March 2019 Community Council Minutes

Royal Burgh of Kilrenny, Anstruther & Cellardyke Community Council – March 11, 2019 – 7:30pm; Meeting called to order by Andy Peddie, Chair;

In Attendance

Lorna Jones, Gillian MacLaren, Gail Sorley, Murray Owen, Karen Owen, Ali McLeod, Susan Gay, Catherine Carter, Daryl Wilson, Andy Peddie, Elizabeth Smart (Rector), Linda Blacklaw (Parent Council) Cllr Doherty, Cllr Holt

APOLOGIES: Lindsay McKinstry, Kevin Lancaster, Alex Hay, Cllr Porteous, Amy Williamson

Approval of Minutes & Matters Arising

Minute approved by Gillian and seconded by Catherine

Daryl yet to submit change of signatory forms to RBS

No response yet from Haven re: defibrillator, although encouraging social media post to suggest location has been agreed?  Follow up required Andy

Daryl met with Johanna Willis alongside other local residents who had previously shown interest in wildflower meadow at Bankie Park.  Due to the budgetary requirements no meadow in Fife will this year receive annuals. Outcome of meeting is to remove large section of meadow at bottom of park (overrun with thistles and long grasses) and return to grass with a replacement area in front of Ladywalk/tennis court planted solely with wildflower seeds, no grass.  Area in front of fire station to remain this year as is. 

Input from Mrs Smart – Rector of Waid Academy & Waid Parent Council Chairperson

Mrs Smart highlighted the great work undertaken by the Murray Library Trust.  Several projects have been funded within the school by the Trust including art work exhibits in atrium, new PA system for PE department and Duke of Edinburgh resources. 

East Neuk Youth Work Planning and delivery group has resulted in SAMH workshops being delivered within school (3rd years)

Work currently undertaken to propose Waid as a potential hub for volunteering opportunities within the whole community.

Member of community recently complained to Waid about the poor state the grounds attached to the old Waid building (which is no longer the re-sponsibility of the new school).  However, this has been used as an oppor-tunity for group of students to carry out community work.  To date 16 bags of rubbish cleared from site, project is being photographed, monitored and has proven an effective way to involve residents, students and the school.

Recent work undertaken within school to assist Crail and Elie with their Charette planning.

5th years students are currently volunteering in Anstruther Primary School with the Big 5 Reading Initiative.

Every year Waid run the Youth Philanthropy Initiative whereby 3rd year students compete to present their chosen charity to the year group and staff.  Every year the winning charity is awarded £3000.

Saturday 23rd March is School Craft Fayre 10am – 11.30am all welcome to attend and support the students who will be selling their crafts/merch produced as part of the tenner challenge project (2nd years)

Waid is the first secondary school in Fife to be presented with the “Schools Digital Award”

Parking has been a major issue for the new school and the school has recently paid for new signage and barriers to try and improve the issue.  Work is still ongoing, although improvements have already been noted.  All incidents of irresponsible driving/parking will now be passed to police to deal with as a traffic offence.

Waid recently consulted with parents on changes to the timing of the school day.  Parents overwhelmingly voted to reduce the school week to 4.5 days, thus allowing Mrs Smart to save the required £88K from her budget as required.  There continues to be ongoing work with bus companies regarding proposals and once complete a final decision/announcement will be made.

Linda Blacklaw was introduced as Chair of Waid Parent Council.  Linda has strived to ensure PC is not just about baking cakes and making tea and over her 3 year reign is delighted to report a strong committed membership of 28 parents (minimum at a meeting in the previous year is 12).  Management and teaching staff are also attending regularly. External speakers are in-vited to each meeting to educate/inform members of ongoing initiatives. 
Waid Parent Council also have their own website up and running.

Linda is also working hard to improve links with cluster schools parent councils and is on a working group within Fife Council whose aim is to “engage parents”.

Mrs. Smart confirmed the Technical Dept. within the school are happy to collaborate with CC to design and build a coin drop to be located at Coop.

Secretary’s Report

Daryl read submission from PC Tetlow regarding the crime within the local community over the past month.

The cost to rent Waid as a more accessible venue for future meetings has been explored and is 3 times more expensive than current usual venue.  There are no discounts for Community Groups.  Cllr Doherty to investigate further on CC behalf as all agreed we do not have sufficient funds to justify cost increase.

Email sent this month to SGN re ongoing roadworks, closure of crossings, safe routes to school, accessibility to businesses, to date no response received.

Road fault at Caddie Burn (broken manhole cover) attempted to report via FC website, however continually crashing, further email sent to FC Transportation department, Cllr Holt advised cc to all councillors in future re all road fault reports.

Safer Communities information received re Spring Beach Clean, agreed to pass to Plastic Free Anstruther Group and highlight on social media

Treasurer’s Report

Bank Account as of 28/02/19 £56,863.34

Banked in March:  £3,289.89 from Team Anster, £310 from 13  local businesses for subscription to new website and donation from Metaflake.

Expenses pending – £14.85 hall hire for February

TeamAnster – £2,000 to pay for town maps and rest towards Christmas event.  Martin Dibley has been sent a receipt for transfer of funds.

Website – 12 further businesses have paid directly into bank (included in total for February)

Christmas party – expenses now submitted at £144.09 leaving deficit of £138.36

Lorna asked members if current £318.18 debt in current column for website should be cleared from funds and start afresh with new site and funding coming in, all agreed this was to happen as will be easier to account for in future.

