Thoughts & Feelings About Living in the East Neuk Are Wanted!

Join a discussion about living and learning in the East Neuk as a “focus group” meeting takes place on Friday, March 2 at the East Neuk Centre, Anstruther.  Two time slots are available, either 101m-11am, or 12pm-1pm.

What do you think about living in your community? What do you like — or dislike? — and what changes could be made?  What now takes place? and what needs to be put in place? — to better serve area residents?  Are you interested in taking classes?  improving life or work skills? or meeting people as you participate in hobbies/crafts/language classes?

ALL input is needed, and will be kept confidential and anonymous. YOUR information and ideas will be part of a research project between Fife Council and the University of Aberdeen,  and will influence a report and future planning on community/adult learning in the East Neuk and North East Fife.

The completed report will be presented to all participants and area residents at a community event in the near future, which will be announced.

Come and have a say!  Make your voice heard and help improve life and learning in the East Neuk!