Three Burghs Community Development Trust

Map 1: The Three Burghs Area indicated by yellow line.

Three Burgh Community Development Trust aims

To be a leading force in the community, committed to facilitating the social, cultural, environmental and economic regeneration of the Three Burghs’ community it serves.

The 3BCDT intended aims include
– Manage community land and associated assets including premises
– Advance community development and environmental protection
– Advance and preserve heritage
– Encourage volunteering
– Support recreational activities
– Facilitate projects for the benefit of the Three Burghs Community

How will the 3bCDT support other organisations in the Three Burghs?

The Three Burghs has a thriving community sector. 3bcdt will work closely with all organisations in the Three Burghs community to further social, cultural, environmental and economic regeneration. The 3bcdt aims to work with others and members of the public to support future regeneration activities across the community. The 3bcdt aims to raise, hold and distribute grants on behalf of groups.

The Trust will meet with other organisations and hold public meetings and events that are open to all. Between 2012-2013, these meetings will be focused how regeneration of the Three Burghs can be supported. Our register events details upcoming and past events.

What were the origins of the 3bCDT?

In 2011 the Community Development Trust model was identified as an appropriate vehicle to support current and future activities in the Three Burghs. This model was identified in response to a feasibility study, the East Neuk Cross-Community Renewable Energy Feasibility Report. The Trust could help help local groups and integrate their efforts in their work within the community through a range of activities including applying for funding.

The Feasibility Report identified the possible wind turbine development at Cornceres. Former Community Council members (Kevin Lancaster and Findlay McLaren) met with members of the CCT to discuss the proposals. The Cornceres project was discussed and our community group formed a working group to explore the establishment of a CDT for the Three Burghs in October 2011.

The working group has investigated various legal structures for CDTs between October 2011 and Spring 2012. In July 2012, the working group finalised applications to register the 3BCDT following consultation with a legal representative and other organisations (including VONEF, DTAS and SCVO). The application form was submitted in October 2012.

Community Development Trusts: Background

Community Development Trusts (CDTs) aim to create community benefit and are operated by communities. CDTs aim to support community regeneration to build strong and sustainable communities. Further information on CDTs in Scotland is available from Development Trusts Association Scotland ( DTAS ).

CDTs are organisations that owned and led by the community. CDTS engage in the economic, environmental, social and cultural regeneration of their communities. They are able to hold and own assets, are not-for-private-profit and generate and distribute income streams to the community. They are also able to work in partnership with other groups in the community, enabling those groups to access funding streams they cannot access themselves.

Newsletter Aug 2014

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  • 3BCDT the Creative Hub

    3BCDT have been keen to support a planning application by the AIA for the construction of a small extension to the Dreel Hall. The addition will contain a lift enabling those of us who are less mobile to access all floors of the building. In the vision of the AIA the Dreel Hall is going […] Read more

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    At Tuesday’s public meeting we discussed a plan for a cycle path put forward by members of our community. We are always keen to support initiatives from local people and we will offer any help we can to make this wonderful plan a reality. We are pleased with the completion of the community website to […] Read more

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