Spindrift Guest House Staff Raises £330.50 for Children in Need

Ken and Christine Lawson, proprietors of the Spindrift Guest House, and their staff of young workers who also go to school at the Waid, raised £330.50 at the coffee afternoon they hosted on Saturday, Nov. 18.  Proceeds will benefit the Children in Need charity, and over £2500 has now been raised by these coffee get-togethers.

Staff waitresses — dressed in the bright yellow t-shirts and wearing the kitten ears of Children in Need — provided warm welcomes and enthusiastic service as they handled the afternoons’ ever-changing rotation of visitors eager to contribute to the charity and enjoy a cuppa and a blether.

The Guesthouse, gaily decorated with balloons, opened their doors at 2pm to begin hosting visitors, and the dining room and lounge were immediately at capacity with supportive — and hungry — visitors.  An extensive variety of sandwiches, sausage rolls, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, fairy cakes, layer cakes and more were all on display, ready for the choosing (and eating!).  Everything served was home-baked, and baked by staff members.

Thanks are given to visitors who came to support Children in Need, and especially the hard-working efforts of all the staff at The Spindrift Guest House.