include in consultation. MM providing large plan.
  15. Costs to be checked in light of recent contract, and updated when required. We also still require an update on monies spent, monies available, and monies required in next 12 months – IS.
  16. Cyclepath provision for planning applications –IS to sort at meeting with Planners on 19 th December. Feedback?
  17. Cycle events – GC provided presentation at Cycling Networking Night on Weds 28 th Nov at Fife Cycle Park. Interest shown in Bike Swaps. GC also attending Raising the Standards Day at Dundee on 23 rd January.
  18. Land update – see above.
  19. AOCB –Pump track – GC to send info to MM to liaise with Alan Bissett re design for Dreelside, as part of Innovation. GC to seek AB’s advice on design.
    Equalities Impact Assessment – required for new routes, including Windmill Road to Kilrenny before grant claims are paid out. MM completing his bit and passing to IS.
    Accessibility Audit – to be included for in next Sustrans application.
    Future (12 month) Applications to Sustrans – GC to pursue.
    Project Plan – IS to send basic plan to GC, including spend information. Outstanding.
    Paper plans – MM to provide for Windmill Road to Kilrenny, and Pittenweem Road. Also 2 wall plans covering Pittenweem to Kilrenny.
  20. DONM – Tuesday 19 th February 2019 at Bankhead, 1.00 – 3.00 pm, subject to IS availability.