minutes febuary 2017

The Royal Burgh Of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council.

Agenda for the Monthly   Meeting on Monday 13th February 2017  at 7.30 in the Burgh Chambers, Anstruther Town Hall.


Present:  Andrew Peddie ( chair),  Don Mckenzie, Lorna Jones, Martin Dibley, Kevin Lancaster,  Ann Banks,   Blane McKnight,   Cllr Elizabeth Riches,


Mr Anderson, Alan Nairn



  • Welcome and Apologies.  Andrew welcomed everyone to the meeting . Apologies Mary Thomson , Cllr  John Docherty , Jim Braid, Gail Sorley, Cllr Donald Mcgregor.




  • Adoption of Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters arising. Approved after small changes by Don , seconded by lorna.




  • Questions from the Public.  Alan stated that the pedestrian crossing is an accident waiting to happen. Car etc parks right on the crossing obscures views. Very dangerous. What can be done? Taking two spaces away would solve the problem. Bollards? Cannot leave things as they are. Action Cllr Riches. Alan also commented he would consider applying to become a member of the CC.




  • Citizen of the year nominations. A number of names were put forward . It was agreed to form a sub group under  the Chair. Similar ceremony to last year.




  • Fife Councillors Report.


              Anti Skid surfacing.  On Sunday 26th February there will be a road closure along part of Shore Street  from 8.00 am til 4.00 pm to allow the anti-skid surface to be laid at each pedestrian crossing.  This is both a noisy and dusty process.  The bus stop will temporarily be in the East Basin car park and access to and from the Folly car park will be via the same entrance.  Traffic lights will be used at the pedestrian crossing opposite the Ship.  Residents and shopkeepers have had a letter explaining all of this.



  • Pass Plus. This is a scheme available for young drivers who have just passed their driving test.  It enables them to quickly gain experience with driving on motorways, and in difficult conditions etc. with an instructor. Promoted by Fife Council at £30 it overs a saving of over £100 and equally important many insurers give specially discounted rates to young drivers who have successfully completed this course.  Details from roadsafety.education@fife.gov.uk



  1. Grey bins at the Harbour Toilets.  The current use of these bins has been monitored and as they are not being used to their capacity they will be removed.  This will improve the area around the toilets.


  1. Possible toilet for Bankie Park.  Discussions are underway for a possible solution to the lack of toilets in Bankie Park. It may be possible to hire a portable toilet for the summer months with a view to having a permanent solution later on.  Details of responsibilities for cleaning and supervision still need to be sorted out.


  1. St Andrews Road planting.  There is a plan for suggested planting, and BAM have agreed that they will contribute and spread top soil to help with the landscaping.  An application needs to be made for monies for the cost of the planting.  Martin agreed to look at this.


  1. Fife Council budget. Both the Revenue and Capital budgets will be set on Thursday 16th February.  Decisions on raising Council Tax will be made; on how much monies will be available for roads maintenance and a bid has been made to dredge Anstruther Harbour amongst many other issues.


  1. Chat and Brew events.  These have been set up to take place with support from various agencies such as Energi, DAPL and needle exchange organisations being present if anyone wants a chat or to ask how to access help.



  • Planning Report.



16/00059/NMV 2 Union Place Anstruther, Rear Extension
16/04174 LBC 20 Roger Street Replacement windows
16/04190/FULL Fife Council, Waid Academy Erection of three enterprise units



  • Ongoing projects:
  • Cycle Route. Bankie and dreelside parks ongoing.
  • Banners.  Ongoing.
  • Telescope. funding application now in
  • Website. Still quite a lot to come in , ongoing. Blane offered to help. Also Gail.
  • Floral . martin reported on the recent meeting. Further meetings are to be held. Insurance cover to be clarified




  • Financial  Report.  Lorna updated on the accounts and explained that some details still need ironing out. £448  raised  for coffee morning. £163.92 from collecting tins. Thank you letters. Blane spoke about a sponsored event? Blane to investigate




  • Harbour issues. Don reported on a meeting with Tom Mckenzie. Pittenweem is getting CCTV and not a joint venture with Anstruther. Harbours liaison committee , not over impressed but will continue going.




  • Secretary’s report .


    1. Common Good fund application.   Application from Harbour festival Trust. Martin declared an interest and took no part in the comments. After discussion members agreed to support
    2. Closure of British Legion. would the CC take on buying  legion wreaths for various town groups ?  Members declined   



  • Representatives on other Groups.


Murray Library Trustees. The trustees held their first annual public meeting on Thursday 9/02/17. On the agenda for the members of the public who attended were :-

a power point presentation showing slides of the ML building before and after the restoration

an update on the trustee’s’ business plan for the future

an update on the grants awarded to local organisations – Anstruther Philharmonic, Redfield Arts and Waid Academy Drama Department.

Yann Sypniewski then conducted a tour of the hostel



  • AOCB.


    1. Blane: fundraising and community engagement. Year long fundraising plan? How do we contact the right people to do things in the community. Will come up with some ideas. Lorna: lack of people getting involved, same people over and over again.  Blane to investigate
    2. Ann: small sign for 1hour parking only.

With no other business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.10