Councillor’s Report

Councillor Holt read statement from Fife Council housing Department re proposals for future of Mayview Flats.  (Statement attached) Cllr Holt has been involved with the consultation process and was hopeful of a full report from Fife Council per her request, however only this short statement has been forthcoming.  More details should be produced within next few days before it goes to Committee on 20th March.  Cllr Holt explained Compulsory Purchase Orders can be made to owners of the flats and Fife Council have announced they will give every bit of financial assistance available to them, however they are constrained by law regarding totals amounts.  Cllr Holt suggested owners seek their own legal representation.

Cllr Doherty would like to thank and note the hard work by Lindsay McKinstry regarding the recent planning proposals for East Green.  All agreed Lindsay had excelled in her first task as our planning representative.  He also advised of a further consultation meeting being held by FHSCP re future redesign of the service on Wednesday 13th March at Cupar.


Item postponed due to Gillian’s early departure from meeting

Fundraising Ideas

As previously discussed CC will collaborate with Waid re: coin drop.

Murray suggested movie nights, however it was reported the AIA already offer this in the local vicinity.

Andy suggested hosting a coffee morning as a fundraiser and again advised we should be raising funds so we can assist the community with events etc.

Harbour / Planning Issues

In the absence of our reps for above issues, Daryl reported the harbour is currently undergoing some repairs, with the workers making use of the portacabin based in the East Pier car park.

Withdrawal of East Green planning application welcomed by all.

Feedback from Sub-groups

  • Floral: Ali to prune fruit trees within park and offer of help forthcoming from East Neuk Centre Youth Groups.  Date to be set by Andy for meeting within next week.
  • Murray Library Trustees: AGM recently held and all grant recipients attended, all gave short presentation on use of funds.  Very successful event.
  • Silverdykes Liaison: No meeting held, nothing to report.
  • Multi Use Path: Progress being made with senior transport/planning managers.  Ongoing work regarding future maintenance issues.  Kilrenny to Crail route is currently being explored with group and 3 landowners with possible changes to proposals to allow for safety concerns, new coastal route being explored.
  • Out of Hours: CC recently met with FHSCP re future design of Urgent Care and felt whilst our concerns and suggestions were noted, there is still no commitment to retaining St Andrews service.  Discussions involved Advanced nurse practitioners, urgent care practitioners, set times to see a GP, possible on call service.  Results of all these consultation meetings will form basis of working group to develop proposals on 20th March which will be put to IJB on 26th April.
  • East Neuk Community Council Forum: Represented by 4 members at recent meeting held in Pittenweem.  Talk was given by Kevin O Kane, Green Space Officer with Fife Council on Playpark strategy.  This could have consequences for future funding/maintenance of our playparks.  Further discussion to be held with SLC on this matter.
  • Social Media Group: Held meeting earlier today with Playfair and have agreed to go forth with their proposals to run/maintain website and social media accounts for a period of one year.  Unfortunately the alternative proposal from other interested party was received too late to consider.
  • To date there has been a great response rate from local businesses (40%), no follow up has yet been undertaken.  Daryl is to pursue this and begin inputting content to website.  Aim to be up and running by 1st April.
  • Discussion re logo and name, all agreed to remain with and Daryl will send logo (designed for Team Anster) to all as a starting point to suggest changes and all feedback will be given to Playfair who will redesign for our group.
  • Gail asked if server was renewed from previous website, Daryl will investigate.


Andy welcomed Murray Owen as a nominated member of our Community Council representing Waid Academy.

Ali reported the Scottish Fisheries Museum are to celebrate their 50th year and have approached Round Table for assistance with fireworks.

Lorna reported a broken road sign at Spalefields crossroads.  This has been reported several times however still no action.  Daryl to report again.  Karen reported broken sign at Mayview Road, she will take photos and send to Daryl who will report on behalf of CC

Scoonie Hill road closures have not been on Fife Direct website, worth reporting to them to keep their systems updated as impacts severely on our travel to and from East Neuk.

Meeting Closed at 9:10pm

Mayview Flats, Anstruther —

The flats at Mayview Avenue and Court were constructed circa1960 and consists of four five-storey blocks, comprising 44 flats in total.

There have been issues with allocating properties there for a number of years and turnover and refusals are higher than average. There are currently 22 vacant properties. In addition, there are estate management issues associated with the area and the physical condition of the blocks is of concern. External walls and stairwells have deteriorated in recent years and require considerable remedial work. In places, this damage is beyond economical repair .

Further to an Options Appraisal exercise in 2017, three revised regenera-tion options have now been identified: (1) Refurbishment of all 4 blocks; (2) Partial demolition of 3 blocks with 1 block retained; (3) Full demolition of all 4 blocks and up to 22 new council homes developed on the site.

A number of engagement sessions have been held with residents of Mayview flats and Elected Members. The majority view expressed has confirmed support for Option 3 — Full demolition. Also, since Dec. 2018, individual meetings with Housing Services staff, tenants and residents have begun. The meetings are designed to ensure that individual households can be provided with housing advice, housing options and information on their statutory rights to disturbance and home loss payments in the event that the North East Fife Area Committee agree to proceed with full demolition. Residents and owners will be supported throughout the process going forward.

A report outlining the options and seeking agreement to implement option 3 has been submitted for consideration by North East Fife Area Committee on 20 March 2019.

Further updates will be provided following Area Committee decision.

Helen Wilkie — Housing Manager North East Fife