Kilrenny & Anstruther Burgh Collection


We are a voluntary organisation that aims to help publish, exhibit and collect material from the Burghs of Kilrenny, Cellardyke, Anstruther Easter and Anstruther Wester. We have helped people in the past track down relatives, or sort out answers to photographs that people might have inherited. We aim to become a great place to find out more information about the culture and rich history of these burghs.

We have published in the past, and continue to publish, new pamphlets and books about the area. We have also republished George Gourlay’s Victorian history of Anstruther.

We publish a newsletter to inform, interest and amuse our members. To find out if back issues of these are available please contact us. We would welcome your interest and any comments. The newsletter and the website are also your chance to put forward any interesting stories, thoughts, reminiscences or ask questions on the Anstruther area that you need help with.

Membership of the Burgh Collection gives you the opportunity to help with the collection, and entitles you to receive our newsletters, either with a hard copy or, as for our members abroad, an emailed copy. At our yearly AGM we elect our committee, meet and discuss and enjoy a talk arranged for the occasion.

As well as collecting important documents, artefacts and books about the area we also collect ephemera from the past which are just as important a resource as the more obviously valuable pieces that we hold. In past exhibitions items such as a table of shop bags from shops that have closed, or a bar of carbolic soap from the old school, created just as much interest and lively discussion as any other item. If you are clearing out an old box or drawer and come across old bills, bags, photographs or other every-day objects we would like to hear from you. Often the cast-offs of today are the history of tomorrow.

The preservation and sorting out of the collection is a continuous and ongoing task. We would welcome any help to do this. If you have a particular interest, or would just like to help, please let us know as we have a wide ranging ongoing list of things needed to keep the Burgh Collection running.

If you wish further information about our organisation a history and more detailed description can be found on the collection page.